Best Dog Pool For Large Dogs [6 Top Picks To Beat The Heat!]

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There’s no better way to keep your furry best friend cool and entertained during the hot summer temps than with a splash in a dog pool.

But, when you happen to own a large dog, finding the perfect pool that’s durable, convenient, and big enough to fit your large dog or two comfortably, can be a challenge!

Well, fear not! By the end of this article, you’ll feel confident and well-informed about choosing the best dog pool for your large canine companion.

Keep reading as we reveal the 6 top dog pools designed specifically for larger breeds, focusing on durability, size, convenience, and overall enjoyment.

Are you ready to make a splash? Let’s get started.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog Pool For Large Dogs

A PitBull sitting in a dog pool looking happy, while a Labradoodle is shown walking on the deck in the background.

Before we reveal the top 6 dog pools, it’s important to first understand what you need to look for when it comes to choosing one.

The following are important factors to consider:

1. Material & Durability

Most large dogs are enthusiastic and full of energy and require a pool that can withstand their playful nature.

Look for pools made from durable materials like reinforced PVC and Vinyl. You’ll find that most dog pools use these materials.

Both PVC and Vinyl are thick and tough, and able to withstand sharp claws scratching or digging, without puncturing or leaking.

The material is also flexible, which is why most folding dog pools use it.

2. Size & Water Capacity

Large dogs need more space, it’s that simple!

Look for a dog pool with generous dimensions that can accommodate your large dog comfortably.

Also, consider weight limit and depth to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

All of the top 6 dog pools below have generous dimensions, measuring 63 inches in diameter, or more, and most have a depth of 12 inches.

This size allows large dogs plenty of room to lay and cool off. Some of the pools listed here even have enough space for two dogs to comfortably cool off.

3. Ease Of Use

Take into consideration how easy it is for your dog to get in and out of the pool.

The sides of dog pools are usually not too high to be a problem, and most large dogs can easily step in and out without issue.

Height only becomes an issue if the dog pool will also be shared with a small dog. In this case, stairs or ramps can be considered.

4. Ease Of Set-Up And Maintenance (Convenience)

Convenience matters when it comes to your dog pool. Look for pools that are easy to set up and take down, this allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the pool as needed.

Also consider how much space the pool will take up in your backyard, as well as in your storage.

The dog pools listed below are easy to set up, and they fold down, taking up very little storage space.

Consider pools with a built-in drainage system to make emptying the pool easier. Most pools have a drain plug located on the outside of the pool near the bottom.

Pools without a built-in drainage system, require just a push on the sidewall to drain.

5. Safety

Pools designed specifically for dogs are intended to be safe.

Still, you want to be sure the pool you choose is safe for your large dog.

Look for pools with sturdy construction. Reinforced walls and a secure frame will ensure the pool doesn’t collapse or tip over.

A non-slip textured surface on the bottom of the pool allows for extra grip and prevents your dog from slipping and falling.

Durable materials like PVC and Vinyl as mentioned above, resists scratches and punctures.

Most dog pools are made using dog and kid-friendly materials, meaning they are BPA and Lead-free.

6. Aesthetics

Your dog certainly won’t care about the way the pool looks, but you might.

Dog pools come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colours. If looks are a concern to you, you can choose a dog pool that best suits your style.

Just keep in mind the other factors mentioned above as well.

Top Picks: Best Dog Pools For Large Dogs

The following are my top picks of the best dog pools designed specifically for large dogs, offering durability, plenty of space, and refreshing fun!

1. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

[Best Overall Dog Pool For Large Dogs]

A Husky and two children sitting in a Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool.

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool tops the list of the best dog pool for large dogs.

It offers plenty of space for large dogs to lay and cool off, with room to spare.

Available in 7 different sizes with generous dimensions specifically for large dogs.

The XXL pool measures 63 inches in diameter and has a depth of 12 inches, this size accommodates two adult Golden Retrievers easily, with room to spare.

But, there are 2 bigger sizes, XXXL has a diameter of 71 inches, and the XXXXL has a diameter of 79 inches, that’s plenty of room for a few large dogs!

It seems that Jasonwell has made significant improvements to its best-selling pool.

The heavy-duty vinyl has been upgraded to three layers of durable laminated vinyl with polyester mesh, to resist punctures and prevent the pool from collapsing.

This pool ticks all the boxes, it’s durable, easy to set up and take down, folds down for easy storage, and has built-in drainage.

All you need to do is unfold, fill with water, and let your pup enjoy!

Quick Features:

  • Foldable & Portable.
  • Durable & Slip Resistant; made of thick extra-tough PVC, sides are thick & the bottom is even thicker.
  • Sides are made of thick high-density fiberboard.
  • Wrapped edges to prevent punctures.
  • Made of environmentally friendly material.
  • 2 Drain plugs for easy drainage.
  • Available in 7 sizes up to 79″ diameter & 12″ depth.


  • Generous sizes up to 79 inches in diameter and 12 inches in depth, to accommodate large dogs.
  • Easy to set up, fold, and store, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Durable and sturdy construction that can withstand scratching, pawing, digging, and the playful energy of large dogs. It resists punctures and will not leak.
  • The built-in drainage with 2 drain caps on each side, makes it easy to empty, refresh, or clean the pool.
  • The non-skid bottom makes it safe for pets and kids.
  • Its lightweight and portable design allows you to easily transport it anywhere.


  • Takes a while to fully dry for storage.
  • The hose connector will not fit a regular garden hose.
  • When draining, about an inch of water remains in the pool. You need to tip the pool over to drain the remaining water.
  • The biggest size is heavy and may require 2 people to tip it over to get the remaining water out.

2. SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

[Best Dog Pool Float]

SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float.

Alright, so technically this isn’t a dog pool, but I just had to include it on this list. This dog pool float by SwimWays is perfect for large dogs who love to lounge around in a human-sized pool.

Perhaps you have a dog that tries to jump up on your pool float or your kids, well now your dog can have his very own float!

This large-sized pool float can support dogs who weigh 65 pounds and up. Making it ideal for medium to large-sized breeds.

You can take this spring float with you wherever you go. It easily folds flat in 3 compact circles and can be stored in its own carry bag.

Thanks to its built-in spring design, it pops up easily, so your pup can enjoy it right away.

The jet valves make inflation and deflation quick and easy, eliminating the need for an air pump.

It features a heavy-duty reinforced construction that is paw and claw-friendly and won’t puncture. The fabric is comfortable for your dog to lounge on, and it features a fun paw print.

There are two openings on each side of the mesh float to allow water to flow through and cool off your dog.

Quick Features:

  • Large size supports dogs 65 Lbs, & up.
  • Measures 64.5″ long x 43.25″ wide x 9″ high.
  • Lightweight & durable, puncture & scratch resistant.
  • Built-in spring design for quick set-up.
  • Jet valves for easy inflation & deflation, no need for an air pump.
  • Folds flat for travel & storage and includes a carry bag.
  • Inserts on each side of the mesh allow water to flow through.
  • Includes Limited 1-Year Warranty.


  • Sturdy and durable construction with reinforced fabric to resist punctures, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Dogs love this float, and many owners mention that 2 large dogs can easily be on it at the same time.
  • Great for dogs who love to float, but don’t want to swim.
  • Keeps dogs cool because of the water flowing through the mesh.
  • Stands up to heavy use. One owner mentioned that his large dogs 85 & 90 lbs German Shepherds both use this float and jump on it, and it has held up.


  • A few reviews mention that there is an issue with the air valve. It seems to be misaligned and leaks air when you try to close it. It is a design flaw. (The company is good at replacing the flawed item).

3. Alvantor Double Swimming Pool

[Best Lightweight Pop-Up Dog Pool]

Alvantor Double Swimming Pool For Dogs.

The Alvantor Double Swimming Pool has a unique patent-pending design that no other dog pool on the market has. It instantly pops up and is ready to be filled with water, no inflation is required!

This pool is super lightweight, weighing only 5.3 pounds, it is much lighter than any other dog pool on the market.

It folds flat, taking up much less space than other foldable dog pools.

But, don’t let its lightweight design fool you, this dog pool is durable.

The outside of the pool features PVC laminated 300D Oxford fabric, while the inner layer is PVC laminated 500D Oxford fabric.

This durable layer construction resists punctures, and tearing and prevents leaks.

The strong spring steel frame provides stability and allows the pool to keep its shape no matter how much water is inside. Even when empty, it will not collapse or cave in.

This double swimming pool offers plenty of room for your large dog or two small dogs, with a generous diameter of 63 inches and a depth of 12 inches.

There is no drain hole, to empty the pool you simply push down on the side of the pool and water drains out quickly and easily.

Quick Features:

  • Instant setup; spring steel frame instantly pops up.
  • Durable & lightweight.
  • Made of heavy-duty PVC laminated Oxford fabric.
  • Folds flat for storage.
  • Generous dimensions; 63″ diameter & 12″ depth.
  • Retains its shape even when empty.
  • Resists tears & leaks.
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Its lightweight and convenient design makes it easy to set up and take with you anywhere.
  • This pool keeps its shape no matter how much water is inside, and it doesn’t collapse when empty.
  • The 63″ pool is the perfect size for large dogs.
  • The material is thick and durable and holds up well to dog nails and scratching.
  • Drains easily by pushing the sides down, and folds flat for storage.
  • One owner mentioned it holds up well to her 145 LB Leonberger who likes to do zoomies in and out of the pool.


  • The sides have a tendency to sag a bit when it is full of water, especially when it is on uneven ground.
  • Folding it up for storage can be a bit tricky.
  • It is a bit pricey.

4. VISTOP Non-Slip Splash Pad For Kids And Dogs

[Best Splash Pad For Dogs]

A Golden Retriever and a small boy splashing around on a Splash Pad.

Dogs and puppies love to splash around in the water, so what better way to keep them cool and entertained than their very own splash pad?

A splash pad is great for dogs who don’t enjoy the full pool experience, but still want to have fun in the water.

The VISTOP Splash Pad is a safe and durable choice for both kids and dogs.

Featuring a non-slip base to prevent any slips or falls, and a thicker more durable base that is made from PVC materials without any harmful BPA or phthalates.

This splash pad comes in various sizes that are suitable for all dogs.

Large dogs have plenty of room to play as the sizes are very generous, with diameters ranging in size from 59 inches to 97 inches.

VISTOP has made its splash pad thicker and more durable than any other splash pad on the market.

The new upgrade includes a 0.55mm thick PVC, edge seal lamination to prevent punctures and leaks and an enlarged water tube.

All you need to do is lay it on a flat surface, attach your garden hose to the water inlet on the bottom, and adjust the height of the water spray with your water pressure.

Quick Features:

  • Various sizes with a generous diameter, up to 97″.
  • Non-slip texture.
  • Inflates with water.
  • Water sprays from the holes in the outer ring.
  • Connects to a garden hose or PVC tubing.
  • Made from heavy-duty PVC material.
  • Kid & dog-friendly material; BPA-free & Phthalate-free.
  • The height of the water spray can be adjusted by water pressure.
  • Durable, 30% thicker than other splash pads.


  • Provides a fun way for dogs to cool off, especially if they don’t like regular dog pools.
  • The material is more durable than it looks. It holds up well to large dogs running around and pawing at the splash pad.
  • One owner mentioned she has 2 Great Danes and a Lab and when the water pressure is turned up, the spray reaches over their head.
  • The spray can be adjusted to spray high or low depending on how you adjust the water pressure.
  • It is easy to set up and take down.
  • Great value.


  • You have to keep the water running in order for the pad to remain inflated. When the water is shut off, it takes about 20 minutes to deflate.
  • It traps and stores water on the inside, you really need to squeeze all the water out and let it air dry to prevent any mildew.
  • The water shoots outwards instead of inwards. To fix this, you need to roll the rim inwards.
  • Some dogs just don’t like the water shooting up at them and have no interest in splash pads.

5. Niubya Foldable Dog Pool Jumbo Size

[Best Collapsible Hard Plastic Dog Pool]

A Golden Labrador, a German Shepherd, and two kids sitting in a grey Niubya Folding Dog Pool.

This jumbo-sized dog pool from Niubya provides ample space for your large dog to lay and splash around in.

It measures 71 inches in diameter and 12 inches in depth and easily folds down for convenient storage and transport.

Crafted from high-quality, extra-durable PVC material, this pool is designed to withstand the energy and playfulness of large dogs. It is puncture and tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use.

Its convenient built-in drainage system makes emptying this pool a breeze.

Safety features like an extra thick non-skid bottom and reinforced edges ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable experience.

The sides of the pool are made of thick high-density and high-strength fiberboard to increase the pool’s stability and prevent any sagging or collapsing.

Quick Features:

  • Foldable & Portable dog pool.
  • The jumbo size provides ample space for large dogs; a 71″ diameter & 12″ depth.
  • Made of durable PVC material.
  • Thick high-density fiberboard.
  • Non-skid bottom.
  • Reinforced edges.
  • Built-in drainage system.


  • The spacious and deep design offers plenty of room for 1 to 3 large dogs to lay comfortably and cool off.
  • It folds up easily and saves space when you want to store it or take it with you when traveling.
  • The material is thick and durable and holds up well to scratching and dog nails.
  • The collapsible sides are very sturdy and hold their shape without sagging.


  • As with other folding pools, it leaves about an inch or two of water remaining in the pool after draining. Therefore you need to tip it over to get all the water out.
  • It takes a long time to drain because of its large size, and it only has 1 drain hole.
  • Not intended for dogs that chew, as they could easily chew the sides of the pool.
  • The pool’s sides may slightly sag with extended use. However, it won’t affect its overall functionality.

6. Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool

[Best Dog Pool With Cute Design]

A large black dog jumping into a rubber ducky dog pool.

The Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool features a fun rubber ducky print on the sides of the pool.

Not only is this dog pool super cute, but it’s also durable and offers plenty of space for your large dog to have a splashing good time!

The foldable design makes this pool easy to set up and take down, without taking up too much space in storage.

Two sizes are available, with the XXL size being the most ideal for large breeds. It has a diameter of 63 inches and a depth of 12 inches.

The built-in drainage makes this pool easy and convenient to empty.

Made from durable heavy-duty PVC material and a vinyl mesh core to resist punctures and ensure long-lasting use.

If a stylish design is a factor for you, look no further than this cute rubber ducky print dog pool!

Quick Features:

  • Foldable & portable dog pool.
  • Built-in drainage.
  • Made from heavy-duty PVC material.
  • Durable vinyl mesh core for added strength.
  • 63″ diameter & 12″ depth, XXL size.
  • Fun Rubber Ducky Print.


  • Sets up easily and folds down for easy storage.
  • Ample space for large dogs, the XXL is a great size with a 63-inch diameter.
  • It is sturdy enough to hold up to large dogs running and jumping.
  • Only takes a few minutes to drain and put away.
  • Owners love the fun design.
  • No inflation is required.


  • Doesn’t have a non-slip bottom like most other dog pools.
  • The drain is 2-3 inches from the bottom of the pool, which means water still remains in the pool and you need to tip it over to completely drain it.
  • Not intended for heavy chewers, as dogs that chew will easily damage this pool.

Helpful Tips For Maximizing Pool Fun For Large Dogs

A large dog swimming in a pool towards a floating ball.

The following are some helpful tips for maximizing your large dog’s pool enjoyment:

  • Safety First: Always ensure your dog is safe and comfortable in the water, and never leave your dog unattended. For added safety, you may consider using a dog life jacket, especially if your dog is still learning to swim.
  • Gradual Introduction: Introduce your dog to the pool slowly. Give your dog time to get used to the pool and the water, as it is new for them. Use positive reinforcement to make it an enjoyable experience.
  • Take Breaks: Allow your dog time to rest and take breaks during pool sessions to avoid exhaustion. Also, provide fresh clean water for your dog to prevent dehydration.
  • Don’t Forget Sun Protection: Dogs can get sunburned just like humans. It’s important to use dog-friendly sunscreen and apply it to exposed areas like the nose and ears. You may want to place the dog pool in a shaded area for added protection.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your large dog has a splashing good time in his very own dog pool all summer long!


A German Shepherd jumping into a bone-shaped dog pool.

The following are some commonly asked questions that dog owners have about dog pools for large dogs.

If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the comments below.

1. Can I Use A Kiddie Pool For My Large Dog?

Kiddie Pools are not ideal for dogs because they are typically made of hard plastic, which can pose a safety risk to your dog.

If your dog happens to chew on the sides of the pool, hard plastic pieces could break off and accidentally be ingested by your dog.

Plus, kiddie pools are usually not big enough to safely and comfortably fit a large dog.

2. Are Dog Pools Worth It?

Yes, dog pools are a great way to keep your dog cool in the summer. They are specifically designed with durable materials like heavy-duty PVC or Vinyl to resist scratching and puncturing.

3. Are Inflatable Pools Good For Dogs?

Inflatable pools are usually not the best option for dogs, especially the traditional inflatable kiddie pools.

These pools can easily be punctured by your dog’s nails, and if your dog likes to chew, they can easily be destroyed.

That being said, there are some durable inflatable pools designed specifically for dogs, using heavy-duty PVC material. This material is super thick and resistant to punctures.

4. What Size Of Pool Is Best For A Large Dog?

Dog pools with a diameter of 63 inches and a depth of 12 inches provide ample room for a large dog such as a Golden Retriever to comfortably lay and move around.

5. How Often Should You Change The Water In A Dog Pool?

You should regularly change the water in your dog’s pool to keep it clean and fresh.

Pool water easily becomes dirty from debris falling into it, bugs, and even from your dog if he’s dirty, making the water a breeding ground for bacteria.

Most dogs will drink the water from their dog pool, so you want to change it daily!

Dogs Love To Swim In Pools!

This short video shows just how much fun it is for dogs to swim in pools:

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best dog pool for your large furry best friend doesn’t have to be difficult. Just remember to factor in durability, size, and convenience, when making your decision.

The 6 top picks that I have listed here are all ideal choices for large dogs, offering plenty of space, and durability to keep your dog safe and cool all summer long.

Be sure to prioritize safety, gradually introduce your dog to the pool, and maximize your dog’s pool experience with some fun water toys.

With the right dog pool and these helpful tips, you can create a cooling retreat that your dog will enjoy!

Have you tried any of the dog pools listed above? How do you keep your large dog cool? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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4 thoughts on “Best Dog Pool For Large Dogs [6 Top Picks To Beat The Heat!]”

  1. I have had a dog pool or two which were not really size appropriate for the hounds I was putting in them and it made the whole endeavor difficult for me to manage and not the treat that the dogs deserved.

    You list several pools which would be great choices but the Niubya Foldable Dog Pool Jumbo Size seems to me to be the best if you truly wish to fit more than one large dog in it. Not only the size but the construction looks to be superior as well.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Getting the right size pool for your dog makes all the difference.  Speaking from experience, when my Golden Retriever Ellie was a puppy, I had a small kiddie pool set up for her which was fine, however, as she grew it was way too small for her.

      I now have a larger dog pool set up in the backyard for her to cool off and enjoy.  That is when she’s not enjoying swimming in the lake. LOL!

      The Niubya dog pool is a great choice, and it provides ample space for more than one large dog, and yes, it is durable and easy to set up.  I actually have the Jasonwell Folding Dog Pool, and they are very similar.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


  2. What a great idea to have a dog pool! Dogs love water and when it gets hot in the summer they would love to cool off.  I had 4 St. Bernard dogs a couple of years ago, the summer heat in my country gets unbearable and I took my dogs to the river every day to cool off.  They just loved it, but always had mud on their coats after a swim in the river.  Having a dog pool in the backyard will prevent any dirt from getting stuck to a dog’s coat, it is much cleaner and I am sure dogs will love it. Thanks for this great post on the best dog pool for large dogs.      

    • Hi Carola,

      Wow, 4 St. Bernard dogs, that’s amazing!  They are such beautiful dogs, and I’m sure they had fun in the river, mud and all, Lol!  But, yes a dog pool would certainly be much cleaner and it doubles as a place to wash your dog.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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