Calming Beds For Dogs [My Top 7 Picks]

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Whether it’s curling up by your feet, stretching out on the floor, or taking over your bed, dogs will sleep just about anywhere. But, that doesn’t mean they are getting a quality restful sleep! Sleeping on the hard floor is uncomfortable and can hurt your dog’s joints, and not getting quality sleep can cause all kinds of anxiety and mood behaviours.

Just think how you feel after not getting enough sleep, you’re moody, cranky, and your anxiety levels are high! The same is true for your dog. The good news is that there are calming beds for dogs to help ease stress and anxiety, and promote restful sleep.

Sounds good right? But what exactly is a calming bed? And, how do I choose the best one for my dog?

Not to worry because I will answer all of these questions in this article, as well as give you a detailed review of 7 of the best calming beds so that you will be able to pick the best one for your dog.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Calming Dog Bed?

A calming dog bed is usually shaped like a donut and features a raised rim and a faux-fur shag exterior. The middle of the bed provides soft cushioned comfort and it allows your dog to nest.

It is a soft and comfortable bed that your dog can “sink into”. The raised rim gives your dog a sense of security and makes him feel safe and relaxed, and the faux-fur exterior is soft and soothing to your dog and it is meant to mimic a mother’s fur coat.

Most calming beds are self-warming, meaning they use your dog’s own body heat to keep him warm and relaxed.

What Are The Benefits Of A Calming Dog Bed?

Dog sleeping soundly on a grey dog bed.

Here are some of the benefits that your dog will enjoy:

  • Eases Anxiety: The shape and design of calming beds work to ease your dog’s anxiety level. The raised rim provides a sense of security to your dog and makes him feel sheltered all around. A calming bed will activate your dog’s nervous system in a positive way to make your dog relax and calm down faster.
  • More Restful Sleep: Because your dog will be calmer and more relaxed, your dog will be able to get a better quality of sleep and feel well-rested.
  • Soft And Comfortable: Calming beds have a shag like faux-fur which is soft and comfortable, and the raised rim and soft cushioning in the middle provides support and relief to your dog’s head, neck and joints.
  • Warm And Soothing: The faux-fur exterior of calming beds is designed to mimic a mother’s fur coat which is soothing to your dog, and your dog’s own body heat will be retained.
  • Great For All Dogs: A calming bed is great for all dogs regardless of size and breed, and even if your dog doesn’t suffer from anxiety, your dog can still enjoy the comfort of this type of bed.
  • Stylish Design: Calming beds are very stylish and they usually come in beautiful neutral colours that will match any room in your home.

Do Calming Dog Beds Really Work?

Small black and white dog lying on the couch hiding behind 2 couch cushions.

According to statistics, 1 in 4 dogs experiences anxiety on a daily basis. Anxiety in dogs can be caused by a number of things, including lack of exercise, being separated from a family member, and the list goes on.

All of that anxiety just builds up over time if you don’t treat it, and can cause your dog to become destructive, experience loss of appetite, and it can actually shorten your dog’s lifespan.

Most of the time the easiest solution to your dog’s anxiety is providing your dog with a restful night of sleep. I believe it is important to try everything you can naturally, to calm your dog, before resorting to medication.

Getting a good night’s sleep will make your dog feel good and will help reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress levels. When we get a goodnight’s sleep we feel calmer and more relaxed and ready to take on the day.

A calming bed is a great solution to try if your dog experiences minor anxiety. For example, if your dog gets anxious when you leave the house, a comfortable and soft calming bed will do the trick to make your dog feel secure.

If your dog gets restless and anxious when you have a family gathering, a calming bed will offer your dog a nice soothing escape from the hustle and bustle.

However, if your dog experiences severe anxiety, a calming bed alone might not be the magic cure to calm your dog, but it can certainly be a great addition to other treatment options.

A great way to find out if your dog is calm and relaxed while you are away, or to monitor your dog’s sleep behaviour is with the help of a dog activity monitor like FitBark.

What To Look For In A Calming Dog Bed?

Calming dog beds all have a few things in common, they have a soft plush exterior and feature raised edges that surround your dog to make him feel safe and secure.

However, not all of these beds are created equal, and some features to look out for include:


I think a waterproof bed is an important feature especially if you have a puppy or a senior dog that is prone to accidents. It’s also protection in case something spills onto the bed. Accidents happen and you want to protect your investment!


How easy is the bed to clean? Some beds can be completely tossed into the washing machine, as well as the dryer. Keep in mind that the bigger the bed, the bigger the washing machine needed.

Removable Cover

Some beds feature an outer cover that can be removed by a zipper. This is very convenient especially if you don’t want to wash the entire bed.


Some beds will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is very helpful to protect your investment.


Calming beds are meant to surround your dog in plushy soft goodness. If your dog likes to stretch out you will need to factor that in when choosing the right size, you’ll want to get a size larger.

Calming Beds For Dogs My Top 7 Picks

1. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

[Best Calming Bed Overall]

Black dog lying on a grey Calming Shag Dog Bed.

This bed is a very popular choice, and for good reason. It is very stylish and the beautiful neutral colours will match any decor in your home, but more importantly, it is super soft and plush.

The round shape and raised rims surround your dog in comfort and will make your dog feel absolute bliss. Don’t you just want to sink into this bed yourself? I kinda want one for myself.

Quick Features:

  • Supports better sleep. The 9″ raised rim provides head and neck support, and the soft filling provides joint and muscle pain relief.
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottom to prevent any spills from getting onto your floor.
  • Made of pet-safe materials, durable nylon and faux-fur.
  • The outer shell is removable with a zipper and can be machine washed and tumble dried. (Large size)
  • Filled with Premium quality virgin airLOFT fibres.
  • The Large size features 3 inserts; 2 cushioned rims and 1 cushioned middle.
  • The Large size features a zipper on the side and a zipper on the bottom middle.
  • Large size measures 36″ by 36″ and fits dogs up to 100lbs.
  • Also available in Small.
  • **Note that the Small size does not have a removable zippered cover or any inserts. It is one full bed that can be machine washed and tumble dried. Do not air dry, the bed should be tumble dried to avoid any matting or tangling of the faux-fur.
  • Small size measures 23″ by 23″ and fits dogs up to 25lbs.


  • This bed is very soft and cozy and the deep crevices allow dogs to burrow, making them feel safe and secure.
  • It is a very beautiful bed that doesn’t look like a dog bed, it fits well in any room in your house.
  • Keeps dogs warm and cozy. It is self-warming, retains your dog’s own body heat.
  • The soft faux-fur shag makes dogs feel like they are wrapped in their mother’s fur coat.
  • Generous sized rim offers head and neck support.
  • Some owners of this bed mentioned that this bed holds up well to their dog’s scratching. Other beds have been ruined, but this one is great. Their dogs feel relaxed and calm and don’t feel the need to scratch or chew at it.
  • The entire bed is machine washable (Small size), and the Large size features a removable cover.
  • This bed is loved by both dogs and cats!


  • The small size does not have a zippered cover, which means the entire bed needs to be put in the washing machine.
  • Not an ideal bed for the warm summer months.
  • The middle of the bed doesn’t have enough cushioning support, and dogs can feel the floor.
  • This bed is not ideal for aggressive chewers or teething puppies.
  • It is not odour-resistant.

2. Mixjoy Orthopedic Dog Bed Donut Cuddler

[Best Lightweight Option For Travelling]

Border Collie laying on a blue shag donut cuddle bed.

The donut cuddler by Mixjoy is super soft and plush and is made of durable nylon and luxurious faux-fur to provide your dog with a relaxing and restful sleep.

This bed is lightweight and portable, you can take it with you when travelling.

Hand washing is recommended but the entire bed can be machine washed on a cold gentle cycle and thrown in the dryer on low heat.

The raised rims provide cushioning head and neck support to your dog, and the soft faux-fur plush is self-warming and soothing to your dog.

Quick Features:

  • Available in neutral colours.
  • Made of pet-safe materials. Filled with high-loft recycled polyester fibre filling.
  • Durable nylon non-slip bottom.
  • Self-warming faux-fur.
  • Lightweight and portable, perfect for travelling.
  • Raised rim is 6″ high, provides head and neck support.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Available in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large.
  • Large size fits dogs up to 100lbs.


  • Dogs feel calm and relaxed in this bed because of the raised rims and soft plush.
  • One owner mentioned her dog started to chew at this bed but after a few minutes started to relax and feel calm.
  • Dogs quickly gravitate to this bed, they love how soft and cuddly it is.
  • It provides your dog with a sound sleep.
  • Stylish design and beautiful neutral colours.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Although the name implies “orthopedic”, this bed is not an orthopedic bed. The middle of the bed does not offer much-cushioning support. Dogs will be able to feel the ground.
  • The raised rims are only 6″ high, not as high as the Best Friends by Sheri.
  • There is no zippered removable cover, the entire bed will need to be washed if it gets dirty.
  • Not ideal for aggressive chewers or teething puppies.
  • A few owners mentioned this bed seems to be lumpy and does not completely fluff up.

3. Bessie And Barney Luxury Shag Extra Plush Faux Fur Bagel Bed

[Best Waterproof Option]

Small white dog laying on a brown plush donut bed.

Bessie and Barney is a company that manufactures high-quality luxurious dog beds. Their beds are completely made in the USA, based out of Florida.

This bagel bed is big, soft and plush and so comfortable for your dog. Your dog will enjoy a calming restful sleep on this bed!

Quick Features:

  • 360-degree zipper to make putting this bed together easy as well as removing the cover for easy cleaning.
  • The cover is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Waterproof pillow liner.
  • Super soft and long-lasting plush fabric.
  • Filled with eco-friendly polyfill.
  • Available in 1 neutral colour, frosted willow.
  • Available in Small, to XL sizes.
  • The Large measures 42″ by 42″ by 14″.
  • Made in the USA.


  • This bed provides a generous amount of cushioning and support for the dog’s head and neck.
  • It is a high-quality well-made bed.
  • Dogs love how soft and plush the bed is and they are able to sink into it and feel safe and secure.
  • The cover can be removed and easily washed.
  • There is a waterproof pillow liner to protect the bed from any accidents and spills.
  • Many owners mention this is the best dog bed they have ever purchased, and that their dog loved this bed from day 1.
  • There is no chemical smell at all to this bed.
  • The cover is durable and will last a long time, and holds up well after washing.


  • It is pricey, but owners of this bed say it is well worth it.
  • There is no mention of a warranty.
  • The cover is the only thing that can be washed, not the entire bed.
  • There is no size guideline. You will need to determine the appropriate size according to bed measurements.
  • This bed is very plush and is too warm for the summer months.

4. Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler

[Best Blanket Snuggle Bed]

Black dog and cat laying on a Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Coddler donut bed, covered in a blanket.

This cozy cuddler bed is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs, cats love it too! It is donut-shaped just like other calming beds, but what makes this bed unique is the blanket that is attached to it for added warmth and comfort.

When dogs feel anxious or scared they usually run and hide under your furniture, this bed will offer your dog a great sense of security, as the blanket acts as a shelter for your dog to hide under.

Not only is this bed plush and warm, but the generously stuffed rim provides your dog with head and neck support. It is perfect for dogs who like to hide and burrow.

Quick Features:

  • Donut-shaped with a cushioned rim to provide head and neck support.
  • The attached blanket adds warmth and security, and it is breathable.
  • Snug crevices for dogs who like to burrow.
  • Made of pet-safe materials.
  • The exterior is made of upholstery-grade microfiber.
  • The interior is a soft and cozy faux-fur designed to mimic a mother’s fur coat.
  • The bottom is made of super strength nylon and is dirt and water-resistant.
  • Filled with premium quality airLOFT fibre filling. This bed keeps its loft up to 3x longer than most other fibre filled pet beds.
  • The entire bed is machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Available in beautiful neutral colours.
  • Standard size measures 23″ by 23″ for pets up to 25lbs.
  • Jumbo size measures 26″ by 26″ for pets up to 35lbs.
  • Money-back Guarantee.


  • Dogs love the coziness of this bed and the added blanket provides a feeling of security.
  • The bed is well-made and super soft and provides warmth.
  • It is lightweight so you can take it anywhere.
  • So easy to clean, and holds up well after numerous washings.
  • Dogs who burrow love this bed and some owners mentioned their dogs do not want to get out of bed that’s how comfortable they are.
  • The colours are nice and neutral to match any room in your house.
  • If you’re not happy with the bed there is a Money-back Guarantee.


  • The cover does not remove, you will need to wash the entire bed.
  • The blanket is attached and doesn’t remove. Some dogs lay on top of it instead of underneath it.
  • The bottom doesn’t seem to be very cushioned, your dog will be able to feel the floor.
  • Some owners wish that the attached blanket covered more of the bed, instead of only half of it.
  • A few complaints are that the seams ripped after machine washing. This bed needs to be washed in cold water, gentle cycle, and in a non-agitator machine.

5. The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed

[Best For Small-Medium Sized Dogs]

Corgi laying on a beige faux-fur plush donut bed.

The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep Donut Bed features a thick premium faux-fur that hugs your dog in softness and induces deep sleep, reduces anxiety and makes your dog feel calm and secure.

This bed features generously stuffed bolsters to provide head and neck support and a solid base pad to support your dog’s weight.

Currently, this bed is available in 2 neutral colours, brown and beige and in 2 sizes Small and Medium.

The great thing about this bed is that it features a removable cover that is machine washable and dryer safe. There are also replacement covers available to buy separately if needed, instead of having to replace the entire bed.

This bed also comes with a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Quick Features:

  • The exterior is made of 1.5 ” of premium vegan fur.
  • Generously stuffed bolsters, 6″ high (medium size).
  • Dual-layer base mattress cushion design. Top layer forms around your dog’s body and the bottom solid base pad supports your dog’s weight.
  • Self-warming soft plush.
  • Removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe. (Hidden zipper on the bottom).
  • Available in brown and beige.
  • Available in Small and Medium.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Owners of this bed say their dogs love it and fall asleep right away.
  • This bed can be easily washed and features a removable cover so you don’t need to wash the entire bed.
  • Replacement covers can be bought.
  • One owner of this bed owns a Cane Corso who likes to dig at other beds, but with this bed, the dog made no attempt to dig at it. This bed is ideal for dogs who attempt to dig in order to create a “nest”.
  • This bed comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty.


  • This bed is self-warming, so it is not ideal for warmer summer months.
  • Some owners mention this bed lacks cushioning in the middle.
  • The bolsters are not as high as other beds.

6. Suede Bagel Bed by Majestic Pet Products

[Best For Oversized Dogs]

Brown shag dog laying on a brown suede bagel dog bed.

This bagel bed is not like the others on this list because it doesn’t have all that fuzzy faux-fur. Instead, it has a soft and durable microsuede exterior that gives your dog that cozy feeling. The raised rim and soft cushiony middle allow your dog to burrow and feel safe and secure.

This bed is a great choice for all dogs, but especially oversized dogs! The largest size is 52″ and is ideal for dogs up to 110lbs. It is generously stuffed and the middle provides a good amount of support so your dog doesn’t feel the floor.

Quick Features:

  • It provides head and neck support.
  • Durable microsuede cover.
  • Heavy-duty waterproof base made of 300/600 Denier.
  • Filled with Premium High Loft Recycled Polyester Fiberfill.
  • 4 sizes available.
  • The 40″ and 52″ size beds feature a removable zippered cover for easy washing.
  • The bed is fully machine washable.
  • Available in 7 colours.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 60 Day Warranty.


  • This bed is durable enough to withstand dogs pawing.
  • It is comfy and cuddly without all of that faux-fur.
  • It is oval-sized which allows your dog to stretch out.
  • Great bed for larger dogs.
  • The bed is easy to clean, all sizes can be machine washed and the 2 larger sized beds feature a removable cover for convenience.
  • The middle cushion and bolsters are generously stuffed. Dogs do not feel the floor.
  • There is no chemical smell.


  • Dog hair easily sticks to the cover.
  • The suede material is not resistant to dog drool.
  • The lower cushion seems to lump to one side, depending on how your dog lays on it. The bed needs to be fluffed every once in a while.

7. Furhaven Snuggery Dog Bed With Cooling Gel Foam

[Best For All-Seasons]

Brown dog laying on a blue Furhaven Snuggery Dog Bed.

This is a great option for dogs who like to keep cool in the warm summer months, or for those dogs with long fur who don’t want to overheat any time of the year.

The Snuggery bed has all those soft and cuddly calming features of the other beds listed here, but it also features cooling gel foam. A great bed to keep your dog calm and relaxed all year long.

This bed has a hood that can be used as a blanket or when you insert the plastic tubing, it can be transformed into a cave. Perfect for dogs who like to hide and burrow.

Dogs who suffer from joint issues will find relief in this bed as well because it provides orthopedic support.

Quick Features:

  • Round shape cuddle bed with a blanket/hood. Insert the plastic tubing and the blanket transforms into a hood.
  • 3″ thick base is made of medical-grade support foam and topped with cooling gel foam.
  • The sleep surface and inner lining of the blanket are faux-lambswool.
  • The exterior of the bed is made of wear-resistant micro-suede.
  • Removable zippered cover is machine washable.
  • Available in 4 sizes, the largest size fits dogs up to 80lbs.
  • Available in various colours.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 90-Day Warranty.


  • This bed provides orthopedic support and regulates your dog’s body temperature. The cooling gel foam keeps your dog cool and comfortable.
  • The blanket is great for dogs who like to snuggle underneath it, and it can be transformed into a hood for dogs who like to feel safe in a cave.
  • The base offers great support and is 3″ thick so your dog will not feel the floor.
  • The colours of this bed are very stylish and will fit any room in your house.
  • The fabric is very soft and plush.
  • Owners of this bed mentioned their dog fell asleep in this bed right away and didn’t want to get out of it.
  • It has a removable cover for easy washing.


  • This bed is not waterproof.
  • A few owners were disappointed with the plastic tubing because it arrived bent and damaged. (Furhaven was able to resolve the issue by sending another tube).
  • The cushion base is firm and supportive, and not ideal for those dogs who like to dig and nest.
  • The exterior cover is thin and not ideal for dogs who chew or like to paw at it.

Final Thoughts On Calming Beds For Dogs

All of the above calming beds are a great choice, but my absolute favourite is the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Donut Cuddler. Overall, this bed looks beautiful, has the shag fur to provide warmth and calmness, and your dog will be able to sink into it and feel secure.

For oversized dogs, the Suede Bagel Bed by Majestic Pet Products is an excellent choice as it provides a good amount of cushioning in the middle, and large dogs will have plenty of room to stretch out.

What About You?

Have you tried a calming bed for your dog? Which calming bed is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments below, and if you have any questions please ask!

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I am the proud owner of a Golden Retriever named Ellie. She keeps me busy, and when she is resting, you can find me working on my blog. She is always close by though. I live in Stirling, ON Canada with my husband, and we both enjoy the never a dull moment life with our Ellie.

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6 thoughts on “Calming Beds For Dogs [My Top 7 Picks]”

  1. I keep looking at the Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler, but my little dachshund definitely needs a place to rest her head. She has heart disease and needs to keep her head raised at times. It doesn’t really look like there is a raised edge but the info said there is. So just want to confirm. Thank you.

    • Hi Robbi,
      Thanks for reaching out to me, the Best Friends by Sherri Cozy Cuddler calming bed does have a raised rim to offer head and neck support. The picture does look a bit deceiving, but the description indicates the raised rim is 9″ high.
      It is a very soft and cozy bed, perfect for your little dachshund to snuggle in. I am sorry to hear that she is suffering from heart disease, I really hope you find her the perfect bed. The majestic bagel shape bed is a great choice as well, it has a high rim for head and neck support too.

      All the best to you, if you have any other questions please ask.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    This is a very helpful article! I’ve owned two dogs in the past and wish I had considered calming beds earlier. My dogs would just walk around in circles, patting down the carpet, or the blankets on my bed, before sinking down and curling up. I was unaware of the mental benefits of calming beds, how they can ease a dog’s anxiety levels, along with good night sleep.

    My older sister owns a mixed breed Rottweiler/Beagle who uses a square-shaped memory foam bed and I’m interested in sharing this article with her. Which of these beds would you recommend for her particular breed?


    • Hi Isaiah,

      It sounds like your previous dogs were trying to get comfortable and burrow into your blankets on your bed, I am sure they would have loved a calming bed to surround them in comfort and make them feel secure.

      For your sister’s dog, I would recommend either the Suede Bagel Bed by Majestic Pet Products or the Furhaven Snuggery Dog Bed with Cooling Gel Foam.

      The Suede Bagel Bed would be a great choice because it is generously stuffed and offers a good amount of cushion in the middle so that the dog doesn’t feel the floor.  It still offers the dog a sense of security because of the raised rim all the way around, as well as good head and neck support.

      Your sister’s dog already sleeps on a memory foam bed, and that is why I recommend the Furhaven bed as another great choice because it has a 3″ thick base made of medical-grade support foam.  It is topped with cooling gel foam to keep dogs cool in the summer months.

      Deciding on the right bed for your sister’s dog can be tough as I am not sure of the dog’s sleeping style or particular needs.  There are so many different styles of beds and I hope my suggestions help.  I have also reviewed cooling beds, chew proof dog beds, and orthopedic dog beds, you may find those reviews in the menu above.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  3. My new dog definitely needs a calming bed. He thinks bedtime is playtime and runs all over the house trying to get us to chase him! He is just five months old now, but can be such a little beast at bedtime! We bought a bed for him from Walmart, but he just looks at it! Not very useful when we want him to sleep and thereby allow us—his humans—to sleep, too!

    He currently sleeps on the bed between my spouse and I, but I don’t think any of us sleep well. I’m worried about rolling over on him and hurting him and he hogs as much of the bed as he can in all his mini dachshund glory!

    He doesn’t seem to be overly anxious, he just loves to play!

    My favorite of the beds you talk about is the Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler. If I can get him and the cat to sleep in that one together it would be ideal! I think the cat would steal it, though! Since he loves to burrow, I think this one might be ideal. I will be checking it out later tonight when I get home from work!

    I’m grateful for the review. As new dog owners, we are looking for the best items for our baby.

    • Hi Karin,

      It sounds like your little Dachshund is treating bedtime like playtime lol!  As soon as dogs discover just how comfortable your bed is or your couch, look out because they will never want to lay on anything else!  I should know because I have been sharing my couch with my Golden Retriever for her entire life.  She has her own bed though, thank goodness! Lol.

      I think the Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler is a great choice for your cat and your pup, and how cute would the two of them look sleeping in that bed together.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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