Healthy Dog Treats For Puppies

Healthy Dog Treats For Puppies - Dachshund puppy licking its lips.

You want to start your puppy off right by feeding healthy and natural food and that includes treats. With so many treats to choose from, it can be overwhelming for any dog parent to find treats that don’t contain any bad ingredients. Well, I am here to help you. I have compiled a list of …

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9 Benefits of Crate Training A Puppy

Golden Retriever puppy laying on plaid blanket.

If you are a new puppy owner, chances are using a crate has crossed your mind, and whether you should crate train your puppy or not. The idea of using a crate makes many people feel uncomfortable, because they see it as a cage where you lock up your puppy, like some sort of puppy …

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Best Teething Toys For Puppies-My 6 Top Picks

Best Teething Toys For Puppies - Small brown dog chewing on a large white rope toy.

[Updated November 2020] Puppies are cute and adorable, right? Yes of course! But the not so cute part of puppies is puppy teething! You know what I’m talking about, those razor-sharp teeth that nip and bite you along with everything in sight, including your furniture and expensive leather boots! Your puppy needs appropriate toys to …

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