Should Golden Retrievers Take Joint Supplements? [What You Need To Know!]

Should Golden Retrievers Take Joint Supplements - A Golden Retriever running on a field. The dog's head is turned to the side.

As a Golden Retriever owner, you’re probably aware of how important it is to maintain healthy bones and joints in your Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are particularly susceptible to joint issues including hip and elbow dysplasia, and arthritis. Joint issues can cause discomfort and limit your dog’s mobility, ultimately affecting your Golden’s quality of life. … Read more

Can Golden Retrievers Run With You? [6 Important Factors To Consider!]

Can Golden Retrievers Run With You - A Young Golden Retriever running towards you on a field of grass.

So, you’re dying to know “Can Golden Retrievers Run With You?” Whether you’re an avid runner or a novice, you’ve probably asked yourself this very question. Every runner needs a good running partner, and what better partner to keep you motivated than your four-legged best friend? Certain breeds, including Golden Retrievers, make fantastic running partners. … Read more

Is The Furminator Bad For Golden Retrievers? [What You Need To Know!]

Is The Furminator Bad For Golden Retrievers - A close-up image of a happy Golden Retriever with long-flowing hair. Only the dog's head and neck is shown.

It’s no secret that Golden Retrievers shed a lot, which is why many owners reach for a popular de-shedding tool such as the Furminator. But, this popular de-shedding tool has a lot of controversy surrounding it! Some owners swear by it, while some owners including dog groomers claim that it ruins a Golden Retrievers coat. … Read more