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Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots -Tried, Tested, and Loved!

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Have you heard of Pawz Dog Boots? They are reusable, disposable, and waterproof, and are made from natural biodegradable rubber. These dog boots come in a variety of colors and sizes, and look like deflated balloons.

In this article I will give you my honest opinion about Pawz Dog Boots. I own a very active 3 year old Golden Retriever, and my dog wears these boots quite often. In fact, we have been using these boots for over 2 years.

Benefits Of Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

You may have seen dogs wearing boots, and think to yourself wow that is a bit much. Before I became a dog owner I really had no idea that dogs needed boots, I thought they were just a fashion accessory. It wasn’t until I became a dog mom that I discovered how beneficial dog boots really are.

Protection From The Elements (Winter)

Dogs pads are sensitive to the extreme cold winter temperatures. The pads can crack and bleed while walking on snow and ice. If you own a long haired dog chances are you have noticed snow and ice buildup referred to as “snowballing” on their pads and in between their paws. This is very uncomfortable for your dog and will cause your dog to constantly stop and try to chew the snowballs off.

The harsh winter salt and chemical ice melts that are covered on the sidewalks in the winter are very harmful to your dog. Your dogs paws will get chemical burn, and you may see your dog lifting its paws while walking. Not to mention your dog will be licking its paws and the chemicals on them when inside the house. Not good!

Pawz Dog Boots will protect your dogs paws from the snowballing that occurs, and from the freezing temperatures and harsh winter chemicals.

Protection From The Elements (Summer)

Even in the summer dogs can benefit from wearing dog boots. The hot asphalt will easily burn your dogs paws and they should not be walking on it. Other surfaces can get extremely hot and dangerous for their paws as well such as gravel, sand, and rocks.

An easy way to tell if the surface is too hot for your dogs paws is to place the back of your hand on the surface, and if you can’t keep your hand there for 5 seconds, then it is too hot for your dog.

Not being able to walk your dog in the summer is not an option, so what can you do? You can try to walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures are not so hot, and you can walk your dog on the grass which is cooler than pavement. This however is not always possible.

Pawz Dog Boots will offer protection from the hot surfaces.

Protection From Cuts And Scrapes

Dogs often get cuts on their paw pads. I am experiencing this right now with my dog. Ellie has a cut on one of her pads, and she is wearing Pawz Boots to help protect the cut. Since Pawz Boots are waterproof she can easily go into the water to swim.

They Are Non-Slip

These boots are made from rubber and give your dog a great amount of traction. When hiking through trails and rugged terrain and through creeks with slippery rocks these boots do not cause your dog to slip.

Indoors these boots are great as well. If you have hardwood flooring or tile surfaces that can be slippery to your dog, these boots will offer traction. Also, they will offer protection to your floors as well, preventing them from being scratched.

Allergen Protection

If you have a dog with seasonal allergies, or contact allergies then these boots will help. Your dog will be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to suffer from red irritated and sore paws.

My Dog And I Love Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots Here’s Why

Easy To Put On

These boots come in a variety of sizes. Each size comes in a different color. My Golden Retriever wears a large size and the color is purple. These boots are easy to put on, they simply stretch over your dogs paw. The first time you try to put them on your dog may be a little tricky, but after a few tries it gets easier. It helps to reward your dog with a treat after the boots are on as well.

The Feeling Of Not Wearing Boots

We have tried a few of the other dog boots on the market, and some without success. Other boots were hard to put on, and my dog Ellie did the awkward boot walk, because other boots are thick and dogs cannot feel the ground. With Pawz Boots Ellie was able to walk normally right away, the reason being that they are thin and made of flexible rubber allowing your dog to grip and feel the ground with every step. It’s like they are not wearing boots at all, and that is a great thing.

They Stay On And Stay Put

Pawz boots actually stay on! They fit securely around your dog’s paws, without any Velcro straps or zippers. With the proper sizing these boots fit snug around your dog’s ankles without cutting off circulation. There is enough wiggle room for your dog to move its paws, and the boots stay put. They are comfortable for your dog, where they forget they are wearing boots.

Protection From The Elements

As mentioned above, the many benefits of Pawz Boots, we love them because of the protection they offer from the winter, such as the harsh winter chemicals, and the snowballing that occurs on Ellie’s paws because she is a long haired dog. During the winter time is when my dog wears these boots the most.

We are finding the benefit of using them in the summer as well. Right now we are using them to help protect a cut on Ellie’s paw, and to keep the band aid dry when she goes into the water. These boots are waterproof, and work great.

They Are Cost Effective

Other dog boots on the market are expensive, and are not nearly as great as Pawz. I have had to return expensive dog boots because my dog did not like them, and they would not stay on. I was so happy when I found Pawz because my dog loves them.

Pawz are disposable, and reusable. You get 12 boots in one package. The amount of wear that you get from one boot can range anywhere from 2-5 uses in our case. It can vary depending on the terrain that your dog is walking on, how much running your dog does, and the length of your dogs nails. Keeping your dogs nails trimmed will help prevent any rips or tears in the boots as well.

Pawz can be used until they rip and tear and form holes in them, or they get lost. When this happens you can just replace one boot out of the 12 disposable ones. Pawz are inexpensive, and are made from biodegradable rubber. You won’t feel bad about losing a boot, unlike losing one of the other more expensive dog boots.

My Only Complaint About Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

I can’t say enough good things about these boots, my dog and I truly love them. My only complaint is that I wish they came with more than 12 in a pack. I have gone through a few of these packages over the past 2 years and have found them harder to find due to their popularity.

Pawz Dog Boots are not perfect, sometimes we only get 1-2 uses out of a boot before it develops a hole. That is due to the fact that my dog is highly active and we walk on some rugged terrain. Regardless, we still love these boots.

Final Thoughts On Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

Dogs need exercise in order to stay fit and healthy, and the environment shouldn’t be a reason for your dog not to enjoy the outdoors. With Pawz Boots your dog can enjoy being outside any time of the year. These boots are made for all four seasons.

Not only are Pawz Boots great for protection from the elements, but they are great for dogs that have trouble getting traction on slippery floors. Your dog will love these boots as much as my dog does, because they are made from thin flexible rubber, your dog will be able to grip and feel the ground beneath them. They might even forget they are wearing them. You’ll love them because they are so easy to put on, and they stay on.

It’s time to stop thinking of dog boots as a fashion accessory, and time to see them as a way to keep your dog safe and healthy throughout the year.

Do You Want To Try Pawz Boots For Your Dog?

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4 thoughts on “Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots -Tried, Tested, and Loved!

  1. These look great! We have had our dog for a few months now but during the summer we realized quite quickly that we were unable to take her for a walk during the height of the day because the ground was just too hot! 

    I also reckon these dog boots will be great for when its wet outside and we just cannot persuade her to go outside at all. We don’t get very much snow where we live but would be handy to own some in case we do!

    Thanks for a great informative post, i just never knew dog boots existed!

    1. Hi Dianne, thanks for your comment.  Pawz Boots are so versatile and can be used for all types of weather conditions.  They are really great at protecting your dog’s paws from the hot pavement in the summer, and from the harsh winter chemicals and snow.  What’s great about these boots, is that they are so easy to put on and they stay on.  Your dog will love them, because it will feel like he/she is not wearing boots at all.

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