Do Dog ThunderShirts Work?

Do Dog ThunderShirts Work - Golden Retriever laying on the floor, resting on a white pillow.

Most dogs are afraid of loud noises like thunder, and fireworks, including my dog. Just a few weeks ago we had a bad thunderstorm that sent my Golden Retriever Ellie into anxiety mode. She quickly hid under the coffee table and started panting. I tried my best to calm her down, but nothing I could …

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Surgical Suit For Dogs -6 Best Reviewed

Surgical Suit For Dogs - Corgi wearing a grey surgical suit sitting on concrete steps smiling.

Every dog owner dreads the day that their dog has to undergo surgery, not only is it worrisome, but the discomfort your dog is in after surgery is hard to witness. Preventing your dog from licking and scratching at their post-op wounds can be a real challenge! This is where a surgical suit for dogs …

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Is A Raw Food Diet Good For Dogs?

Is A Raw Food Diet Good For Dogs - 2 white dog paws shown in front of a yellow dog bowl filled with raw dog food.

Chances are you have heard both good and bad things about raw food diets. Dog owners who feed raw rave about the benefits, and those against raw feeding argue the risks involved, and the ones left undecided are wondering, is a raw food diet good for dogs? A raw food diet can be great for …

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