Do Dog ThunderShirts Work?

Do Dog ThunderShirts Work - Golden Retriever laying on the floor, resting on a white pillow.

Most dogs are afraid of loud noises like thunder, and fireworks, including my dog. Just a few weeks ago we had a bad thunderstorm that sent my Golden Retriever Ellie into anxiety mode. She quickly hid under the coffee table and started panting. I tried my best to calm her down, but nothing I could … Read more

Personalized Dog Memorial Gifts [Top 10]

Personalized Dog Memorial Gifts - Blonde girl hugging a white dog outside in a field of grass.

Losing a dog is the hardest part of being a dog owner. Having to say goodbye to your best friend, loyal companion, shoulder to lean on, confidant and loving member of the family is extremely difficult. The grief we feel when our dog dies is real and very painful and often doesn’t get the same … Read more

How To Remove Skunk Smell On A Dog

How To Remove Skunk Smell On A Dog - Chocolate Labrador being shampooed in a tub.

[UPDATED September 2021] As a dog owner, this fear is always in the back of my mind, my dog being sprayed by a skunk! Knock on wood, this has never happened to me (yet), and I hope it never will! Skunks are quite active this time of year, and I am hearing about a lot … Read more