Most Loyal Dog Breeds Top10-Dogs That Stay By Your Side!

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When it comes to dogs, everyone wants something different. Some people may wish for a small dog to cuddle and carry around, and some may want a large dog to protect them. Whatever the preference is, many owners can agree that they want a dog that is loyal and devoted to them.

While all dogs have the ability to be loyal to their owners, some dogs are just more loyal by nature, and tend to develop a stronger bond with their owners. Let’s look at the most loyal dog breeds top 10 list below.

These loyal breeds have a strong desire for companionship and security from their owners, and when that is provided they will return the favor by going to great lengths to protect you and always stay by your side.

The following list of loyal breeds is in no particular order. If your favorite breed didn’t make the list, or if you want to improve your connection with your dog, you may wish to check out my 11 tips on creating a stronger bond with your dog.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd laying in grass.

When it comes to naming a loyal dog breed, many people immediately think of the German Shepherd. Often termed as a “one-man breed”, the German Shepherd is extremely devoted to their owner, or handler, and displays great loyalty.

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and also one of the most popular breeds around. They are known for being loyal, confident, courageous and steady.

Very obedient, and easy to train, a German Shepherd has a willingness to please its owner. This breed is often used in the police force, the military, and as service dogs.

The German Shepherd was bred to herd sheep and protect the flock. This breed is one of the best guarding breeds out there, and will do anything, even put their lives on the line to protect the ones they love.

When trained and socialized properly, German Shepherds make great family pets. They are loving and gentle, and very protective of their family.

Here is a short video of a very loyal German Shepherd dog who also loves to do household chores.

2. Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Labs can be defined as friendly, active and outgoing. They do well in active households, and because they get along well with children, they make great family pets.

They are loyal to their family, and develop bonds with each member, not just one person. They are friendly to everyone they meet and get along with other animals in the household.

Originating in Newfoundland, Labradors were used as companions to fishermen, helping to bring in fish that fell off fishing hooks, and fish filled nets. Their water repellent coats and webbed feet, made them excellent swimmers, and perfect for the job.

Today, Labradors make great working dogs. They are eager to please, easily trained, and very obedient. They are highly sought after guide and rescue dogs.

Because of their high energy, especially when young, Labs need plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and training.

3. Golden Retriever

White Golden Retriever smiling.

Golden Retrievers are known for their friendly, loving, and gentle disposition. They make fast friends with everyone, even strangers, and will gladly take any affection that’s given to them from anyone.

This breed is friendly to all, but shows loyalty and devotion to their owners. Golden Retrievers are faithful companions, and can be protective of their owners. Often leaning up against their owners, or sitting on their feet as a way to claim them as their own.

They make great family dogs, and get along well with children and other animals. Plenty of exercise and mental stimulation is a must, so that they don’t get bored and become destructive.

4. Beagle

Beagle dog sitting in grass.

If you want to know how loyal a Beagle is, just ask Charlie Brown. The beloved Snoopy was very loyal to Charlie Brown, and just like Snoopy, Beagles are gentle, sweet and funny.

Beagles were developed as hunting hounds, and were bred to hunt in packs. They are friendly, and cheerful in nature, and get along with people and other pets.

People like their convenient size, and that they are easy to groom. They require plenty of exercise, and because they are hunting hounds they will follow a scent trail to the end. Having a fenced yard, and keeping your Beagle supervised is strongly recommended, to keep them from running off.

Beagles bond with everyone in the family, and get along well with children. Because of their great ability to track scent, they are used as scent detection dogs at airports. Their cute and friendly nature allows them to do their job without making passengers feel nervous or intimidated, like a larger “police dog” might.

5. Boxer

Boxer Dog.

Boxers are described as happy, playful, energetic and high-spirited. When young, Boxers are very energetic, they love to romp and play, and can be very exuberant. As Boxers mature they become loyal and faithful companions.

The American Kennel Club describes Boxers as the whole doggy package.

This intelligent breed was developed in Germany. Boxers have a history of being used in dog fighting, but they naturally do not have any aggressive tendencies. Because of their alertness they make excellent guard dogs. They are weary of strangers at first, but are not aggressive unless their family is threatened.

Boxers are a popular choice for families, because of their playful and high-spirited nature. They are very gentle and patient with children, and can be protective.

Boxers have a need to be around their family, and do not do well when left alone for long periods. Boxers need plenty of exercise, and are not meant to be left outdoors. Their short coat will not keep them warm in the winter, and their short nose will not cool air efficiently in the summer.

This breed is meant to be a house dog, and their large size will not keep them from being a lapdog. They love human companionship.

6. Brittany

Brittany Dog.

This breed was developed in the french province of Brittany. This medium size breed was originally bred for bird hunting.

Brittany’s can be described as intelligent, easy to train, sweet, protective and very loyal.

This breed loves to be around its family, and forms a strong attachment to them. Leaving a Brittany home alone is not a good idea, they need to be around their people all the time. You may wish to consider getting 2 Brittany’s, so they can keep each other company, when you are not home.

Brittany’s have a very sensitive nature, and can react badly to harsh discipline and training, as well as loud households. This breed does best with firm, but gentle training, and calm environments.

Because of their size and sweet nature, Brittany’s have become popular family pets. They are very obedient, and love to please their owner.

7. Dachshund

Brown Dachshund.

The Dachshund was developed in Germany, and bred as a badger hunting hound. This breed is often referred to as wiener dogs, because of their size and shape. Dachshunds come in 2 sizes, standard and miniature, and 3 different coats, long-haired, wire-haired and smooth.

Today, Dachshunds are mainly bred for pets. They are very intelligent, lovable, and fiercely loyal and devoted to their owners. They are very protective of their family, and can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, if they feel their family is in danger.

They make great house dogs, because of their small size, but do require their daily walks. This breed enjoys chasing small animals and birds, so keeping them on a leash is a must. Their large paws and stubby legs make them notorious little diggers, you’ll need to keep them out of your flower garden.

This breed requires plenty of companionship, in order to prevent them from getting lonely, which can lead to excessive barking. Owners of Dachshunds will often have 2 or more, because Dachshunds love each other’s company.

8. Rough Collie

Rough Collie laying in field of grass.

The Rough Collie, also known as “long-haired collie”, originated in Scotland. Rough Collies were used and bred for herding.

Just like the famous “Lassie”, Rough Collies have a soft and sweet personality. They are highly intelligent, and very loyal to their owners. They are protective of their family, but not aggressive, they make great watchdogs, always on the lookout for potential danger.

Rough Collies are sensitive and mild-mannered, they require plenty of personal attention, and do best in calm environments. They are easy to train and get along well with children and other pets.

The Rough Collie is very affectionate, and makes a great loyal companion.

9. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Dog standing outside.

A gentle giant, the Great Pyrenees was used as a flock-guarding dog in the Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain. This breed’s job was to work alongside shepherds and other dogs, protecting sheep and other livestock from predators.

Today, Great Pyrenees make wonderful family companions, and some are still used to guard livestock. The Great Pyrenees is calm, well-mannered, and somewhat serious. They are very loving dogs, and extremely gentle and patient with children.

This breed is very protective of its family, and can be territorial. A Great Pyrenees has a fearless loyalty, and will place his family above all else. This breed is reserved with strangers, but somewhat suspicious of them, and can be aggressive towards other animals that do not belong to his family.

10. Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi sitting in a field.

Also known as just Corgi, this breed originated in Wales, United Kingdom. Corgis are a herding dog, and were used to herd cattle. They are referred to as “heelers” in the herding group, because they would nip at larger animals heels to get them to move.

There are 2 types of Welsh Corgis, the Pembroke and the Cardigan. The biggest difference between the 2 is their tail. Cardigans have fox-like tails, and Pembrokes have stubby short tails. Cardigans ears are also more rounded, compared to Pembrokes pointy ears.

This breed is happy, loving and intelligent. They want to please their owners, which makes them easy to train and very loyal. Corgis make excellent watchdogs, because of their loyal and protective nature.

Corgis are known for being the breed of choice for the Royal family. Queen Elizabeth II has owned many Pembroke Corgis in her lifetime.

Corgis are highly active, and require plenty of exercise, they are great with children and other pets.

Bonus** Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier standing in field of grass.

Jack Russell’s are little dogs with big attitudes. This breed is very energetic and has a desire to work and hunt. They were bred as hunting dogs, used for foxhunting. They have a high prey drive, and will go after any small animal that they consider prey.

Jack Russell’s can be described as fearless, athletic, scrappy, confident, and intense. They enjoy being watchdogs, and will bark at any new sight or sound. They are very protective and loyal to their owners, and will not hesitate to put themselves in harms way to protect their family.

They will often go up against larger dogs, that is how brave and fearless they are. Some have killed other dogs in fights, and have been killed in fights too.

Because of their high energy level, they need plenty of vigorous exercise. This breed is highly trainable, and can even perform impressive tricks.

Jack Russell’s need an owner who is willing to work with their hunting instincts, not try to change them. Owners of this breed should be just as strong-willed as they are, this breed is not recommended for inexperienced owners.

With proper training and exercise, a Jack Russell will really excel, and you will be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion.


Did your furry best friend make the list of most loyal dog breeds top 10? Share your comments below, and let me know how loyal your dog is. If your dog didn’t make the list, tell me what breed it is, and share what makes him or her loyal. I would love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to check out my 11 tips on creating a stronger bond with your dog.

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8 thoughts on “Most Loyal Dog Breeds Top10-Dogs That Stay By Your Side!”

  1. I’ve been researching and looking for a breed for quite some time. As a novice owner, I want an easygoing and athletic dog that likes swimming (I live in Greece) and can be easily trained.
    Posts like these are really helpful, to me, but also to those that don’t think before getting a dog.
    I’ve seen people do things like get a Siberian Husky for its looks without planning on running for hours a day or caring about the fact that huskies weren’t bred for Mediterranean climate. They don’t research and end up with a house full of fluffy dog hair.
    The same goes for Pitbulls. Guys will get a pitbull to look cool and end up with an aggressive dog because they don’t neuter, exercise or socialize it. Then they blame the breed.

    Research is important and your posts are really helpful. I’ve found a respectable breeder and I’ll get my puppy in a few months.


    • Hi Georgia,
      I totally agree with what you have written. It happens way too often that people get a dog based on looks without researching the particular breed. That is one of the many reasons shelters are so overcrowded! I am so glad that my post has been helpful to you, and hopefully to many others. I hope people realize just how important it is to research a breed before deciding on it. You have certainly done the right thing by finding out everything you can about your breed of choice, and establishing how your puppy will fit into your lifestyle and vice versa. I am curious to know what breed you have decided on?

      I wish you all the best on your new adventure with your new puppy. It is a very exciting time, and I am sure you are counting down the days. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to comment.


  2. Hey there,

    I love this post. And I love some of these breeds. The Collie, the German Shepherd, the Golden Retriever are some of my favorites! I learned about the Corgis through “The Crown” and the Queen’s love for this breed 🙂

     But, should we buy a bred dog? Why not adopt from the local shelter and reduce the population of stray dogs before purchasing new?



    • Hi Marios,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for sharing some of your favourite breeds.  Buying a dog from a breeder, or adopting a rescue dog from a shelter is a decision that each individual must make, regarding their own personal preferences.  

      I do agree with you that adopting a dog from a local shelter is a great choice to reduce the population of strays.  There are many mixed breeds/rescue dogs that end up being the most loving and loyal dogs.  My intention with this post was to showcase some of the most loyal dog breeds.  It is not meant to steer anyone in the direction of buying a dog vs. adopting a dog.  

      Thank you for reminding people that there are really great dogs available to adopt from local shelters.

      I appreciate your comment.


    • Adopt; don’t shop-breeders are getting paid off irresponsibly contributing to the dog overpopulation (dogs are getting euthanized by 1.5 million every year due to irresponsible breeders bringing more and more animals into this world and not enough people in the world willing to adopt or to provide a lifetime solid home for them) Absolute best dogs I’ve had were rescues (GSD mix and a pitbull); the purebred (stereotypically family-friendly breed) dog I grew up with was very aggressive, high anxiety, and prone to stomach issues. Even if this wasn’t the case; paying a breeder is rewarding a toxic practice. Breeders often abuse their dogs and put profits above welfare. So what if a breeder is “top class” selling puppies with AKC papers and charging 1,000 for a “top of the line” puppy? Mixed breeds are actually less disease-prone, have longer lifespans, and often you get the best of both worlds if you pick your dogs off personality and not just looks or breed. Breeders are selfish plain and simple. Adopting is the best thing you can do and I truly believe they’re the most loving dogs you can find!

      • Hi Amber,
        Thanks for sharing your strong opinion on the subject of adopting vs shopping for a dog. I do agree with many of your points, yes rescue dogs make some of the most loving and loyal pets, mixed breeds have fewer health issues, and you are helping to save a dog’s life.
        While I agree that there are many breeders that are in the business simply to make money, there are many reputable breeders that are not. To many dog owners whether or not their dog has papers just doesn’t matter, they love their dog regardless.
        I am not trying to sway anyone into adopting or shopping for a dog, it is up to the individual to make that decision. Regardless, anyone considering adding a puppy or dog to their family should do their research first! Adopting a dog that needs a loving home should always be considered. However, it might not be for everyone.

        Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. These are all amazing dogs and I personally have an aus/beagle and he is the most loyal dog you’ll find. I think labs and beagles and all of these dogs are beautiful as well. Which of these do you like the look of and which of these do you personally have?

    • Hi Jon,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for sharing what loyal dog you have.  I myself, have a very loyal Golden Retriever.



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