Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs [10 Spooktacular Finds!]

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What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dressing your pup in a costume? If you’re looking for cute Halloween costumes for dogs you’ve come to the right place!

I know it may seem a bit early to even think about Halloween, but if you’re excited about this holiday as much as I am, it’s never too early to plan your dog’s costume!

Plus, shopping early gets you the best selection!

Don’t worry if your dog hates getting dressed up because I have included some very minimal Halloween-themed items as well.

Let’s get to the list!

10 Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Each costume listed below is cute and adorable, and will have your pooch stealing the show!

Plus, many of the costumes can be coordinated with your own costume or that of your kids. A great way to make Halloween a family affair!

1. Pretty As A Peacock Pet Costume

Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs - Golden Retriever wearing a Peacock Costume.

Starting our list off is the Pretty As A Peacock Pet Costume, and as the name implies, your pup will look pretty!

The vibrant blue polyester body features iridescent blue-green feathers which are made of foam to hold their shape. A plush detailed headpiece completes the costume.

The vibrant beautiful colours of this costume will certainly attract attention!

Your dog shouldn’t make too much of a fuss while wearing this, because it is lightweight, comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

The headpiece secures into place with Velcro.

Your dog can easily wear a harness underneath this costume if you plan on taking your dog trick or treating. There is a leash/harness hole opening on the back.

This costume is available in sizes XS to Large.

The large size would fit most Golden Retrievers, Labs, or Boxers, just to give you an idea. But, it’s always best to measure your dog to be certain.


  • Definitely, a show-stopping costume that draws attention.
  • Well-made and very colourful.
  • Lightweight and comfortable, most dogs tolerate this costume with no problem.
  • A harness/leash hole opening on the back is ideal for walking your dog.


  • The headpiece is annoying to most dogs but can be worn without.
  • Some mention that the feathers do not stay up.

2. Rubie’s Pet Costume Monarch Butterfly

Golden Retriever puppy wearing a Rubie's Pet Costume Monarch Butterfly.

Female dogs and puppies would look cute wearing the Monarch Butterfly by Rubie’s Pet Costume.

Featuring the colours of Halloween, orange, black and yellow, this dress comes complete with monarch butterfly wings attached to the back, and an orange flower headband.

This costume is very well made, with a hook and loop closure under the belly for easy dressing and removal.

Your pup simply needs to put her two front paws through the leg openings, and then you secure the dress under the belly.

Sizes range from Small to XL.


  • Super cute and well-made, this costume will last for several Halloweens.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Non-restrictive and comfortable for your dog to wear.


  • Many mention that the sizing is off. Some say the costume runs small.
  • Limited sizes are available.
  • Suitable for small dogs or puppies, the costume is too small for large dogs.

3. Bumble Bee Pet Costume

Small dog wearing a Rubie's Pet Costume Bumble Bee.

Here is another cute costume for your dog made by Rubie’s Pet Costume, The Bumble Bee!

This costume is soft and comfortable for your dog to wear.

The bee-striped shirt is made of soft polyester fabric, and features snap buttons along the belly to allow for easy on and off removal.

Mesh wings attached to the back of the striped shirt, and a yellow pom-pom antennae headband, complete the bumble bee costume.

The wide leg openings allow your dog to move around freely and comfortably, plus the lightweight material prevents your dog from overheating.

Sizes range from Small to XL.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Your dog will look cute wearing this.
  • Non-restrictive, and breathable.
  • Rubie’s Costumes has coordinating costumes for humans.


  • The hood doesn’t stay up or fit on some dogs’ heads.
  • The wings are not very big, some wish they were bigger and more noticeable.
  • The XL was tight on a 90lb Doberman, just to give you an idea of sizing.

4. TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

A Golden Retriever wearing a lion mane Halloween costume.

Who could resist dressing their dog up as a lion?

This costume is ideal for dogs who hate wearing costumes over their entire body, which is probably why this Halloween costume is so popular!

Golden Retrievers especially, would look pretty realistic wearing this lion mane wig.

Any dog will feel like the King in this shaggy mane. You might be thinking of a Lion King-themed costume for yourself to coordinate.

This lion mane is ideal for medium to large-sized dogs.  Compatible neck sizes for dogs range from 60-80cm.

It is easy to clean and made to last, and very realistic looking.  As a BONUS, you get a lion tail included to complete your dog’s costume.

Made from high-quality polyester fibre, this lion mane is easy to put on and take off and is comfortable for your dog to wear.

The inner lining has a silky feel which is smooth and soft on your dog’s skin, so as to not irritate it. The mane easily slides over your dog’s head and can be adjusted with a drawstring.


  • A minimal outfit that allows your dog to move around freely and be comfortable.
  • An ideal costume for Golden Retrievers, as it would match their colouring.
  • Realistic looking and excellent quality.
  • Comes in a resealable bag.


  • Many dogs would be annoyed with this on their head.
  • The included tailpiece is hard to figure out how to put on.

5. UPS Pal Dog Costume

Labrador Retriever wearing a UPS Pal Dog Costume.

Do you need a parcel delivered on time?  Well, you can be sure your UPS dog will get the job done!

The UPS Pal Dog Costume by California Costume Collections is perhaps the most popular Halloween costume for dogs, and with good reason, it’s super cute and funny!

It is made of 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill.  The shirt has sleeves for your dog’s front legs and it fastens around your dog’s neck with Velcro straps.

The uniform is complete with a visor that has an elastic chin strap, and a UPS parcel attached to foam arms on the front of the shirt.

The UPS box has to be cut out from the sheet included and assembled.

This costume is definitely unique and great for a laugh.

It is a minimal design that is comfortable for your dog to wear, or at least tolerate for a short period of time while you snap a cute photo.

Available in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large.  


  • Goes on easy and secures around your dog’s neck with Velcro.
  • Comfortable and easy for your dog to move around in.
  • Cute and funny costume.
  • Fits a variety of dogs, and the size large fits most Retrievers perfectly. One reviewer mentioned large fit her 80lb German Shepherd comfortably.


  • You have to assemble the UPS box yourself, and it is made of thin cardboard.
  • The hat/visor is a bit flimsy.

6. Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae

A Dalmation dog wearing a banana split Halloween costume.

Who doesn’t love a good banana split sundae?  Especially when your favourite dog is wearing it.

This costume by Rubie’s Pet Costumes is so cute and funny, that your dog will definitely steal the show.

Your dog will feel comfortable wearing this costume because it is of minimal design.  It fastens easily in the front and under your dog’s belly with Velcro.

This ice cream sundae costume features a red and white checkered body with plush chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream scoops.  

You can easily coordinate this costume with your own by searching for Rubie’s coordinating people’s costumes.

The sizes available are Small, Medium and Large.


  • It is cute and of minimal design.
  • Easy to coordinate with matching people’s costumes by Rubie’s.
  • Easy to put on and take off.


  • It is a bit heavy on top, causing the costume to slide around.

7. Rypet Dog Bat Costume

Golden Retriever wearing a Rypet Dog Bat Costume.

The Rypet Dog Bat Costume is a great choice because it is a very minimal costume. Your dog will be comfortable and able to move around freely wearing this.

The bat wings are designed to hold their shape just like in the image shown. They are made of 5mm thick felt cloth, making them soft and lightweight.

To secure the costume for your dog, there is a Velcro neck and belly strap that is adjustable to fit your dog.

This costume is super cute and adorable, and more importantly, it is very minimal which means your dog will tolerate it easily.

The Dog Bat Costume is suitable for small, medium and large dogs, even cats can pull off this costume!

To get the proper fit, you need to measure your dog’s neck and chest.

Rypet offers a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with this costume a full refund or replacement is available.


  • Lightweight but durable costume.
  • The bat wings hold their shape and will not flop.
  • Very minimal costume that dogs don’t mind wearing.
  • Fits dogs of all sizes as well as cats.


  • A few mentions of the Velcro not being strong enough or staying in place.
  • Some mentioned the costume runs small, and to order a larger size.

8. Cute Batgirl Pet Costume by Rubie’s Pet Costumes

Golden Retriever puppy wearing a cute Batgirl Halloween Costume.

Dress your dog up as a superhero. This Batgirl outfit makes an adorable Halloween dog costume. Dress yourself up as Batman and you can be a dynamic duo.

This officially licensed DC Comics Batgirl pet costume includes a bat ears headpiece, a black dress with a gold bat symbol and a belt.

The Batgirl outfit is easy to put on and take off. Your pup simply needs to step into the leg openings with her front paws and then the dress can be secured under her belly with the Velcro closure.

The headpiece is adjustable with an elastic toggle to keep it in place.

This costume is available in sizes Small to XL. It is ideal for small to medium dogs or puppies.


  • Cute and adorable costume.
  • Easy for your dog to move around in.
  • Coordinating human costumes available from Rubie’s Costumes.


  • The quality could be better, the skirt is thin.
  • The headpiece doesn’t stay on very well.
  • The costume runs small, it will not fit large dogs. The XL was too small for a 60lb Lab.

9. Rubie’s DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume

Small dog wearing a DC Comics Wonder Woman Halloween Costume.

Dress your dog up as Wonder Woman, and coordinate your costume with your dog by dressing as your favourite superhero.

Made by Rubie’s Pet Costumes, this costume features a red dress with the Wonder Woman symbol on the back, a blue skirt with white stars, and a gold belt. A Wonder Woman symbol headpiece completes the outfit.

As with all Rubie’s Pet Costumes, this is well-made and easy to put on and take off, featuring a Velcro closure on the belly. The headpiece stays in place with an elastic strap and Velcro closure.

Made of 100% polyester, this costume is lightweight, non-restrictive, and breathable, to keep your pup comfortable.

There is a great range of sizes available to accommodate even large dogs such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers.

Sizes range from Small-3X.


  • Many reviews mention the quality of this costume is great.
  • Plenty of sizes are available to accommodate both small and large dogs, even dogs with a broad chest.
  • Coordinating costumes for people are available.
  • Comfortable costume, it has a bit of stretch to it.


  • The headpiece is a bit too big. You may need to alter it to make it fit better, some users pinned it with bobby pins.
  • Velcro might be an issue for some dogs, it may be noisy, as well as get stuck in their fur.
  • Many reviews mention the sizing is off. Make sure to measure your dog properly.

10. Holy Hound Pet Costume

Holy Hound Halloween Costume for dogs.

How cute is this costume?  Just think of the photo opportunity you could have if you coordinated your costume with your dog, dressed as a Nun.

The Holy Hound Pet Costume by California Costume Collections features a printed Miter headpiece and a detachable stole.

The robe is made of polyester and completely opens up for easy on and off removal. You simply need to put your pup’s front paws through the leg openings and then secure the Velcro tab on the back.

The detachable stole secures in place with Velcro and the headpiece features an elastic band that goes under your dog’s chin to keep it in place.

Sizes range from X-Small to Large. The Large would fit a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, just to give you an idea.


  • Comfortable costume and lightweight.
  • Great quality and receives many compliments on how cute it is.
  • Easy to put on and remove.


  • Many reviews mention that the hat doesn’t stay on.
  • Some mention the costume runs big and needed some adjusting (sleeves were too long).

DIY Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Feeling creative? You could make your own Halloween costume for your dog.

This short video below shows you how to make 10 creative costumes:

Things To Consider When Choosing A Halloween Costume For Your Dog

Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs - A small brown dog wearing a bumble bee costume, while laying in the grass.


The costume you choose should be comfortable for your dog to wear.

It should allow your dog to move around freely, not restrict their breathing or hearing, and should never block their vision.

Be Aware Of Hazards  

Make sure to always choose a costume that is specifically made for a pet.  

Remove or avoid any choking hazards such as buttons, string, or any other item that can be harmful to your dog.

Never Force Your Dog To Wear A Costume  

A costume should never cause stress for a dog.  

If your dog shows any signs of stress, it is not the right costume for him.

Keep in mind that while some dogs don’t mind being dressed in outfits, others simply hate it.

Do A Trial Run  

It is a good idea to dress your dog in the costume to see how he reacts and feels about wearing it, before Halloween.

Monitor Your Dog  

If your dog is happy to wear a costume and go out trick or treating with the family, make sure to monitor your dog at every turn to make sure he is comfortable and not stressed.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash  

Halloween can be spooky for dogs.

Even if your dog has a friendly outgoing nature, the noises, costumes, strangers, and kids in the dark can be scary and cause your dog to run off.  

Be sure to keep your dog leashed while walking, and make sure your dog’s ID tag is current.

Consider An LED Collar

An LED collar for your dog is a great way for your dog to be visible to you and other people walking, and vehicles driving by.

Watch Out For Halloween Candy  

Keep a close eye on your dog to make sure he doesn’t ingest any Halloween candy or wrappers.  

Chocolate can be dangerous, and even lethal to dogs.

Candies that contain the artificial sweetener xylitol, can be poisonous to dogs.

What About Dogs That Hate To Wear Halloween Costumes?

It’s no secret that most dogs don’t like wearing clothes, let alone a Halloween costume!

No problem. If your dog does not agree with wearing a costume, then you can still include them in all the fun.

Here are some great Halloween-themed items perfect for the pooch that hates to dress up.

Halloween Dog Bandana

Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs - Golden Retriever wearing a Halloween Bandana, and 3 other Halloween bandanas shown.

Your dog can still get into the Halloween spirit by sporting these fun Halloween-themed dog bandanas.

Made by Odi Style, this is a value pack of 3 bandanas.

Each bandana is made of premium polyester, which gives them a soft silky feel. They are lightweight and breathable.

A fun Halloween-themed print and vivid colours, make these bandanas super cute!

They are well-made with a high-end finish to ensure they last a long time.

Machine washable, they are suitable for small to large size dogs, with neck sizes ranging from 9,8″ up to 21″.

Halloween Dog Collar by Blueberry Pet

Halloween Dog Collar by Blueberry Pet.

It doesn’t get any more minimal than a dog collar. Satisfy your dog’s comfort of not wearing a costume, as well as your own by still making your dog look festive.

This cute Halloween dog collar by Blueberry Pet is made of high-density polyester and golden hardware. The buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic.

A fun Halloween print of pumpkins, ghosts, candy corn and bats is featured on a vivid purple collar. The large felt pumpkin decor is attached by elastic and can be removed if you wish.

Available in Small, Medium and Large.

GoTags Halloween Dog Tag

Jack-O-Lantern dog tag.

The GoTags Halloween Dog Tag is made of premium quality Anodized Aluminum.

It features a decorative Jack-O-Lantern on the front and up to 4 lines of laser engraved personalized text on the back.

It measures approximately 1.4 x 1.2 inches and comes with a glow-in-the-dark tag silencer to eliminate noise and protect the tag finish and engraving. A split ring attachment is included.

Available in Black or Harvest Gold.

Final Thoughts

This list of cute Halloween costumes for dogs should give you plenty of ideas and inspiration on what you can dress your dog up as this Halloween!

Remember to keep your pup safe this Halloween and never force your dog to wear a costume no matter how cute they look.

Some dogs just hate being dressed up.  You could always just snap a picture of your dog in costume and then take it off.

Are you planning on dressing your dog up this Halloween?  Which costume is your favourite?  

Share your thoughts and comments below.  I would love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs [10 Spooktacular Finds!]”

  1. Halloween is such a fun time, especially for kids when they go trick or treating in the neighbourhood. So what a clever idea to include the family dog in the adventure. Dressing up your dog in a Halloween costume can provide the scope for kids to wear matching costumes to their dogs, and I can just imagine matching Batgirl or Batman outfits. It will be so cute. 

    But one needs to remember to make sure your dog is comfortable in the outfit, and some dogs might find some Halloween celebrations scary, so do keep them safe and comfortable. 

    • HI Line,

      I love seeing an entire family get into the Halloween spirit by matching their costumes together!  Parents, kids and even the family dog!  It’s great to see.

      This list of costumes makes it easy to coordinate dog costumes and human costumes together.

      Safety and the comfort of your dog should always be the top priority!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Aww, these costumes are so cute. I am excited about this Halloween that’s just around the corner. It will be the first time I disguise my dog. And I want to take a lot of pictures of him and of all his furry friends that will wear costumes that day. Thank you for giving me all these options.

    • Hi Ann,

      I’m glad this post has given you some great ideas.  I’m sure you’ll be able to get some really cute photos!  Who knows, your pup might just enjoy the attention he’s getting in his costume and will want to parade around in it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I can hardly believe that Halloween is just around the corner. What a great idea to dress up dogs in Halloween costume. Assuming the dogs will cooperate. Glad you provided options for dogs that won’t. My favourite dog costume was the Holy Hound! 

    We have three dogs who happen to be little. A Maltese Poo and two little terrier mixes. I wonder how they would take to wearing costumes. Maybe we should try it. You have shown such a wide variety available, Thanks for this post. 

    • Hi Edwin,

      Yes, Halloween will be here before we know it!  Time to get planning for that perfect costume.  The Holy Hound costume is really cute and certainly unique as I have never seen anything like it before.  I’m sure your small dogs would look great wearing it.  I would do a trial run first though to see how they react, and then, of course, snap a picture.

      I am glad you enjoyed this post and the variety of costumes for dogs.  Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  4. These dogs are so cute and adorable. My favourite one is the samurai dog. I really love her costume and how it fit her. Looking through the post, I think I am going to purchase the karate theme costume for my dog. My dog loves occasions like Halloween and I think she will really enjoy wearing this costume for Halloween.
    What a fun post to read Jenny. Really loved it. Keep up the hard work.

    • Hi Kuu, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. My favourite costume is the samurai one too. That dog is just too cute. That’s great that your dog doesn’t mind dressing up, I hope you have a great Halloween.


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