6 Best Teething Toys For Puppies You Need To Get Now

Best Teething Toys For Puppies - Small brown puppy chewing on a large white rope toy.

[UPDATED July 2021] Two things come to mind when you think of puppies, they’re cute and they chew! Your puppy will chew on everything, including you and your expensive leather boots! Chewing goes into overdrive, especially during the teething phase. That is why you need to have plenty of teething toys on hand to redirect …

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How To Bathe A Puppy-Successful First Bath

Black schnauzer puppy in green wash tub with suds.

Puppies are cute and cuddly, and for the first few weeks of their lives their Mother was in charge of keeping them clean. As puppies get older they get into more adventures and often get themselves dirty, and require a little more help in keeping themselves clean. That’s where you come in, find out how …

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Top Rated Dog Crate [6 Of The Best Reviewed]

Small dog shown laying in a top rated dog crate.

[UPDATED DECEMBER 2020] Don’t settle for just any dog crate, use a top rated dog crate for your furry best friend! Not all dog crates are created equal, they come in many shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. There are crates that are specially designed for growing puppies, small dogs, and large dogs, as …

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Checklist For A New Puppy-Essential Items And Services

Golden Retriever puppy rolling in grass with a roll of toilet paper.

You’re getting a puppy, congratulations! It is an exciting time for you, but before you even welcome your new puppy into your home, you will want to make sure you have everything you need. I am here to help, I have put together a checklist for a new puppy, and it includes all the essential …

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Basic Puppy Training Commands [Every Dog Should Know!]

Basic Puppy Training Commands

[Updated July 2019] If you have a new puppy at home you’ll want to make sure to start teaching him/her the basic puppy training commands.  Every dog should know the basic commands because some of them could save your dog’s life! When Should You Start Training Your Puppy? As soon as you bring your new …

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How To Prepare For A New Puppy [The Essentials]

How to prepare for a new puppy.

[Updated On July 3, 2019] Congratulations!  You are getting a puppy.  Whether this is your first puppy ever, or your second or third, you will want to read this guide on how to prepare for a new puppy. Bringing a new puppy home is very exciting, and for the first time dog owner, it can …

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