Is Snuggle Puppy Good For Older Dogs? [6 Ways It Helps Older Dogs]

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Is Snuggle Puppy good for older dogs? Chances are you have heard or experienced how wonderful Snuggle Puppy has been in comforting and easing a puppy’s anxiety, and are wondering if it can help older dogs too?

Older dogs experience anxiety, just as puppies do, and could certainly use a comforting companion such as Snuggle Puppy.

The good news is, that Snuggle Puppy can be just as helpful to older dogs as it is to puppies! Keep reading to discover the 6 ways that older dogs can benefit from Snuggle Puppy. Plus, tips on how to help your older dog bond with Snuggle Puppy.

Is Snuggle Puppy Good For Older Dogs?

Snuggle Puppy can be beneficial for older dogs to help ease their anxiety. It just might be the solution you are looking for as an all-natural cure to many of your dog’s anxiety-related issues. It has helped older dogs with separation anxiety, travel anxiety, fear of loud noises, grief, and adjusting to a new family member. Many owners have had great results using the Snuggle Puppy for their rescue dogs as well. That being said, every dog is different, and the Snuggle Puppy may not work for your dog.

Here’s How Snuggle Puppy Works

The SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy is a soft plush companion that features a warming pack and a Real-Feel Heartbeat. The warmth along with the pulsing heartbeat creates a feeling of calm and security for puppies and dogs. The heartbeat can be heard and felt thanks to its vibration, so even deaf dogs will benefit.

Snuggle Puppy is designed to mimic the feeling of snuggling up with mom or siblings. Dogs have a natural instinct to stay close to their pack, which is why Snuggle Puppy is so successful especially when bringing home a new puppy.

A disposable heat pack is included with your Snuggle Puppy, along with a Pulsing Real-Feel Heartbeat. Both the heat pack and heart are safely tucked inside a Velcro belly pouch. The heartbeat has 2 modes; 8 hours or 24 hours of a continuous heartbeat.

Push the power button once to activate the heartbeat for 8 hours, or hold the button for 5 seconds to activate the heartbeat for 24 hours. It can also be shut off by holding the power button down for another 5 seconds.

The heartbeat uses 2 AAA batteries and lasts up to 2 weeks when using it 24/7. The disposable heat pack lasts 24 hours. Additional heat packs are sold separately.

Snuggle Puppy is completely safe, and an all-natural solution to your dog’s anxiety. The heat pack is non-toxic and safe for people and pets.

6 Ways The Snuggle Puppy Can Help Your Older Dog

1. Separation Anxiety

Is Snuggle Puppy Good For Older Dogs - A Boxer dog looking out the window, waiting for his owners to return.

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which makes it even more difficult for their owners to leave them alone. Crying, whining, barking excessively, and destructive behaviour are all signs of your dog suffering from separation anxiety.

Snuggle Puppy provides companionship to your dog. It is your dog’s buddy to help ease feelings of loneliness. The warmth and pulsing heartbeat can easily be heard and felt by you and your dog, providing a sense of calm and relaxation.

A great idea is to rub your scent on the Snuggle Puppy by using your worn socks. This will help your dog bond with his new companion, especially if he doesn’t take to it right away.

2. Travel Anxiety

A white Shepherd sitting in the front seat of a car.

Does your dog hate going for car rides? Instead of resorting to medication, why not give Snuggle Puppy a try? Your dog will feel calmer, more relaxed and at ease when his Snuggle Puppy comes along for the ride.

The comforting warmth and the soothing sound of the heartbeat might be all it takes to ease your dog’s travel anxiety.

3. Fear Of Loud Noises

Loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms cause many dogs to become scared, panicked and anxiety-ridden. Fireworks are something you can prepare for ahead of time, by pulling out the Snuggle Puppy and allowing your dog to be comforted and soothed by the heartbeat and warmth.

Thunderstorms are a little less predictable, however, dogs are able to sense a thunderstorm coming before we can. Many owners have had great success using Snuggle Puppy during thunderstorms, even after trying a Thundershirt and medication with no luck.

One owner mentioned their 11-year-old dog immediately settled down after laying across Snuggle Puppy and fell asleep during a thunderstorm.

4. Grieving The Loss Of Another Dog Or Pet

When another dog or pet in your household passes away, it certainly affects your dog. Dogs grieve the loss of their companions, and it takes them a while to overcome their loss.

Seeing your dog suffer from grief is hard to bear. Your dog may whine, cry, pace back and forth, become lethargic and even search endlessly for his lost companion.

Snuggle Puppy will certainly not replace your dog’s lost friend, but it may help ease your dog’s anxiety associated with grief. Rubbing the scent of your dog’s lost companion onto Snuggle Puppy may help give your dog a sense of calm.

5. Adjusting To A New Family Member

An adult Australian Shepherd and a puppy looking into each other's eyes.

Adding a new puppy, dog, cat, other pet, or even a baby to the family can cause your older dog to have feelings of anxiety. All of a sudden your dog has to share you with another pet or human, which causes some dogs to feel anxious, lonely, and jealous.

Obviously, the adjustment period takes some getting used to, and you should always make your older dog feel loved and cared for, to show him that he is not being replaced or ignored. But, to help your dog through the adjustment period, Snuggle Puppy can help.

One owner mentioned that his sensitive older dog had a hard time accepting their new puppy, he didn’t like the puppy at all. Snuggle Puppy helped the older dog sleep through the night, and he cuddles next to it to feel calm.

6. Rescue Dog Adjusting To Their New Surroundings

Many dog owners are choosing adoption over buying a new puppy. Adjusting to a new home and a new life can be very stressful for some dogs, especially as they get older.

Even though you are showing your rescue dog plenty of love, and making him feel welcome in your new home, he still feels a bit anxious and unsure of everything. Snuggle Puppy is there to help!

The Snuggle Puppy is a comforting companion to your rescue dog. It’s warm, soft and cuddly and has a soothing beat to help calm and relax your dog. It even helps dogs sleep through the night.

There are plenty of people that have used the Snuggle Puppy for their rescue dogs, and have had great success! It has helped rescue dogs with fear-related issues, separation anxiety, and many owners say it helps their dog sleep through the night.

Tips For Helping Your Older Dog Bond With Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy has been a comforting companion to over 1 million dogs, since its launch in 1997. There is a reason why Snuggle Puppy is a must-have item for all new puppy owners because it works!!

Many puppies grow up with Snuggle Puppy and still keep them close as they get older. However, if you are looking to try Snuggle Puppy for your older dog, here are some tips to help them bond:

  • Snuggle Puppy works best when you place it in your dog’s crate or bed. It helps relax and calm your dog and can eliminate crying and whining through the night, allowing your dog to fall asleep.
  • When you are bringing home a rescue dog, it helps to have Snuggle Puppy there on the first day.
  • Snuggle Puppy is not a toy, and should not be treated as such. If your dog tries to chew it, you need to take it away and put it out of reach and sight for about an hour or so. Then try re-introducing Snuggle Puppy again. If your dog tries chewing it, continue removing it. Your dog will learn that his companion will be taken away from him anytime he tries to chew it.
  • Some dogs take to Snuggle Puppy right away, and others need some time. It may help to rub your scent on it, especially if your dog suffers from separation anxiety from you. If your dog is grieving over another pet, it helps to rub their lost pet’s scent on it. It can be from a blanket, toy, or collar.

Why Not Give Snuggle Puppy A Try For Your Older Dog?

If you’ve tried everything else to ease your dog’s anxiety, and have had little success, why not give Snuggle Puppy a try?!

It has helped comfort over 1 million dogs and counting. I say it’s worth a shot! You may be surprised by the results, and the best part is that it’s an all-natural medication-free solution.

Brown Snuggle Puppy shown with heat pack and heart.

Final Thoughts

As we have learned in this article, Snuggle Puppy is good for older dogs. It has proven to be a comforting companion to dogs experiencing separation anxiety, travel anxiety, grief, adding a new member to the family, and even helping rescue dogs adjust to their new surroundings.

If your older dog doesn’t bond with Snuggle Puppy right away, it may take a few attempts to introduce it. Sometimes you need to remove the heat pack and heartbeat and introduce it without.

Every dog is different, and Snuggle Puppy may work wonders for your dog, and for other dogs not so much. However, I do think it is worth giving a try.

Have you tried Snuggle Puppy for your older dog? How has Snuggle Puppy helped your dog?

Please share your experience with Snuggle Puppy in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Is Snuggle Puppy Good For Older Dogs? [6 Ways It Helps Older Dogs]”

  1. Hi, I enjoyed your article. I had already bought a snuggle puppy for my older lab but came across your article and read it anyways. My lab is 15 years old! I just had to put down my 13-year-old lab and these 2 were best friends.

    I needed something to help my older one, he had such bad anxiety and would bark and cry out for his friend. I came across the Snuggle Puppy and while most of the reviews and pictures were for puppies – I saw a few posts about using it for elder dogs as well. I had to give it a try and oh my. I was not expecting him to take to it right away but he loves it. I’ll put it next to his belly and wrap the blanket over them both and my lab will go right to sleep. We’ll find him going back to sit on the pillow where the snuggle puppy is if he gets up to go do something. He’ll use it as a pillow or wrap his paw around it. My older lab has never been into toys either so I just wasn’t sure what he would think about having this thing on his pillow with him. I am so glad that it’s working for him and helping him find a little bit of comfort. It breaks my heart to see him grieve but this is helping us both during this time.

    • Hi Paula,

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience with using a Snuggle Puppy for your older Labrador. I am so sorry for your loss. Grieving the loss of a beloved pet is difficult enough for us as humans, but just as difficult for other pets in the household. I am glad that the Snuggle Puppy has helped bring comfort to your Lab through this difficult time.

      I wish you both the very best and thank you again for taking the time to comment.

      Take care,

  2. Hi Jenny, loved your post “Is Snuggle Puppy Good For Older Dogs.” In fact, I really love that your blog is devoted to our dear canine companions, so I also had a read of your posts about the “raw food diet” and “tips for bonding”.

    We actually have an older Lab at home, who no matter what we do, is still terrified of the thunder and lightning when it storms. I had wondered before if something like the Snuggle Puppy would work for her, and after reading your post I think it is something I will look into.

    Thanks for creating a really interesting website, I will certainly be back to check out your next posts.

    • Hi Jenny,

      I am so glad you are enjoying my articles, and I appreciate the feedback.  

      Thunder and lightning are common fear triggers in dogs.  It helps to set up a safe spot for your dog to go to when the noise happens such as a crate or bed, or wherever your dog feels safe and secure.  I would place Snuggle Puppy there as well, so your dog has a comforting companion.  

      I hope you have success with Snuggle Puppy, please come back and let us know how it worked for your Lab.

      All the best.


  3. I have been travelling a lot with my dog recently. I see he suffers a lot from travel anxiety. So, I would like to try giving him Snuggle Puppy. The place where we’re currently living is close to an avenue. And there are constantly loud noises. I already got used to it. But not my dog. So, Snuggle Puppy may help with that too.

    • Hi Ann,

      It is definitely worth trying out.  I am always seeking out natural approaches to any issues my dog may have, before resorting to medication.  Hopefully, you have great success with the Snuggle Puppy.

      Best of luck, and thanks for taking the time to comment.



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