Do Golden Retrievers Love Snow? [5 Reasons Snow Is The Ultimate!]

Do Golden Retrievers Love Snow - A Golden Retriever running through the snow.

A common question that is asked among new Golden Retriever owners is “Do Golden Retrievers Love Snow?” It’s a valid question because Golden Retrievers are not typically known as snow dogs, unlike other breeds classed as such like the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. You probably already know that Golden Retrievers love the water, …

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Christmas Gifts For Dog Moms [My 10 Favourites]

Christmas Gifts For Dog Moms - A Golden Retriever wearing a Christmas headband laying on the floor with his paw on a Christmas present.

[UPDATED September 2021] Christmas is just around the corner, and perhaps you need a special gift for a dog mom in your life. Well, look no further, because I have put together a list of Christmas gifts for dog moms that I absolutely love and I’m sure any dog mom would appreciate receiving as well! …

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Gifts For A Dog Mom [10 Unique Etsy Finds]

Gifts For A Dog Mom - Woman and dog lying on the grass together.

[UPDATED APRIL 2022] I am a proud dog mom myself, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought I would pick out some of my favourite gifts for a dog mom. Just because you’re a mom to a four-legged fur child doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some recognition too. Being a dog mom …

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