14 Best Dog Dad Gifts-Father’s Day 2021

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Fathers Day is just around the corner. If you have a special man in your life that is a Father to a four-legged furry best friend, then you are in luck. I have put together a list of 14 Best Dog Dad Gifts that will put a smile on his face.

Dog Dads deserve some recognition too! They do everything from picking up dog poop, walking their dog rain or shine, playing endless games of fetch, and just being the best friend their dog could have.

Being a Dog Dad is rewarding, but it is also hard work. Let him know how much he is appreciated this Father’s Day or any day of the year with a special gift just for him. After all, the dog can’t go out and buy him a gift.

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What It Takes To Be A Great Dog Dad

Best Dog Dad Gifts - Man holding his large dog in his arms and smiling.

We all know that man’s best friend is his dog, and that the bond between a man and his dog is like no other. Having a strong bond is what every dog owner hopes to achieve, and it takes time and effort.

Being a dad to a fur child takes a lot of work and responsibility, but it is very rewarding. Here is some insight into what it takes to be a great Dog Dad.

Spend Quality Time With Your Dog

Dogs love nothing more than spending time with their favourite human. Just hanging out with your dog whether it’s relaxing together, going for a walk or playing fetch together, is a great way to make your dog feel loved, happy and secure.

Give Plenty Of Ear Or Belly Rubs

Dogs love all the attention they can get, and they usually love a good belly rub or an ear rub. The best Dog Dads shower their dogs with affection and give them plenty of belly rubs.

Take Good Care Of Your Dog

Keeping your dog healthy and happy means taking good care of him. Take your dog to the vet when he is sick, feed a high-quality diet, provide plenty of exercise, and keep your dog well-groomed.

Be Patient

Having a lot of patience is important when your dog is a puppy and learning new things. It is also important to have patience when your dog gets older and starts to slow down, and can’t do the things he used to be able to do.

Celebrate The Milestones

Being a great Dog Dad means celebrating your dog’s birthday and making him feel special. Just as you would celebrate your human child’s birthday, why not celebrate your dog’s special day!

Treat Your Dog Like Family

The best Dog Dads include their dog in all of their family events and celebrations, after all, their dog is an important member of the family. Holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Birthdays, can all be celebrated with your dog. Include your dog in the gift-giving fun, as well as family photos.

Take Plenty Of Cute Photos

Let’s face it, most dog owners have more pictures of their dog on their phone than pictures of anything else. So be sure to take plenty of cute photos of your dog and show them off.

Trust Your Dog

Dogs have a great sense of human character. If your dog doesn’t like someone, there’s a good reason, and you probably shouldn’t like that person either or be very wary of them.

Are you wondering why dogs are called man’s best friend? Find out in this article by rover.com

14 Best Dog Dad Gifts

This list of 14 great gifts are in no particular order, and they are perfect not just for Father’s Day, but any time of the year!

1. The Dogfather Whiskey Glass

Whiskey glass with the words "The Dogfather" etched on the front.

If he loves to drink whiskey, or any other hard liquor, this glass is the perfect gift. He will be proud to display to his fellow drinking buddies that he is, in fact, the “Dogfather”.

This old-fashioned drinking glass has the words etched into it, not printed! The etching is guaranteed to never wear off.

This glass holds 10.25 oz, is dishwasher safe, and comes in its own gift box, ready to give. It is lead-free and hand-etched in the USA.

2. Canines And Caffeine Make Me Happy Tumbler

Black coffee tumbler with the words "Canines and caffeine make me happy", and dog face graphic on the front.

This 100% stainless steel travel mug is great for the Dog Dad on the go. Whether he is travelling to the neighbourhood park with his furry best friend or going to the office, he’ll appreciate that his coffee stays hot inside this tumbler.

Stainless steel tumbler will keep hot drinks piping hot, and cold drinks ice-cold. It holds 20 oz, is BPA-free, and no-sweat, meaning your hands will stay dry. It fits standard cup holders and is spill-resistant.

It is laser engraved with the words “Canines and caffeine make me happy”, and the powder-coated finish provides grip.

This tumbler is sleek and cool looking in a black and silver colour, perfect for any coffee-loving Dog Dad.

It is tough as nails and super cute! This tumbler will be the one he grabs all the time. It is ready to give in its own gift box and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

3. I Let The Dogs Out Graphic Tee

Green graphic t-shirt with the words "It was me I let the dogs out" and a paw print on the front.

This graphic tee is perfect for when he’s walking the dog. Everyone will know the answer to the question, who let the dogs out? With the words “It was me. I let the dogs out.” on the front of this shirt, it will surely get people laughing.

This funny t-shirt fits true to size and comes in a huge selection of colours and sizes. Designed and professionally screen printed in the USA by Feelin’ Good Tees. The hardest part will be choosing which colour to get.

It has a soft comfortable feel, and will likely be the one that the Dog Dad in your life will choose to wear all the time.

4. Fun Novelty Dog Patterned Dress Socks

4 Novelty Dog Print Dress Socks For Men.

Does the Dog Dad in your life love to wear fun dress socks? If he has a sense of humour, as well as great taste in fashion, then these novelty socks are great for him.

There are 4 different patterned socks, each pair has a fun dog print on them, a great way for him to make a bold statement.

Made from 80% cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex, these socks are durable, comfortable and breathable. They are suitable for all seasons. These socks will not fade and they hold up really well after being washed numerous times.

Available in mens US size 7-13.

5. Novelty Doormat

Novelty Doormat for dog lovers, with a message from the dog.

This welcome doormat is great for the Dog Dad with a sense of humour. This doormat will set you apart from everyone else with its unique and humorous message from the dog.

It suggests that the dog’s owners are being held hostage unless the dog is given a 5lb. steak in a plain brown bag. Guaranteed to greet your visitors with a smile.

The doormat is durable and made from natural coconut fibres which are great for scraping away the dirt from shoes.

It measures 18 x 30 inches and is 5/8 inches thick.

6. My Dog Thinks I’m Cool T-Shirt

Black t-shirt that says "My dog thinks I'm Cool."

My dog thinks I’m cool graphic tee is a great gift for any Dog Dad. It is available in a variety of colours, this one in black is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. It is soft, comfortable and breathable.

Just think of the looks that he’ll get wearing this while walking his dog. He might be the type of guy that no one else thinks is cool, but his dog sure thinks so, and really that’s all that matters!

This graphic tee is professionally screen printed and designed in the USA by Feelin Good Tees. It fits true to size and is machine-washable in cold water, and it is suggested to turn it inside out when washing.

Available in sizes ranging from Small to 5XL.

7. Portable Hand-Held Car Vacuum

Portable hand-held car vacuum with accessories.

A great gift for the Dog Dad who loves to take his fur kid with him wherever he goes. With all that dog hair in the car, he’ll need a portable vacuum to clean up all that fluff.

Weighing at just 2.4lbs, this compact handheld vacuum is powerful enough to get any dirt out. It sucks up wet or dry messes with ease and works on any vehicle with a 12V outlet. It has a 16-foot long power cord that is long enough to clean large size vehicles.

Comes complete with a carrying bag, 3 cleaning nozzles, and an extra HEPA filter. The Dog Dad in your life will have no more excuses for a messy vehicle.

8. Oversize Windproof/Waterproof Golf Umbrella

Black golf umbrella.

This is a great gift for any devoted Dog Dad who walks his dog even in the pouring rain. This oversized umbrella will keep him nice and dry. The G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella is designed to be durable and lightweight.

The double-canopy design is available in 54/62/68 inches, with the largest size being able to fit 4 people. There are a variety of “manly” colours to choose from. With a fibreglass frame and a fast automatic open, this umbrella is able to stand up to heavy downpours and strong winds. It is virtually windproof.

Not only will this umbrella protect him from heavy downpours, but it also holds up to hail. It is ideal for protecting him from the harmful UV rays while enjoying a game of golf, or while playing with his dog at the dog park.

The umbrella’s canopy is made of ultra water-resistant 210T pongee fabric. The silk-derived material is lightweight and features SPF 50+ protection.

This umbrella will not flip up or break in the wind because of the unique double-canopy design that creates a vent for the wind to pass through it.

The soft foam rubber handle provides a comfortable and non-slip grip, and with the touch of a button this umbrella easily and quickly opens up with one hand.

Durable and designed to last, it comes with a 1-year unconditional guarantee against any defects in craftsmanship.

9. You Had Me At Woof Picture Frame

Wooden picture frame with the words "You had me at woof" engraved on the front.

Every Dog Dad loves to show off their furry best friend! That’s why this picture frame is a great gift. He’ll be able to proudly display his favourite picture of his dog at home or at the office.

This beautiful picture frame is made of top-quality natural wood. The words you had me at woof are engraved into the frame. It is extremely well-made and is very sturdy.

The frame measures 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, and it holds a 4″ x 6″ photo.

It features curved bevelled edges, a glass front, and a back stand easel for displaying on a table or desk. Wall hanging clips are included if you wish to display the frame on the wall.

Designed by Kate Posh, there are different frames available as well in horizontal or vertical position and different photo sizes. All frames are hand-crafted by Artisans in their California facility.

10. I Heart Daddy Dog Bandana

Black dog wearing a blue bandana with the words "I Heart Daddy" on the front.  Also shown are 1 pink bandana and 1 blue bandana.

How cute is this? Get your pup wearing this “I Heart Daddy” bandana on Father’s Day, and any other day of the year, to show just how much he means to your pooch.

Each package comes with 2 bandanas, pink and blue. This single-layer bandana has a neck size of 25 inches, suitable for most medium-sized dogs.

Made of polyester material, it is soft, comfortable and lightweight. This is a great choice if the Dog Dad in your life happens to have a male and female dog.

It is also available in just single pack if you only need 1 bandana, in either blue or pink.

11. The Dogfather T-Shirt

Black t-shirt with the words "The Dogfather" on the front.

This graphic t-shirt features the words “The Dogfather” on the front. It is available in black only and is made in the USA, Ann Arbor Michigan to be exact, by Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company.

Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and screen printed using high-quality inks. It is lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable. It is a slightly thinner material than your average t-shirt, but still mid-weight, and durable.

This shirt features a modern fit, meaning it is slightly tapered at the sides and less boxy than other t-shirts. It is suggested to go up a size to ensure a great fit, however, most people are able to wear their regular size in this shirt as well.

This shirt is sure to be a hit with that special Dog Dad in your life. If he also loves The Godfather movie and is of course a Dog Dad, then this is even more ideal!

12. Dear Dog Dad Keychain

Black Dear Dog Dad Engraved Keychain.

This stainless steel keychain is sure to get a laugh. It says “Dear Dog Dad, Thanks for being my doggie dad. If I had a different doggie dad, I would bite him in the nuts and go find you. Love Your Favourite.”

Not only will this keychain make him laugh and feel special at the same time, but it is also a very practical gift. Perfect for hanging his house keys and car keys on.

It is made of stainless steel for durability, and the tag measures 4*2.5cm. The writing is engraved on the front and is available in black as shown above, or stainless steel.

This keychain is ready to give in its own velvet pouch.

13. Funny Dog Dad Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with the words "DAD thanks for putting up with my shit (and picking it up too)."

This coffee mug is a great gift that is meant to be from the dog. It’s funny and true, because he puts up with his dog, and cleans up after him too.

If he loves coffee, he’ll love this mug!

This white high-grade ceramic mug holds 11 ounces. It is printed and shipped from the USA.

The very vibrant and detailed design will not fade or chip and is designed to last for a very long time. The design is printed on both the front and back of the mug.

It is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe. This mug is FDA approved and is lead and cadmium free.

It arrives in its own custom-made styrofoam package, guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

14. Dog Dad But Much Cooler T-Shirt

Black t-shirt that says "I'm a Dog Dad like a real dad but much cooler."

This black graphic t-shirt is one that he’ll be proud to wear, especially if he only has a fur child and no human kids. It says “I’m a Dog Dad like a real dad but much cooler.”

Dog Dads are cool, and this tee will let everyone around him know it, and will probably make all the other dads jealous.

This t-shirt is designed and printed in the USA by Crazy Dog T-Shirts. It is screen printed using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure long-lasting durability and vibrant colours.

It is more of a heathered black and is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. It’s a t-shirt that he’ll reach for all the time because it is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable.

The fit of this t-shirt is a slim fit, so it is best to go up a size if you are in-between sizes or like a more relaxed fit. Available in sizes Small to 5XL.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, so if for some reason this shirt doesn’t fit or he doesn’t like it, you can return it or exchange it.


Best Dog Dad Gifts - Man and Golden Retriever laying together looking happy.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best Dog Dad gifts as much as I have enjoyed picking them out. Dog Dads are truly one of a kind, and if he loves his dogs as much as his human kids or maybe more, then these gifts are perfect.

Remember that Dog Dads love to be appreciated no matter what time of the year it is, and gifts for dog lovers are always welcome.

Do you have a favourite gift for a Dog Dad in your life? Be sure to mention it in the comments below, and be sure to share this list with all of your dog-loving friends.

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I am the proud owner of a Golden Retriever named Ellie. She keeps me busy, and when she is resting, you can find me working on my blog. She is always close by though. I live in Stirling, ON Canada with my husband, and we both enjoy the never a dull moment life with our Ellie.

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8 thoughts on “14 Best Dog Dad Gifts-Father’s Day 2021”

  1. I have found several cool gifts here. Thank you for putting together this post. The one that I have liked the most has been the “My dog thinks I’m cool” graphic t-shirt. And I agree it’s a great gift for any Dog Dad. This pandemic has changed me in several ways. Back in March 2020, I brought a dog for the first time to my house. And boy, how attached can one get to these little buddies.

    • Hi Paolo,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this list of dog dad gifts.  I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying life as a new dog dad.  I’m sure by now the two of you are best friends and have a super-strong bond.  How cool is that!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. Playing the role of a pet Dad is more like being a Father to a child. Your tips on how to take care and nurture a dog are quite exceptional and it allows one to bond easily with their dog. I will try and incorporate most of the tips that you have shared here with me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Awinikistevie,

      Being a Dog Dad is very much like being a father to a human child.  I am glad you enjoyed this article, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. I really appreciate your article on owning a dog, or becoming a dog Dad. I love domestic animals but none of them could be compared with a dog. As you rightly said, Man’s best friend is a Dog. Surely to keep a dog is not a child’s play. It needs so much care and it is time-consuming. But yes, I agree with you, it is worth it. Spending time with your dog builds a bond between you and the dog, which is a powerful thing. The dog gets to trust you. Also petting them with caress and other forms of affection makes them get attuned to you. I love your stylish way of incorporating the material gifts for Father’s day which is so creative of you. 

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful write-up.

    • Hi Akaline,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.  Of all the domestic animals, none of them can compare to a dog, a dog will love you unconditionally.


  4. These are such cute ideas! I had to chuckle at the door mat and the shoe sign because that sounds about right. My dogs prefer to chew hats and socks, so I would probably need to customize that one. Haha! All of these products would make great gifts especially for those dog dads who spoil their furbabies. Thank you so much for the ideas! 

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I’m glad you enjoyed this list of gifts.  Some dogs have their preference for what they prefer to chew on, in your case hats and socks, lol.

      Take care,



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