Best Teething Toys For Puppies-My 6 Top Picks

Small puppy chewing on a large white rope toy.

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Becoming a new puppy parent is exciting, and can be overwhelming at times. You find yourself being faced with many new challenges, one of which is puppy teething. Your cute and adorable puppy suddenly starts to nip and bite you with razor sharp teeth, and chews on everything in sight, including your furniture and expensive leather shoes. You need to find appropriate toys for your puppy to chew on, but with so many to choose from how do you decide what the best teething toys for puppies are?

Well, you have come to the right place, because I have listed some of the best toys that will help to ease the pain of your teething puppy.

When Do Puppies Start Teething?

All puppies go through a teething phase, just like human babies do, and it is a painful process for your puppy and can be a stressful time for yourself. Puppies will have sore gums and teeth, and will seek out any items to chew on, and they won’t be picky about it.

Every new puppy owner has experienced their puppy chewing on something in their house, and it is usually something expensive.

Puppies are born without teeth, and their baby teeth start to grow in as early as 2 weeks old. By the time a puppy reaches 5-6 weeks old, all of their baby teeth are grown in. Puppies have a total of 28 baby teeth, and at the age of 3-4 months those baby teeth begin to fall out to make room for their 42 adult teeth.

Most people will get their puppy from a breeder at the age of 8 weeks, and at this age all the baby teeth are in. At 4 months old puppies will enter their most active chewing phase, when they start to lose their baby teeth. This is when teething is the worst, and this phase usually lasts for 2 months.

During your puppy’s teething phase, you will notice tiny teeth laying on the floor, and your puppy’s toys might have blood on them, and your puppy will be drooling more because of the gaps from missing teeth. This is completely normal, and sometimes your puppy will swallow some teeth too, which is also normal, so if you don’t happen to find any teeth laying on the floor don’t worry.

When your puppy reaches the age of 6-7 months, all the baby teeth will be out and the adult teeth should have grown in nicely.

How To Help Your Puppy Survive The Teething Phase

In order to help your puppy through this painful period, you will want to provide appropriate toys for your puppy to chew on. Having a good variety of chew toys will keep your pup away from your expensive shoes and furniture.

The best teething toys will be soft enough for your pup to chew, but will be durable enough to last for a long time. Teething toys for puppies are designed to be softer and more gentle on their sensitive gums compared to adult toys.

It is also a good idea to try out different shapes and textures, puppies quickly become bored with the same toy, and that means they will turn to chewing something else of interest like your furniture.

The toys you choose for your puppy should be sized appropriately. A toy for a small breed puppy could become a choking hazard for a large breed puppy like a Great Dane.

Some teething toys are flavored, and some toys can be stuffed with your pup’s favorite treats. Chewing on something that tastes good will keep your pup entertained for hours.

To help soothe your pup’s sore gums and teeth, try popping your puppy’s favorite toy in the freezer. A cold toy to chew on will help to relieve the pain of inflamed gums.

My 6 Top Picks For A Teething Puppy

The following is a list of some of the best and favorite toys for teething puppies.

1. KONG Classic Puppy Toy

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KONG has been making high quality and durable toys for dogs and puppies for over 40 years. KONG is a leader in the industry, and dogs from all over the world love KONG products, and they come highly recommended by veterinary professionals.

The KONG Puppy is made of soft rubber, specially customized for puppies teeth and gums. It is the most gentle of the KONG rubber toys, and is softer than the adult ones.

This toy is ideal for chewing, and it can be stuffed with treats, like peanut butter. For an extra soothing treat, you can pop it in the freezer, and your pup will have hours of fun.

This toy is durable, and offers plenty of versatility. Your pup can chew on it, it can be stuffed with treats, and it has an unpredictable bounce that will keep your pup guessing where it will land. It makes for a fun game of fetch.


  • Made of soft natural rubber, gentle on puppy teeth and gums
  • Hollow center is great for stuffing with treats, and freezing
  • Unpredictable bounce, perfect for playing fetch
  • Teaches appropriate chewing behavior
  • Great for crate training, offers hours of fun
  • Made in USA
  • Available in Pink and Blue
  • Available in 4 sizes, XS, S, M, L


  • When this toy is not stuffed with treats, your puppy may get bored with it, because it makes no sound, and cannot be ripped apart easily. Puppies love toys that they can rip apart, but toys like that are not safe for them or good for your wallet. Make sure to rotate your puppy’s toys to prevent boredom.

2. Nylabone Just For Puppies Key Ring Bone

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Nylabone has been making chew toys for dogs since 1955. Their chew toys are extremely popular among dogs and puppies of all chewing stages.

This puppy key ring toy is made with soft puppy friendly material, that will satisfy the chewing needs of teething puppies. This key ring comes in a delicious bacon flavor that pups love.

This is a fun toy that puppies can chew on safely. It is practically indestructible, and helps to clean puppies teeth.


  • Soft and gentle for puppies teeth and gums
  • Durable, and practically indestructible
  • Satisfies teething pups
  • Bacon flavored, to add to the chewing experience
  • Bright colors and fun shapes and textures to keep your pup entertained
  • Moving parts that make a noise when shaken or rattled, toys that make a sound are more fun for your pup
  • Has raised bristles that help clean teeth and prevent tartar build-up.
  • Can be used for throwing and games of fetch
  • Made in USA


  • This toy cannot be ripped apart, again that is a good thing, but your pup may get bored, so you need to rotate toys
  • Close supervision is a must with this toy
  • Only meant for puppies who are teething, not to be given to older puppies with adult teeth, as they can chew off large pieces.

Note that this toy is bacon flavored, but it is not edible. When this toy shows signs of wear, it needs to be replaced.

3. Hound Games Doggy Playmat

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This play mat is an adorable 2 in 1 toy that is designed for teething puppies. Your puppy can take a nap on this soft and comfortable sleeping pad that is made from Eco friendly materials.

Perfect for using in a crate or for in the car. There are multiple toys on this play mat, including durable chew rings, ropes, and a squeaker, your pup will be entertained and stimulated for hours.

If your puppy doesn’t love it, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.


  • 2 in 1 play mat and teething toy, your puppy can take naps on it, and can play with the multiple toys
  • Made of ultra durable Eco friendly materials
  • Machine washable, simply remove the soft foam insert
  • Has a hidden zipper
  • Can be used in a crate, or for traveling in the car
  • 20″ x 20″ in size, perfect for puppies and small dogs
  • Multiple toys are ideal for teething pups, includes dental chew rings with massaging nubs to soothe sore teeth and gums, teething ropes, and a squeaker to keep your pup stimulated
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee


  • Not meant for aggressive chewers
  • Some owners of this mat have mentioned that it resembles a training pad, and their puppies have peed on it
  • The soft foam insert becomes dangerous when puppies chew on it and swallow it
  • Close supervision is needed with this toy

Overall, the idea of this play mat is really genius, and it is cute and adorable, but as with any toy this play mat needs to be used under close supervision. It is not ideal for aggressive chewers, but meant for teething pups who will be able to soothe their pain while chewing on the attached dental toys.

4. Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys Set by Alvi & Remi

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Rope toys are perfect for teething pups, they love to chew on the knotted rope to relieve their painful teeth and gums. Rope toys are great for playing fetch with too, and you can soak them in water and freeze them for an extra soothing relief for your pup.

Chewing on rope toys is very beneficial to your pups dental health, the rope fibers help floss and clean the teeth, and reduce plaque build up.

This set of rope toys includes 3 ropes and one rope ball, a nice variety to keep your pup from getting bored. These rope toys are completely safe for your pup to chew on, they are made from 100% natural cotton and do not contain any plastic.


  • Set includes 4 durable rope toys, 3 ropes ranging from 7″ to 9.5″ long, and 1 rope ball 2″ in diameter
  • Made of 100% cotton, safe for your puppy to chew on
  • Great for teething puppies, and small and medium-sized dogs
  • Cleans teeth, massages gums, and reduces plaque build up
  • Perfect for chewing, tossing, and fetching
  • Different sizes and textures to keep your pup interested
  • Can be soaked in water and frozen to help relieve teething pain


  • Not meant for aggressive chewers
  • Unable to pick the colors, they are sent at random, but they are bright and beautiful

It can be very enticing to engage in a game of tug-of-war with your puppy, but you should hold off until your puppy is older and has his adult teeth in. Playing tug-of-war with your puppy while he is teething can affect the growth of his teeth.

5. KONG Floppy Knots Fox

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Having a variety of textures and shapes for your puppy to chew on will help keep your pup from getting bored and chew on something that he shouldn’t.

Most puppies love to have something soft to chew on, it makes them feel like they are biting down on their prey. This toy from KONG has a soft cuddly exterior, with an internal rope skeleton, to satisfy chewing.

The floppy design of this toy has minimal stuffing, which means your pup can shake this toy and tug and chew at it. This toy squeaks too which will keep your pup interested.


  • Soft and floppy design, perfect for gentle chewers
  • Various textures, with internal knotted rope, and squeakers
  • 2 sizes available, small/medium, and medium/large
  • Large size has multiple squeakers, small size has one squeaker
  • Minimal stuffing, means less mess
  • Other animals to choose from include: Bunny, Elephant, and Hippo
  • Machine washable


  • Not meant for aggressive chewers

6. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

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Puppies love to play with bouncy balls, and this ball from Chuckit! bounces high, and is extremely durable. This bright orange and blue colored ball can easily be seen from a distance, and it even floats, so you can take your game of fetch to the water.

This ball is perfect for puppies to chew on, it is made of natural rubber, and unlike tennis balls with felt that can wear down teeth, this ball is safe to chew on, and is practically indestructible.

This ball is designed to be compatible with the Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher, which is sold separately. Using this ball with the launcher will save your arm from getting tired from all that throwing, but even without the launcher this ball can be thrown at a great distance because it is lightweight, and it bounces extremely high no matter the surface type.


  • Made from natural high-bounce rubber
  • Non-toxic
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting, perfect for chewing, and can withstand the toughest chewers
  • Lightweight, and it floats, ideal for playing in the water
  • Bright high visible color, makes it easy to spot in tall grass, or at a distance
  • Smooth rubber is easy to clean, resists mess, and dog slobber can be washed off
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Compatible with the Chuckit! Dog Ball Launcher (Sold Separately)
  • Perfect for games of fetch


  • Overtime the rubber can start to wear and rip off, and it can become dangerous if your dog swallows pieces of it.
  • There have been mentions of possible knockoffs of this ball, and the quality is not the same, be sure to purchase a genuine Chuckit! ball from a trusted store.

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is one of the most durable options on this list, and one thing to note is that with 5 sizes available you need to make sure to select the proper size for your puppy.

When your puppy gets older, and is no longer in the teething phase, you can introduce adult toys that are tougher and stronger, and if you have an aggressive chewer you can check out my list of tough chew toys.


When your puppy enters the teething phase it can be a stressful time for both you and your puppy, but your expensive household items don’t need to suffer. If you invest in some of the best teething toys for puppies that I have mentioned above, your puppy will be chewing on appropriate items that will help ease the pain.

To keep your puppy interested in chewing on appropriate toys, it is best to have a good selection and to rotate the toys frequently. Have a few different shapes and textures, and remember to freeze and stuff toys with your pup’s favorite treats to keep their interest high.

Always keep your pup’s safety in mind, and choose appropriate sized toys, and toys that are meant for puppies. Puppy toys are designed to be softer and more gentle on teeth and gums than adult toys. When getting rope toys, it is important to refrain from playing tug-of-war until your pup has grown his adult teeth.

Supervision is important with any toy, and when a toy shows any sign of damage you should always remove it.

By providing your puppy with a great selection of teething toys, your puppy will be chewing happily, and your precious household items will be intact, and you will soon realize that this phase of puppyhood is almost over and you and your puppy survived it.

How About You?

Has your puppy tried any of the above toys? Maybe you have a favorite toy that is not mentioned, or you would like to share your puppy’s teething experience. Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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24 thoughts on “Best Teething Toys For Puppies-My 6 Top Picks

  1. There is truly a thin line between love and hate when parenting a puppy. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your puppy chew almost everything in your house and there is nothing joyous about seeing your darling puppy happy while ruining your expensive belongings.

    While the puppy is teething, is there any possibility that it might get sick?

    What are possibilities of the puppy not going ballistic during his teething time when his owners are not mostly around?

    1. Hi Kehinde,

      Thank you for your comment.  To answer your question, puppies will not get sick from teething, it is just a painful phase for them to go through.  Their gums and teeth will be sore, and they will have a need to chew.  If a pet owner is gone for most of the day, usually the puppy will be put in a crate, and that is why the Kong toy is an excellent choice.  The Kong can be stuffed with peanut butter, and this will give the puppy hours of stimulation and chewing.  If putting a puppy in a crate is not an option, some owners will hire dog walkers or pet sitters to care for their puppy while they are at work.

      Hope this has helped you out.


  2. Well, Jenny, you sound like the greatest dog mom. I did not realize that chew toys for dogs was such a large market and with so many differences in dogs size and otherwise. I had a toy collie when I was growing up, but I think we got him after the teething stage. We also had a Brittany when my son was growing up. We adopted her when she was about two years old. Both wonderful family pets.

    I like your ideas of putting chew toys in the freezer, so puppy can have a soothing cool chew for irritated gums. And sticking treats inside the chew toy! What a great mom you are! I have cats currently and I agree with you whole heartedly about rotating the toys and watching out for toys that are beginning to fall apart. These little guys can get into difficulties so quickly and it is up to us to keep them out of trouble.

    I enjoyed reading about the different kinds of chew toys for puppies. And the reminder to consider the size of the puppy in the selection. Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Thank you.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      It sounds like you really lucked out with your dogs, in that you adopted them when they were past the teething stage.

      Rotating the toys is always a good idea to keep things fresh and interesting for your pets, in your case for your cats.

      I am glad you enjoyed my article, and thank you for your kind words.


  3. This was a very good explanation of why we pet owners need to consider teething toys for our young pets, and your best recommendations all seem like good solutions. Of course, these need to be sized for the breed of pet we may have, as you say, and that makes sense.

    Dogs are great pets to have, over the years they have become members of the family in our household. I always want to treat them like I treat everyone. Toys that help the young dogs get through the teething phase is a no-brainer for me. Of the options you have included, the one I like best is the Puppy Chew Teething Rope Toys Set by Alvi & Remi.

    Of all the toys, this one seems to fit for the dogs I have had in the past and the ones I have now. I like that it is similar to a self-made toy but is better (mine do not stand up so long). That is the one I will go with the next time we have a puppy in the house.

    Thanks for this useful post and I have bookmarked your website, as I am a dog lover and it is apparent you are too. I am sure that I can pick up some tips that will be useful for me and the family when it comes to taking care of our dogs! 

    1. Hi Dave,

      It is true that dogs quickly become part of the family, and should be treated as such.  

      The rope toys are a great choice for teething puppies, and the set of 4 is a nice variety to keep any puppy from getting bored. Puppies and adult dogs really seem to enjoy rope toys, and they are great for playing fetch, and the fact that rope toys help keep their teeth clean is a great bonus.

      I am glad you enjoyed my article, and appreciate your comment.


  4. This is an excellent overview of items for puppy teething toys.  I particularly liked the Floppy Knots Fox.  It sounds like something my dog would like.

    I’ve tried the Nylabone, but my dog does not like any of these.  

    I am also interested in the Doggy Playmat.  Something that keeps my dog occupied for a long time would be very welcome.

    Thanks, Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen,

      The Floppy Knots Fox from Kong is a great choice for something soft for your dog to chew on.  It is really cute and adorable, and it satisfies chewing with its internal rope structure.

      Some dogs will enjoy Nylabone products, and some dogs will not, it is a matter of finding something your dog prefers.  It might be that your dog didn’t enjoy the flavor of it.

      Thank you for your comment.


  5. It’s amazing how puppies are similar to babies. Same teething problems as well.  It can be so frustrating to come home and find that the puppy has destroyed some expensive thing that you loved or a piece of furniture. One time it was a corner of a french door. Ouch! I’m happy that so many great toys are available now so every new puppy mom can find something that her baby will like to chew on. I think the ropes are the best as they are natural cotton and a lot of fun for a puppy. I wonder, should there be a puppy tooth fairy as well?

    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes there are many similarities between babies and puppies.  They both go through a painful teething phase.  It is really great that so many options for teething toys exist.

      The rope toys are really great for puppies to chew, and they have the added benefit of keeping their teeth clean, and they are a lot of fun.

      You made me laugh with your puppy tooth fairy question, it could actually be a good idea.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. I never knew puppies  go through a teething phase too. I initially thought the teething phase experience is only limited to human beings.

    When I was staying with my uncle, his puppy always acted like that, dragging and biting almost everything in sight, especially shoes and foot mats and plastic. 

    Some of these teething toys listed here are good, and  I’ll recommend them to my uncle. 

    1. Hi Abiodun,

      Puppies go through the teething phase just like babies do, except puppies have the ability to destroy your furniture and shoes with their razor sharp teeth.

      Thanks for commenting, and I am sure your uncle will appreciate any of these toys.


  7. I will agree that teething in puppies is not a very pleasant experience, and it can even cost the owners a lot of money when their belongings are destroyed.  It is paramount to take care of puppies during teething and offer them appropriate toys to chew on.  You have a good selection of toys, that will help to solve the problem of teething puppies. Thanks for the blog.

  8. Great article right there, this is exactly what I need right now.  My puppy takes great pleasure tearing all that comes his way, with his razor sharp teeth including my clothes sometimes lol,  I think that the Kong is a non-toxic, dishwasher safe rubber toy with a hollow center.  When stuffed with food, because it provides dogs with a healthy outlet for their natural desire to chew and lick, this will be my favorite pick.

    1. Hi Seun,

      Yes, puppies chew anything and everything, and I also ended up with a few tiny holes in my clothes.

      The classic KONG puppy toy is simply the best for chewing.  It is safe and made of natural rubber, so it is non-toxic, it can be washed in the dishwasher, and it is hollow in the middle, so it can be stuffed with treats.  You can stuff it with peanut butter and then freeze it for an extra soothing treat for your puppy.

      I am glad you enjoyed my article, and thank you for your comment.


  9. Hi Jenny,

    Reading your post made me relive much pain of having puppies! The razor sharp teeth like little blades that are so painful. Our Daisy (or as we renamed her “Crazy Daisy”) went through a terrible teething phase. My god. Our furniture, telephone, speakers, you name it Daisy would try to rip it to pieces with her tiny teeth. Many times she won. It didn’t seem to matter how many times we would take her on massive walks outside and buy her new teething toys. Then enter the Kong toy filled with treats. Why didn’t we choose this one sooner?! Relief ensued … And she couldn’t rip it to pieces – it remained intact! Best dog toy ever!

    1. Hi Melissa,

      The story of your dog Daisy’s terrible teething phase is all too familiar for many dog owners, myself included.

      The nipping and biting of those tiny razor teeth really hurts, and really hurts the furniture.  My kitchen table, and chairs suffered a bit, and they have some chew marks on them.

      I am glad you introduced the Kong toy to Daisy, when it is filled with treats it suddenly becomes the best toy ever.   

      Thanks for your comment.


  10. I’m glad you provide a review of products that don’t have plastic. I’ve always thought toys made out of bones and wool made the best chew toys for dogs of all ages, but I didn’t think rubber like Kong classic toys existed until now.  I will consider getting them too.

    It’s been a long time since I adopted a dog and my family is thinking about getting a puppy.  I will be referring to this website again when the time comes. Thank you for this post!

    1. Hi Shelly,

      When looking for any toys for puppies or dogs, safety should be a top priority, and that includes safe toys to chew on, that do not contain plastic.

      Toys made out of rubber like the ones from KONG are extremely durable, they last a long time and are safe for puppies and dogs to chew.

      Thank you for commenting, and when you decide to get a puppy please come back to this website for any helpful tips.


  11. Many years ago, we had a dog that gave birth to 5 puppies. Keeping an eye on them became very difficult. And sometimes when they are excited, they play the normal dog play and tend to bite my legs with their needle-like teeth. It could be very irritating sometimes. Worst, of all, they chewed on my shoes and one time even destroyed a visitor’s shoes. Presently I don’t raise dogs anymore, but my older brother is a dog breeder.  I have shared this link with him. I am sure he may want to get one of these dog toys for his new set of puppies, especially the bouncy balls.

    1. Hi Phranell,

      Shoes seem to be the one item that all puppies will gravitate towards, it could be because of the rubber material, or because they smell like their owner, but either way it is not fun when puppies destroy expensive items.

      I am sure your brother will find this post useful, and the Chuckit! dog ball is a great choice.  

      Thanks for your comment.


  12. Oh my God, thank you so much you just gave me so many great ideas for my puppy. He has been our latest addition to the house and talk about teething, he has been chewing anything he can put his mouth to. To my despair even the basketball shoes (expensive ones) of my son. I could have cried. I wish I could have came across your site earlier, but still you are my saviour.  I intend to order everything and I really do hope I can save the rest of the shoes. Thank you so so much.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I am sorry to hear about your son’s expensive basketball shoes.  I don’t think that there is a dog owner out there that has not had something expensive ruined by their puppy.  

      I am glad you came across my post, and I hope your puppy enjoys the toys that I have mentioned above.  

      Thank you for your comment.


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