Top Rated Dog Crate [6 Of The Best Reviewed]

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[Updated September 2019]

Not all dog crates are created equal!  They come in many shapes and sizes and serve many purposes.  There are crates that are specially designed for growing puppies, small dogs, and large dogs, as well as soft-sided crates, fashion crates, and heavy-duty crates designed for air travel.  We’ll look at the top-rated dog crate in each of these categories.

Depending on your dog’s needs and your purpose of using a dog crate, I am certain that you will find the best crate for your dog.  I have done all the hard work for you and reviewed 6 of the best.

But first, you need to know the benefits of using a crate for your dog, and how to choose the right crate for your dog.

Why Having A Crate Is Beneficial

When used properly a dog crate can be very beneficial for your dog. Dogs are den animals and enjoy the safety and security that a crate offers.

A crate should be introduced to your puppy or dog in a positive way, and should never be used as punishment for your dog.  If used as punishment, your dog will associate the crate with negative experiences.

House Training

A crate can be used to house train your new puppy, or rescue dog. Dogs and puppies do not like to pee or poop where they sleep, and by having your puppy in a crate that is sized appropriately, your puppy will be encouraged to control elimination. A crate will help to establish a regular routine for outdoor elimination.

Your puppy should be able to stand up, lie down, and turn around comfortably in a crate. Having any more room than that will be a risk for your puppy to use the crate as a washroom.

Prevent Accidents At Night

Using a crate for your puppy will help to prevent accidents from happening while you are sleeping. You will need to listen for any whining or barking from your puppy, as this will be a signal that your puppy needs to go outside for elimination.

You may wish to place the crate beside your bed so that you can hear when your puppy needs to go out.

Prevent Accidents and Destruction When Left Alone

By having your puppy in a crate when you have to leave the house, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your puppy is safe and comfortable, and your home is not being soiled or your furniture is not being chewed on.

A dog or puppy should never be left in a crate for long periods of time. The maximum amount of time spent in a crate should be 5 hours. If your dog is left in a crate too long, your dog will become anxious and possibly injure themselves by panicking and trying to get out.

Secure Space For Your Dog

A crate offers your dog a secure and private space of their own. Your dog will be able to go to their den to sleep, relax and feel comfortable.

If you have a family with young children, a crate can be a spot where your dog will feel safe and secure and enjoy the quiet. Remember to teach young children that a crate is a special area that is only meant for your dog.

Safer Travel

If you travel with your dog or puppy, a crate will be a safe option for you. A crate will keep your puppy safe while travelling in a vehicle, and prevent your dog or puppy from roaming around while you are driving.

For small dogs and puppies, a travel crate can be used to transport them to vet appointments or any other outings.

Some dogs do not like to travel in vehicles, and a crate can offer them a sense of safety and security, to help them feel more relaxed and calm.

German Shepherd Dog laying in a dog crate.

How To Choose A Dog Crate

With so many crates to choose from, many people are left confused and don’t know how to pick the right crate for their dog.

The first thing you need to determine is what the crate will be used for. Will you be training a puppy, will you use the crate when your puppy gets older and bigger, or are you using the crate for travel purposes?

Second, you need to determine the size of the crate that you will need. The crate should be large enough so that your dog can stand up, lie down, and turn around comfortably. It should not provide too much space so that your dog will use it as a washroom.

Remember, dogs and puppies do not like to eliminate where they sleep.

Third, you need to decide on what type of crate to get. Crates come in different styles, there are plastic crates, wire crates, soft-sided crates, heavy-duty crates, and fashion crates, which are usually made out of wood.

The last thing you need to decide is your budget. Dog crates vary in price, depending on the size and material used.

Top Rated Dog Crate For Growing Puppies

Wire crates are the ideal choice for puppies, they are easy to clean, well-ventilated and offer divider panels so your puppy can grow into the space.

Many of these crates are collapsible and come with a carrying handle which allows for easy transport.

Wire crates are not ideal for destructive dogs that are able to chew or bend the wires, and they are not ideal for escape artists.

Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate

Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate.

Check Current Price.


  • Fold & Carry Design, folds flat and has handles for easy transport.
  • Includes Divider Panel.
  • It comes with a plastic leak-proof pan.
  • Rubber roller feet to protect floors.
  • Available in double or single door design.
  • 7 sizes available, ranging from x-small to xx-large.
  • Rounded corners and safe and secure slide-bolt latch.
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • Affordable.


  • The latch is not secure.
  • Plastic tray does not stand up to power chewers.
  • Wires are easily bent by destructive dogs.

The Midwest Dog Crate is very easy to put together, no tools needed. It is a coated wire frame crate with a plastic tray, making it easy to clean and disinfect.

The divider panel allows for easy transitioning from puppy to adult-sized dog, this saves you from having to buy a bigger crate when your puppy grows. Choose the size of the crate that your dog will need when it reaches its fully grown adult size.

Some users of this crate mention that the latch is not secure, it is a straight slide bar latch that can easily become undone by a determined pup. A good solution to that problem is to reinforce the latch with a lock or a carabiner clip.

Other negatives of this crate are the same for any wire crate, they do not stand up to destructive dogs. If you have a destructive dog or an escape artist, then a heavy-duty crate is recommended. Read below for the best heavy-duty crate.

Top Rated Dog Crate For Small Dogs

The Carlson Pet Products Crate is an ideal crate for small breeds, it is specially designed for dogs & puppies under 25 pounds. The single-door design with a slide-bolt lock keeps your small dog safe and secure. This crate has a small price tag and is super lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travel.

Carlson Pet Products Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Carlson Pet Products Single Door Metal Dog Crate.

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  • Single-door design.
  • All steel construction, secure & durable.
  • Easy set-up, no tools required.
  • Folds flat for easy travel & storage.
  • Includes removable & washable tray.
  • 5 sizes available.
  • Slide-bolt lock for security.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • 90-Day Warranty.


  • No handle for carrying.
  • No divider panel.

Users of this crate love how easy it is to set-up and that it is lightweight, and folds flat for easy storage and travel.

This crate is well-made and sturdy, some users have mentioned that this crate does not rattle or make any noise when their dog moves around in it because the wires are coated.

This crate is ideal for small dogs, it is however also available in 5 sizes. The negatives of this crate are that it has no carrying handle or divider panel, these negatives are more of an issue if you plan on getting this crate in a larger size.

For travel purposes, the small crate is lightweight and easy to carry even without a handle.

Top Rated Dog Crate For Large Dogs

Large dogs require a large crate, and the larger the crate the bigger the price tag. If you are looking for a well-designed and quality built crate that costs a fraction of the price that other large crates cost, then the Amazon Basics Dog Crate is for you.

Owners of this crate love how sturdy and well-made this crate is, and appreciate the affordable price.

Amazon Basics Single & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Amazon Basics Single And Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate.

Check Current Price.


  • Available in single & double-door design.
  • 2 slide-bolt latches on each door to provide increased safety & security.
  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • Folds flat for easy storage & travel.
  • Easy set-up, no tools required.
  • Divider panel included, it is optional.
  • The plastic tray is included.
  • Rounded corners for safety.
  • Available in 6 sizes.
  • Affordable.
  • 1-Year Warranty.


  • It does not have roller feet to protect your floors.
  • Latches slide too easy, not ideal for escape artists.
  • Wires bend, not ideal for destructive dogs.

The Amazon Basics Dog Crate is a great choice if you are looking for a functional and quality built dog crate. The name may say “Basic” but it is anything but, this crate is just as great as the more expensive wire crates on the market but at an affordable price.

Users of this crate love the sturdy design, and the double-door style is great for being able to clean the crate and change out the bedding. This crate is easily collapsible, making it great for travel.

As with any wire crates, they are not the ideal choice for destructive dogs or escape artists.

Top Rated Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Soft-sided crates are ideal for travelling, they can easily fold up for storage and transport. A soft-sided crate is a great choice for a dog that remains calm in a crate and doesn’t chew or is destructive.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate.

Check Current Price.


  • Fully assembled.
  • Sets-up & folds down in seconds, no tools required.
  • Strong steel tube frame.
  • The cover is made of high quality durable 600D fabric, & hex mesh.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Stylish, lightweight & durable.
  • 3 Mesh doors, top, front & side.
  • 2 Accessory pockets, top & side.
  • Removable & washable cover & bed.
  • Free carrying bag & fleece bed included.
  • Handle & hand carrying straps, & adjustable padded shoulder strap, allow for various carrying options.
  • 3-inch height when folded allows for easy transport & storage.
  • Available in 5 Sizes.
  • Available in 13 Colors.
  • 2-Year Warranty.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Not ideal for a puppy or dog that chews, as it is soft-sided.
  • The mesh sides are easily ripped if your dog chews or scratches at them.
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the fleece bed is not the most comfortable.

The EliteField Crate makes the list for best soft-sided crate because it comes fully assembled, it offers many carrying options and offers generous space for your dog. Your dog will be able to stand up comfortably without hitting the ceiling.

There is plenty of ventilation offered to your dog with 3 mesh doors, your dog will be able to breathe fresh air, get enough sunlight, enjoy the view, and not feel trapped in a closed area.

Some reviewers have mentioned that this crate is easily ripped, that is the case with soft-sided crates. If you have a puppy or an aggressive chewer, a soft-sided crate is not the best option. Instead, look for a wire crate or hard plastic crate.

Another reviewer mentioned that the fleece bed is not the most comfortable, it is included with the crate, which is a great bonus. To make the bed more comfortable you could replace the bedding with a thicker more comfortable one of your choice.

Top Rated Fashion Dog Crate

A crate that is both functional and stylish. A fashion crate is best suited for calm or older dogs that are past the puppy stage and are not destructible. Fashion crates are ideal for you if you want a crate that is not an eye-sore and is a piece of furniture in your home.

ecoFLEX Pet Crate

ecoFlex Pet Crate.

Check Current Price.


  • Made of ecoFLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer that will not warp, crack, or split.
  • Doubles as an end table.
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Stainless steel latch secures the door.
  • Multiple vents for 360-degree view and ventilation.
  • Quick & easy assembly, no tools required.
  • Stainless steel spindles.
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • Available in 4 sizes.


  • Not meant for destructive dogs.
  • The stainless steel spindles are not solid, they are hollow.

The ecoFLEX Pet Crate is a great choice for you if you are looking for a crate that is both functional and stylish.

This crate would be best suited for dogs who are past the puppy stage, are not destructive and are able to remain calm in a crate.

The negative reviews of this crate mention that the stainless steel spindles are easily chewed on and able to be bent.  Again, this type of crate is not ideal for dogs who are not crate trained.

Top Rated Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

Heavy-duty dog crates are best for dogs who are destructive and who are clever at escaping. If you have gone through a few wire crates because your dog has managed to destroy and bend the wires, or if you have come home to find your dog has somehow managed to escape out of his crate, then a heavy-duty crate is just what you need.

These types of crates are expensive, but they are built to last. Some are even approved for airline travel.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage.

Check Current Price.


  • Made with thick steel tube construction.
  • 20-Gauge Steel Cage, extremely strong.
  • Strong welds at stress points.
  • Strong dual latches on the door.
  • Single door entry.
  • Grated floor with removable steel tray, makes for easy clean-up.
  • It has 4 wheels (4-inches tall) that allow the crate to be easily moved to other locations.
  • 2 of the wheels are locking wheels to keep the crate in place.
  • Wheels can be removed for more stability.
  • One of the world’s strongest & most escape-proof crates.
  • Available in 2 sizes, Medium & Large.
  • Hammertone finish stands up to plenty of abuse.


  • Heavy, that is why wheels are used to move the crate.
  • Expensive, well worth the price if your dog has destroyed other crates.
  • Some users have mentioned the latches slide easily, and their dog was able to escape.
  • Some users mentioned design flaws with the welding, wheels fell off.
  • It does require assembly.

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage makes the list for the best heavy-duty crate because it is able to stand up to any abuse given, and users of this crate love how their dog is unable to escape from it.

This crate does require assembly, but users mention that this crate is easy to put together. The only tool needed is a hex-head screwdriver which is included.

While some users have mentioned their dog was still able to escape because the latches are easy to slide, they do recommend buying a lock to reinforce the latches.

Design flaws with the welding seem to be an issue with this crate, but users mention that they were able to contact customer service and get a replacement crate within 24 hours. This company has excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on the best crate for your dog depends heavily on your dog’s behaviour. If you are looking for a crate to house train your puppy, then a wire dog crate is the ideal choice. Wire dog crates are easy to set-up and can easily be cleaned.

A wire dog crate offers your pup plenty of ventilation, and you can choose to have a single-door or double-door design. For added comfort, you may wish to purchase a crate pad that fits on the bottom. For puppies, I recommend using towels or old blankets that can easily be washed if they become soiled.

If you have a puppy that will grow into a larger adult dog, to save you some money I would recommend getting a crate that will fit your dog’s adult size, and use the divider panel.

If looks and style are a concern to you, and you have a well-behaved dog, then a fashion crate is a beautiful choice.

Destructive and escape artist dogs will be well suited with a heavy-duty crate like the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage.

Whatever crate you choose, it is important to remember to purchase the proper size. Your dog should be able to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably.

Always introduce any dog crate slowly, never force your dog inside. Make the crate a positive experience, never use it as punishment.

Your dog should see the crate as a safe place to rest and seek solitude.  When properly used your dog will voluntarily go into the crate whenever he/she wants to.

What About You?

Which top-rated dog crate will you choose for your dog?  Do you have any experience with the crates mentioned above?

Share your thoughts and comments below.  I would love to hear from you.

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I am the proud owner of a Golden Retriever named Ellie. She keeps me busy, and when she is resting, you can find me working on my blog. She is always close by though. I live in Peterborough, ON Canada with my husband, and we both enjoy the never a dull moment life with our Ellie.

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30 thoughts on “Top Rated Dog Crate [6 Of The Best Reviewed]”

    • Hi Laura,
      You do bring up a good point, and I agree. Soft crates are not something to start out with, especially because puppies and adult dogs may try to scratch, bite or chew their way out of them. Soft crates are ideal for travel purposes and for dogs who are crate trained.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to comment.


  1. When my dog was a puppy she would sleep in a cage overnight and I was pretty surprised that she got used to it really fast. But now reading this article it makes sense. I didn’t know dogs are den animals. Also, I totally agree with not using the crate for punishment. Did you have any issues with house training your puppy? 

    • Hi Kynleykaze,

      Some puppies are easier to crate train than others.  It sounds like you really lucked out with your puppy and did everything right by introducing the crate properly and making it a positive experience.  It’s great that your puppy got used to her crate quickly.

      When we crate trained our puppy Ellie, it was challenging at first.  She would whine and bark in the crate at night until she fell asleep.  She did not like it.  We had to put treats inside the crate to get her to go in.  After a couple of days, she got used to it and it got better.  Crate training takes some work and patience, but it makes a difference.  It really speeds up housetraining.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. I sure wish I had known about the differences in types of dog crates years ago. I had an Australian Shepherd that we would leave in a crate when we went out. The crate size was fine, but oh boy! He was extremely destructive. He didn’t get the latch open and he didn’t bend the wire sides, but he learned to scoot the floor pan out from under the crate and then would tip the crate over trying to escape. In doing so, since the crate was near a wall, he ended up gouging the wall in a line from the top edge of the crate being tipped against it. What a mess! We eventually just realized he needed to be outdoors all the time and gave him to a farmer so he could have lots of room to run. 

    If I had known about the heavy-duty option, I may have been able to keep him and not have damage done to our house. Thank you for educating me.

    • Hi Jack,

      Thank you for sharing your experience.  There are so many bad experiences that dog owners have with crates.  A lot of it has to do with how the puppy or dog is introduced to the crate, as well as finding the right size and type of crate.  

      It definitely sounds like your Australian Shepherd was very determined to escape.  What a mess indeed.   My Golden Retriever Ellie also didn’t like her crate when she was a puppy, but once she realized it was a safe and comfortable place for her to rest she got used to it and went into it voluntarily.  She is now almost 5 years old and she still sleeps in her crate at night, the door is always left open for her.

      Thanks again for commenting.


  3. I think it’s inhumane to put the dog in a crate. They might be “den animals”, but with a den, you can get in and out. With a crate, you are stuck inside, so it’s a big difference. Forcing them to be stuck in a crate in order to get them to hold in there bathroom needs also sounds pretty mean.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion on dog crates. I think you are missing my point of this article, I must stress that when used PROPERLY, crates are very beneficial to puppies and dogs. When people use a crate in a bad way such as punishment or locking their dog in a crate for an entire day, then yes crates are cruel!! I don’t believe you actually took the time to read my article, instead, you automatically based your opinion on crates. Had you actually read this article you would learn the benefits, as well as how to use a crate properly! What to do and what not to do.

      You are entitled to your opinion of course, however, this article is intended to help dog owners choose the best crate for their puppy or dog as well as teach them the proper way to use a crate.

      One could also say that using a dog collar and leash on a dog is cruel! For example, when a dog owner yanks and pulls on their dog’s leash dragging them by their neck, or leaving their dog outside all day alone attached to a tether. There are many opinions on crates, I am simply trying to let people know the benefits of using a crate when the crate is introduced in a positive way. Obviously leaving a dog in a crate all day is cruel.

      I appreciate your opinion, but I wish you would have actually taken the time to read my article.


  4. Thank you for this great article. I was looking for more information on what is the best dog crate to get, and your article has helped me a lot. I totally agree that it’s important not to use the crate as a form of punishment. I usually associated dog crates with a way of travelling safely. This way the dog won’t jump out the window of the car and end up in traffic. 

    It sounds like you really care about dogs, and you are doing your best to help out other people with their dogs. Thank you for your expertise on dog crates and I look forward to reading more of your articles next time.

    • Hi C,

      I am glad this article has helped you when shopping for the best dog crate.  Dog crates are very beneficial when you are travelling with your pup.  A crate will help make your dog feel safe and secure in the vehicle, as well as prevent him/her from getting injured while you are driving.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  5. I love this article! I have sent the link to my older brother who is a dog breeder. He is crazy about dogs to the extent that he gets overbearing and annoying sometimes. He recently imported a German Shepherd from the US and it came in a beautiful dog crate.

    The flight would have taken anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, stopovers inclusive, but I believe the sole reason the animal survived was because it was transported in a comfortable and sturdy dog crate. I like what you said about not using a crate as a punishment for dogs. My brother used to do that with one of his adult Caucasian dogs. The animal detested it and often tried to destroy the crate once it was locked in it. I am sure he will feel sad after reading this article.

    About choosing the right dog crate, I love what you said as per determining the intended use of the crate. You also talked about size. This is often compromised by some dog owners/breeders. I have seen breeders transport dogs to their clients in crates which are too small for the animal. Irrespective of your budget, I believe it is unfair to treat animals poorly.

    I think every dog breeder needs to read this article. 

    • Thank you for your comment.

      That is a long flight for a dog to have to endure, and I hope the dog was not too traumatized after.  There are crates that are specially made for air travel for dogs, and they are very sturdy and comfortable.

      Sizing is very important when deciding upon a crate for your dog.  It should not be too large for your dog to use it as a washroom, and it should not be too small for your dog to be uncomfortable.  Your dog should be able to stand, lay down, and turn around comfortably.

      I am glad you enjoyed this article.


  6. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for such a thorough review on dog crates.  I did know that crating was beneficial for our furbabies.  But when I was looking for the best crate for our newest pup, the options available delayed my purchase as I wasn’t sure what was best.  Your post lays it out nicely.  I noticed one of the crates on Amazon has a cover over it.  What is the purpose of covering crates?  Does it help keep the pup calm?

    • Hi Kris,

      I am glad you asked such a great question.  The purpose of having a crate with a cover on it, is to make your pup feel more safe and secure.  Dogs are den animals, and like the feeling of being in a safe and secure place.  

      A crate cover will also block out any light and distractions for your pup, and will create a more private space for your pup to relax and sleep. The option to cover a crate or not is completely up to you and your pup.  My suggestion is to get a wire crate, and if you wish to cover it simply place a blanket or sheet over the crate, and leave the front (door) uncovered so your pup can look out. This will save you the added expense of buying a crate cover.  Hope this helps.

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. What a great review.  I personally prefer the wire mesh ones and maybe not for the reasons you think.  I prefer them because it still keeps my pooch open to me.  My dog doesn’t whine or bark in the wire mesh crate but sure did in the other ones.  It took me a while to figure out that maybe simple was best. Honestly your dog doesnt care if its crate is designer or not.

    Just remember your dog is your best friend so try and do what it takes to keep him happy.

    Loved this article.  Thank you for taking the time.  Many first time buyers will greatly appreciate the effort you put in


    • Hi Dale,

      Thank you for your comment.  So many people prefer the wire mesh crates, myself included.  They are the best all around dog crates that give your puppy/dog the ability to see and breathe without feeling confined in an enclosed space.  

      Wire mesh crates are ideal for puppies or dogs who are not destructive, or who are not escape artists.  Yes, dogs do not care if the crate is designer or how expensive it is, all they want is comfort and security in a space that is their own.


  8. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for providing this review for dog crates, we got a puppy for Christmas and it’s our first dog so I need all the direction I can get lol. I like the idea of using the crate for training. Out of the crates you review, is there one you can suggest will be the best for a puppy. The puppy we have is an Alsatian, not sure if that makes a difference?

    • Hi Nate,

      Thank you for your comment.  Using a crate to train your puppy is a great idea.  I would recommend that you get a wire crate for your puppy, as I believe they are the best all around crate.  A good choice is the Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate because it is very sturdy, and comes with a tray that can easily be cleaned, and a divider panel that allows your puppy to grow into the crate.

      I wish you all the best with your Alsatian puppy, and please check my website for other useful tips and advice.


  9. I have had my dogs for years, and I have never used a crate, even after my daughter was born. 

    After reading your article I could have saved myself a lot of lost sleep in potty training that is for sure! I always thought of it as punishment, and never saw the positive side of it. 

    If used properly I could see the crate being a very effective training tool!

    Thank you for opening my eyes and mind to using crates, for my next puppy venture, I am going to try this out!


    • Hi Stacie, thank you for your comment.  So many people see a dog crate as a form of punishment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  A dog crate has many benefits, like I discussed in this article, it is a great way to housetrain your puppy, and dogs feel safe and secure in a space of their own.  Only when used properly, crates are good, and dogs will enjoy going in their crate.  I am so glad that you were able to see all of the positives about dog crates.

  10. I’m about to get a puppy and want to find an awesome dog crate for him.   I think having a good crate will be important for him.

    Of the ones you have listed I think I’ll go with Midwest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate because it has a one year warranty and i think having a warranty is important.

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Barry, thank you for your comment.  Having a good crate for your puppy is very important, and the Midwest iCrate is a great choice for your puppy.  It is a very sturdy crate, at an excellent price and the 1-Year warranty is very beneficial too.  Best of luck to you with your new puppy.

  11. Having a dog crate is essential. I am a dog trainer with over 5 years of experience and I have recently been seeing a lot of abnormal behaviors from puppies and adult dogs that were not crated for any length of time.Of course, there are times when crating is appropriate, such as for traveling or when attending dog shows. 

    Dog crating is very important for teaching dogs obedience as it restricts their movement, their chewing habits and all. Thanks for sharing this informational article

    • Hi Lok,

      Thank you for your comment.  I am so glad that you shared your perspective and experience about dog crates.  I agree that dog crates are an essential part of training your puppy or dog.  There are so many benefits of using a crate that I have mentioned in this article, and when used properly, your dog will love the crate and use it voluntarily.  Dogs are den animals and love the security and safety that a crate offers. 

  12. Jenny, 

    Thank you for this review.   I think you saved me some money.   I would have thought that the wire crates that you mentioned towards the top would have been good for a dog that was destructive and that liked to chew.   I appreciate you letting me know otherwise before I wasted the money.   

    I suppose that I will need to look into the heavy-duty crate.    Although they are more expensive, by the time that you add up destroyed crate costs and any destruction inside the house; the more expensive crates seem like a better investment.   

    • Hi Sondra,

      I am so glad to have helped you out, & saved you some money.  If you have a dog that is destructive and chews a lot, or has been known to escape easily from wire crates, then a heavy-duty crate is the ideal crate for your dog.

      Heavy-duty crates are more expensive, but are built to last!  Your dog will not be able to destroy this type of crate, and that will save you money.  

      Thanks for your comment.

  13. Having the right size crate is important.   I feel that the size of crate you choose for your dog will make or break the experience you have with your animal.  A dog won’t enjoy a crate that is too small.  I really like the fashion crates as they are not an eyesore and can be made to go along with your furniture.   I have a folding wire crate that is perfect for travel and gives my dog a familiar space when he is away from his regular home.  It’s a great option to have even if you don’t normally use a crate at home.

    • Hi Jeffrey,  thanks for your comment.  Yes, the right size crate is so important for your dog.  A crate that is too small or too large will not be ideal.  Too small and your dog will be cramped and uncomfortable, too large and your dog will end up using it as a washroom (more so for puppies).  

      Fashion crates are functional and stylish, and double as an end table or nightstand in your home. I agree that wire crates are perfect for travel, giving your dog a familiar space while away from home.  

  14. I am so happy I stumbled upon your article!!!! I have been telling my Mother for months that she needs to get our dog a new crate. The one she uses now was good back in the day, but after heavy use for the past ten years it’s basically fallen apart. We have a large dog, and I really like the looks of the one you recommended. I’ll be sure to share this post with my Mom,  so maybe she can finally get our dog a new cage!

    • Thank you for your comment Joey.  It sounds like your dog has really enjoyed, and gotten a lot of use out of his dog crate.  A nice new dog crate would certainly be a great idea, and your dog will enjoy the safe and comfortable space for many more years to come.  


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