Basic Puppy Training Commands [Every Dog Should Know!]

Basic Puppy Training Commands

[Updated July 2019] If you have a new puppy at home you’ll want to make sure to start teaching him/her the basic puppy training commands.  Every dog should know the basic commands because some of them could save your dog’s life! When Should You Start Training Your Puppy? As soon as you bring your new … Read more

How To Prepare For A New Puppy [The Essentials]

How to prepare for a new puppy.

[Updated On July 3, 2019] Congratulations!  You are getting a puppy.  Whether this is your first puppy ever, or your second or third, you will want to read this guide on how to prepare for a new puppy. Bringing a new puppy home is very exciting, and for the first time dog owner, it can … Read more


First Time Dog Mom shown holding her Golden Retriever puppy.

[UPDATED MAY 2020] Hi everyone and welcome to my website First Time Dog Mom.  A site dedicated to all things dog-related, more specifically Golden Retrievers.   Here you will find tips and advice to help make the journey of dog parenting a great one for both you and your dog.  My website includes personal product … Read more