Easter Toys For Dogs [15 Amazing Finds Your Dog, Will Love!]

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[UPDATED February 2023]

Easter is almost here! Giving you another reason to spoil your dog with a new toy. I have put together a list of 15 Easter toys for dogs that are perfect for giving on their own or for putting into your dog’s very own Easter basket!

When the rest of your family wakes up to see what the Easter bunny has left them, your dog will be surprised too, with Easter-themed toys just for her/him.

Let’s get to the list of toys shall we,

Easter Toys For Dogs

I am sure your dog will love any of these 15 toys listed. I have included soft plush toys, interactive puzzle toys, chew toys, and noisemaking toys.

1. Lambchop Easter Bunny

Easter Toys For Dogs - Lambchop Easter Bunny Plush Dog Toy.

This adorable 10″plush lambchop is soft and cuddly and keeps dogs excited because it squeaks. This toy has 5 squeakers in total, one inside each foot and one in the body.

Definitely not intended for heavy chewers, but gentle chewers and dogs who love to carry things in their mouths will adore this toy.

A perfect cuddle companion to comfort your dog.

This toy is inspired by television’s most famous little lamb, Lamb Chop. Lambchop is dressed for Easter, wearing a bunny ears headband.

I actually have this toy at home, and it is my Golden Retriever Ellie’s favourite toy. She loves how soft and plush it is because she can carry it around in her mouth and she loves all the squeakers!

This toy has held up extremely well after being washed multiple times and it continues to be one of my dog’s go-to toys.

2. ZippyPaws Farm-Pals Burrow Bunny And Carrot

Easter Toys For Dogs - ZippyPaws Carrot and 3 Bunnies Plush Dog Toy.

This interactive puzzle toy will challenge your dog’s mind and will keep him entertained for hours of fun. This plush toy is durable and dogs love it.

Each rabbit has one squeaker inside to entice your dog even more. Your dog will have fun trying to pull each rabbit out of its carrot house.

You could even hide the rabbits and let your dog sniff and hunt them. The carrot can also be stuffed with treats and toys for more added fun.

The rabbits are also great for tossing and fetching.

This toy measures 9 x 5 x 5 inches. It is great for small to medium-sized dogs. I have a few of these burrow toys from ZippyPaws for my Golden Retriever and she loves them.

While this toy is well-made and durable, it is not ideal for aggressive chewers.

3. goDog Wildlife Rabbit With Chew Guard

Easter Toys For Dogs - goDog Wildlife   Squeaker Plush Rabbit.

This is such a cute rabbit and it is very durable and well-made. It has a realistic look to it which makes it very enticing to dogs. The plush is high-quality and features chew guard technology. The eyes on the rabbit are embroidered.

This toy has a super tough chew-resistant lining and reinforced seams to make it hold up to rough play. goDog toys are guaranteed to last longer than ordinary plush dog toys.

If your dog happens to ruin this toy, goDog will offer a one-time replacement.

The rabbit is available in small or large sizes, and each size features one noise-making squeaker.

Owners of this toy say that it has outlasted many of their other dog toys. Some owners have had this toy come apart from their dogs chewing, but are very pleased with goDog’s customer service and guarantee.

4. ZippyPaws Watering Can

Easter Toys For Dogs - Zippy Paws Watering Can Plush Dog Toy.

I just love all of these cute interactive toys from Zippy Paws! This plush watering can with 3 flowers have you thinking of spring!

Each of the flower heads features a noise-making squeaker inside to entice your pup. Your dog will have fun trying to dig out the flowers from the watering can.

This interactive puzzle toy will challenge your dog’s mind and provide hours of fun. Join in on the fun by hiding the flowers from your dog, and watch as he hunts and sniffs for them.

Toss the flowers or the watering can, and make it a game of fetch! For even more fun you could fill the watering can with your dog’s favourite treats, and watch him try to dig them out.

This plush toy is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. It is a quality-made toy and the material is gentle and soft so it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth.

Machine washable and dryer safe. Not recommended for heavy chewers.

5. Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy by Outward Hound

Easter Toys For Dogs - Outward Hound interactive puzzle toy.

Made by Outward Hound, this level 1 beginner dog puzzle is a great way to introduce your pup to problem-solving and puzzle toys that have one-step actions.

This puzzle toy features 9 hidden compartments that are covered by 9 white removable bones.

Place your dog’s favourite treats under each compartment, and watch your dog try to paw and nudge to reveal the reward.

You can hide larger treats under the compartments to raise the bone pieces up for easier retrieval, or hide smaller treats to make the bone pieces flush to give your dog more of a challenge.

Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your dog’s mind stimulated, and prevent boredom.

This puzzle toy measures 11 x 11″, and is made from food-safe materials. It is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, and can easily be cleaned with warm soap and water.

To get the most out of this puzzle game, there are tips and tricks included in the box.

Once your pup has mastered this puzzle toy, you’ll want to keep him engaged by moving on to the next level of toys by Outward Hound, until he masters the Level 4 expert puzzles.

6. ChuckIt! Indoor Ball

Chuckit! Indoor Ball dog toy.

The ChuckIt! Indoor Ball is perfect for rainy days or when the weather is just too hot or too cold to play outside. With this indoor ball, you can play endless games of fetch with your pup inside.

This ball is soft and plush, so there’s no need to worry about it doing any damage to your walls or furniture when you throw it inside.

Available in one size only, 4.7″ in diameter. The ChuckIt! Indoor Ball is slightly larger than a softball and is ideal for medium to large dogs.

How does it hold up? It’s designed with durable multilayered construction to make it last and hold up to light and medium chewers.

The textured chenille exterior is soft and gentle on your pup’s mouth and makes it easy to grab. The bright orange and blue colours grab your pup’s attention and make it easy to spot.

Does it bounce? Yes, it does. Featuring Bounceflex Core Technology to protect surfaces from impact while still creating an exciting bounce.

It is compatible with the ChuckIt! Launcher to give your arms a break and to keep your hands slobber-free.

7. Fluff & Tuff Walter Wabbit Plush Dog Toy

Easter Toys For Dogs - Walter Wabbit Plush Dog Toy.

This is Walter the Wabbit, a large plush toy made by Fluff & Tuff. He measures 12″ long, and features an ultra-plush outer fabric and a thick, durable Tuffweb mesh liner.

Walter is perfect for tossing and fetching, and to entice your dog, even more, there is a large squeaker inside his body. Walter the Wabbit is a great comfort toy for your dog to cuddle up with too.

This toy is tough and durable with concealed seams that are double-stitched. The inside of this toy is stuffed with a non-toxic polyfill. It is safe for your dog, and it holds up well even after numerous tug-of-war sessions.

Keep in mind that although this toy is durable, it is still a plush toy and will not hold up to aggressive chewers. Gentle chewers will enjoy this toy very much.

8. Outward Hound Tootiez

Outward Hound Tootiez pink sheep latex dog toy.

Outward Hound Tootiez is a collection of fun latex fetch toys for dogs. There is a variety of cute animals to choose from, this one happens to be a pink sheep.

When your pup bites down on this toy, it activates the loud grunting noisemaker. Your dog will absolutely love this toy for the sound it makes, and its adorable design.

The Tootiez Pink Sheep is made with natural latex rubber and it has a unique soft texture that dogs love. You can feel good knowing your pup is biting down and playing with a toy that is safe and free of harmful chemicals.

This toy measures 5.5″ long by 2.75″ high, and is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

The Tootiez fetch toy is not intended for chewing. Supervision is a must with this toy, especially if your dog likes to chew.

9. Outward Hound Tennis Maze Craze Interactive Dog Toy

Easter Toys For Dogs - Outward Hound Tennis Maze Craze Interactive Dog Toy.

Challenge your dog’s mind with this interactive dog toy from Outward Hound.

The Tennis Maze Craze combines your dog’s love of tennis balls with a noise-making squeaker.

Watch as your dog tries to figure out which 2 tunnels allow the tennis ball to come out. Your dog can tilt, pounce or paw at the puzzle to release the tennis ball.

Once your dog has removed the tennis ball, you can play a game of fetch! You can also put your dog’s favourite treats inside the tunnels for a tasty surprise.

Puzzle toys like the Tennis Maze Craze are great at reducing boredom. Plus, they stimulate your dog’s mind.

Just 15 minutes of mental stimulation tires your pup out more than a 30-minute walk!

Both the puzzle and the tennis ball are brightly coloured and durable and great for both indoor and outdoor fun.

This toy features 4 tunnels, 1 giant yellow squeaker on top, and 1 tennis ball. It can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

10. HuggleHounds Knotties

Easter Toys For Dogs - HuggleHounds Giraffe Plush Dog Toy.

HuggleHounds Knotties are available in many different fun animal designs. It is hard to pick just one.

There are 2 sizes available, small and large. This toy is great for puppies and dogs. Because of their popularity, these toys have limited availability.

HuggleHounds Knotties are designed for aggressive chewers. Made with exclusive Tuffut technology, a durable double-layered lining.

These toys are designed to last and stand up to the heavy chew sessions of puppies and aggressive chewers. There is no stuffing inside, which means no mess.

This toy appeals to a dog’s natural instincts, tugging and pulling. The limbs are knotted, which satisfies dogs chewing, and the outside is a soft plush corduroy fabric.

The 5 built-in squeakers add even more excitement! When it gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine.

If you are frustrated with your dog chewing his toys apart, you’ll want to try HuggleHounds. They are pretty much indestructible.

The hardest part will be choosing which one to get, as they are all so adorable.

11. Midlee Plush Easter Egg

Easter Toys For Dogs - Large green plush Easter egg toy by Midlee.

There’s no reason your dog can’t be included in the Easter egg hunt, thanks to this fun toy. This plush Easter egg is available in bright green or yellow and features a fun Easter egg shape and design.

This toy would make a great addition to your dog’s Easter basket. With just the right amount of stuffing, it’s perfect for games of fetch. To entice your dog, even more, it has a squeaker inside.

This plush egg measures 6″ tall. Great for tossing and fetching, but I wouldn’t recommend it for aggressive chewers.

Many reviewers mention their dog loves this toy, but a common complaint is that it only has one squeaker and it is hard to find. This can be seen as a good thing though because it will challenge your dog to try to find the squeaker.

12. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Easter Toys For Dogs - Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy.

Enjoy the sunny days of Spring with a game of fetch with your dog.  This aerodynamically designed flying squirrel is perfect for dogs who love frisbees.

Made by Chuckit!, this frisbee is durable, soars high, spins and it even floats.  Great for playing in the water.  It is highly visible, so it can easily be spotted in the water or in tall grass.  It even glows in the dark.

This tough frisbee is made from durable canvas material.  It is able to hold up to plenty of rough play.  The sides of the frisbee are curved and soft, gentle on your dog’s mouth.

Some dogs just don’t enjoy playing with tennis balls, so why not try a frisbee instead? The flying squirrel is a great alternative to the tennis ball.

This flying squirrel is a favourite among many dogs, thanks to its design and the way it spins and soars. It is extremely popular, with many reviewers saying it is their dog’s favourite toy!

This toy is available in small, medium and large. Great for all dogs.

13. Peeps for Pets 3 Pack Squeaky Vinyl Bunnies

Peeps for Pets 3 Pack Vinyl Squeaky Bunnies Dog Toy.

If you’re a fan of marshmallow peeps, you’ll love these cute Bunny Peeps for dogs. Of course, your dog can’t have the real marshmallow ones but he can enjoy these ones just for dogs.

So colourful and cute, each set consists of 3 bunnies, pink, blue and yellow. Each bunny has a squeaker inside to get your dog even more excited. Great for stuffing inside your dog’s Easter basket!

Toss these bunnies, make them squeak and watch your dog go wild with excitement!

Made of vinyl, and medium in size, great for tossing and fetching. Not recommended for heavy chewers.

14. Jolly Pets Jolly Egg Dog Toy

Easter Toys For Dogs - Purple Jolly Pets Jolly Egg.

What is Easter without an Easter egg? Well, your dog can’t hunt for plastic eggs nor can he indulge in chocolate eggs, but this egg by Jolly Pets is just for him!

The Jolly Egg is designed for herding dogs and dogs who love to chase. Because of its egg-shaped design, this toy has a constant erratic motion to keep your dog entertained and guessing where it will go next.

It is available in 2 sizes, medium and large. Medium measures 8″ and is ideal for dogs up to 40 pounds. Large measures 12″ and is ideal for dogs 40 pounds and up.

Choose from 3 colours, red, yellow and purple. This toy is super durable and long-lasting.

Proudly made and manufactured in the USA, Jolly Pets support organizations that provide toys to shelter dogs.

This toy is made of hard plastic, and it does not bounce.

Dogs love to push it around and it brings out their prey drive. Your dog will have fun trying to get a grip on this toy, but because of its fun oval shape, it constantly escapes your dog, making it very enticing.

This toy even floats, so you can take the fun to the water. Great for water-loving dogs.

15. ZippyPaws Colourful Caterpillar

Easter Toys For Dogs - ZippyPaws Colourful Caterpillar plush dog toy.

This cute plush caterpillar by ZippyPaws measures over two feet long, making it ideal for medium to large-sized dogs. It features 6 deluxe blaster squeakers to further entice your dog.

The fun colours of this caterpillar are perfect for Spring. The soft plush fabric will not hurt your pup’s teeth, and it is ideal for teething puppies and adult dogs too.

This toy is well-made and long-lasting. If your dog loves squeakers, this toy is ideal!

The squeakers are so loud, each section of the caterpillar squeaks, your dog will go crazy for it!! You on the other hand might get annoyed by the noise. LOL!

It’s perfect for tossing and fetching, and as a comfort toy for your dog. Don’t be surprised if this is the toy that your dog will carry around with him all the time, it’s also great for shaking.

Many people say this toy holds up well to even heavy chewers, but because it is a plush toy supervision is a must. I wouldn’t recommend it to aggressive chewers.

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind This Easter

Easter Toys For Dogs - Bulldog wearing a pink bow on her head, lying on grass with bright coloured balls all around.

The following are some tips to help keep your pup safe this Easter and to make the holiday more enjoyable.

Avoid Using Easter Grass

If you plan on making an Easter basket for your dog, you will want to avoid using Easter grass. It is shiny, colourful and made of plastic, and toxic to your dog.

Instead, fill your dog’s basket with a new blanket, towel, and more toys, or use paper grass instead.

Keep Chocolate Away From Your Dog

Chocolate is found in abundance around Easter time!

Everyone knows that chocolate is a big no-no when it comes to dogs! It is toxic, and you want to keep it away from your dog.

Beware Of Xylitol

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many sugar-free candies and chewing gum.

Make sure to keep any candy and gum items out of reach from your dog. Xylitol is toxic to dogs even in small amounts.

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are beautiful, and certainly a nice welcome after a long winter, but, some flowers are very dangerous to dogs.

Lilies, Daffodils, Tulips and Amaryllis are some of the popular flowers around Easter time that can be harmful to your dog.

For a complete list of plants that are toxic and non-toxic to dogs visit the ASPCA website.

Plastic Eggs

It may be fun for your kids to hunt for plastic Easter eggs, but they can be dangerous to your dog.

If your dog accidentally ingests them it can cause intestinal blockage.

Baked Goods

Easter bread and hot cross buns are popular this time of year, and usually contain raisins and other dried fruit.

You will want to keep these baked goods away from your dog because the raisins/dried fruit can cause kidney failure in dogs and cats.

Table Scraps

Giving your dog table scraps is never a good idea, no matter how much your dog gives you that sad puppy dog face!

Don’t give in to feeding any scraps of ham, turkey, roast beef, pork, or whatever you are having for Easter dinner.

Scraps are not good because they are salted, flavoured, and fatty.

Your dog could develop problems like bloating, abdominal pain, dehydration, and more serious pancreatitis.

Choose Appropriate Toys

When it comes to choosing toys for your dog you will want to make sure the toy is appropriate for the size of your dog as well as your dog’s chewing style.

Choose large enough toys for large dogs, in order to avoid the toy being a choking hazard.

Also, if your dog is an aggressive chewer you will want to avoid plush toys that your dog can easily rip apart.

Supervise Your Dog

Keep a close eye on your dog when giving him/her a new toy.

If you notice any signs of wear and tear or small pieces breaking apart, remove the toy before your dog ingests it.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this list of Easter toys for dogs as much as I have in putting it together. Easter is a wonderful time of year, and I hope the above list has inspired you to create an Easter basket full of goodies just for your dog.

For even more ideas be sure to check out my list of tough chew toys for dogs, perfect for heavy chewers!

Also, be sure to check out my list of Easter Outfits For Dogs, to have your pup looking adorable this Easter.

Will you be getting your dog a new toy this Easter? Are you planning on making your dog an Easter basket? How do you celebrate Easter with your dog?

Share your thoughts and comments below, I would love to hear from you.

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I am the proud owner of a Golden Retriever named Ellie. She keeps me busy, and when she is resting, you can find me working on my blog. She is always close by though. I live in Stirling, ON Canada with my husband, and we both enjoy the never a dull moment life with our Ellie.

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26 thoughts on “Easter Toys For Dogs [15 Amazing Finds Your Dog, Will Love!]”

  1. Hi Jenny, 

    I didn’t realize there were so many different dog toys. 

    I love all my pets, but it never fails that they chew on my purse strap. Time to buy some new toys for the dogs. Thank you for the list, as it provided some great ideas. 

    Also, thank you for the tip on artificial grass and xylitol. Two things I probably wouldn’t have thought of. 

    I can’t wait for your next article. 

    • Hi Susan,

      Sounds like your dogs could use some new chew toys, rather than chewing on your purse, LOL!  There are so many toys out there for dogs, I really had a hard time trying to narrow this list down to just 15.  

      A great tip you could try to get your pups to stop chewing on your purse strap is to spray it with Bitter Apple spray.  It’s a dog deterrent, and dogs don’t like the taste of it.  I should say some dogs because my Ellie actually likes the bitter taste.  But, it might work for you.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for a great article!  All of these toys are so cute, my two dogs would certainly love any of these toys, but especially the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel and the tennis ball maze.  I always have to buy two of the same toys so that they each have one, but they always end up fighting over the same one.  I’m certainly going to spoil them both this Easter!

    • Hi Liam,

      Dogs always want something that the other dog has, even though it’s the exact same thing!  LOL!  I’m sure your dogs will love the toys you get them for Easter!  The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel is a great choice, it really flies far and spins too!  It’s a lot of fun.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. So many amazing ideas to choose from, personally I love watching our spaniel trying to locate the treats in the puzzle toys.  When we first introduced these she was more than a little apprehensive towards it but now as soon as a puzzle toy is picked up by one of us, she knows the treat earning, puzzle-solving games are about to start!

    • Hi Danny,

      Puzzle toys are really great!  They allow your dog to work for a reward, it challenges their mind and they get a yummy treat at the end.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Great toys for dogs!  I love to bring toys home for our dogs they go crazy and carry them around for days.  I never really realized how much dogs enjoy gifts, it is amazing really!  It could be Easter, Christmas, whatever, so much joy to a pet with these things.  Thank you for warning everybody about chocolate!  Our dog got into some dark chocolate that she dug out of a laptop bag.  We thought it might kill her, she went absolutely hyper beyond belief and we took her to the emergency vet.  Luckily, it was not enough to cause permanent problems, but it was very scary for a couple of hours.  Make sure all candy is out of reach at all levels!

    • Hi Robert,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this list of toys.  Dogs really do love receiving new toys or gifts, they just get so happy and excited.  Whenever my dog Ellie gets a new toy she likes to take it outside and examine it and then she carries it around with her everywhere, it is a joy to watch how happy she gets.

      Chocolate is a very serious concern, as well as xylitol, I am glad to hear that your dog ended up being okay.  Dogs can really sniff out anything and can quickly ingest something harmful to them.  It is scary, and as dog owners, we really need to take precautions.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


  5. Hi Jenny,

    Wow, what a great list of Easter toys, thank you! 

    I love my dogs, and I would do anything for them. They give me so much love, and it’s reciprocal. They like to play around, and with my shoes too, I am sure they will love these toys. Do you think if I give them these toys, they will leave my shoes?

    I don’t remember how many pairs of shoes I bought; they eat them all! It’s unbelievable, but I love them anyway:)

    Thank you for this list of great toys! 

    • Hi Daniella,

      It sounds like your dogs really love to chew, too bad it’s your shoes!  It would be a great idea for you to provide them with some dog appropriate chew toys.  I recently did a review on the best chew toys for dogs, I think the toys that I mention in that review would be great for your dogs.  If you want to check it out here is the link:

      Tough Chew Toys For Dogs-Guaranteed!

      As far as the Easter toys for dogs, I would recommend the Bionic Ball because it is very durable, and safe for your dogs to chew.  If your dogs like plush toys, the HuggleHounds are great because they are designed for aggressive chewers. 

      I hope this helps you out.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Have a great Easter.


  6. Hello,

    I have been thinking and brainstorming of a way to celebrate a wonderful Easter for my puppies.  But it never occurred to me to get a toy for them and it’s really worth it, so thoughtful of you to suggest this. I’ve read through your review on each toy and I’m sure to get different varieties since the pricing seems to be friendly. Thanks.

    • Hi Salim,

      It’s great that you are wanting to include your puppies in the Easter celebrations.  So many people forget to include their dogs in family events and celebrations.  I am sure your puppies will enjoy any of the toys mentioned, and will be pleasantly surprised by what the Easter bunny has left them.  

      Have a great Easter.


  7. This is an impressive list of doggy toys. My sister-in-law has a cute little pomeranian who would just love the Ethical Fleece Rabbit and the Floppy Quack. I’ll point her in the direction of this site for these great gift items.

    Thanks for showing that our doggie friends enjoy joining in family festivities and deserve to have fun too!

    • Hi Dawn,

      I am sure your sister in law’s Pomeranian, will enjoy the Floppy Quack and Ethical Fleece Rabbit quite a bit.  Dogs really do enjoy being included in the family festivities, it makes them feel like they are part of the family and loved. 

      Thanks for your comment, Happy Easter.


  8. Like yourself, I became a first-time dog mom about six months ago. My dog enjoys toys quite a bit, so these are right up our alley.

    He is a spoiled little puppy. Most in my household are always purchasing him gifts here and there. Sometimes the amount of money that is spent on him is excessive.

    But then I went out and bought him a toy which was under $10, and it’s now his favorite toy!

    I think these toys he will enjoy quite a bit as well. Thanks for giving me some tips for what to buy him for Easter.

    • Hi Jag,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.  My dog is spoiled as well, we have so many toys in our household.  I find that just like you mentioned, sometimes the toy that costs the least amount of money ends up being the favourite.  Sometimes my dog favours anything of mine, like gloves or socks instead of her toys.  

      I am glad you enjoyed my list of Easter toys, and I hope your dog will enjoy them too.  They are all really cute.

      Have a great Easter.


  9. Hello Jenny,

    This is a very impressive and interesting list of Easter toys for dogs. Yes, dogs are a part of our family. When they departed from us it feels very empty. We cry and we feel sad. So, making them happy while they are with us is an exceptional idea. Including our pets in every celebration would be of great excitement. They love our company all the time. Thank you for bringing a rich toy collection for our dear ones.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Ranao,

      I am glad you enjoyed this list of Easter toys for dogs.  Dogs really want to feel loved and feel like they are a part of our family.  Including your dog in family celebrations is a great way to show them love, and make them feel included.  

      I hope you have a great Easter.


  10. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a dog mom. My puppy brings so much joy and laughter and fun to my life , I love her beyond measures. It’s something that’s impossible to explain to people who have never had a dog. You have beautiful products, and I am really thinking of getting the West Paw Floppy Quack. I am sure this will be perfect for her.

    • Hi Labulo,

      Being a Dog Mom is really rewarding.  I agree with you that people who have never owned a dog, really don’t understand what it is like, or how much joy and love a dog can give you.  I am sure your dog will enjoy the West Paw Floppy Quack.  I just love how floppy it is, and its fun color.  

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.  Have a great Easter.

  11. Oh what fun I had reading this cute, funny, informative article. Our dog is definitely one of the family, and what a great idea to include her in the family’s Easter fun. This is somewhat of a coincidence because I just recently found out that there was such a thing as puzzle toys for dogs.(Very strange too, because I’ve had dogs all my life!)

    I’m so glad you included the Bionic Ball Durable Tough chew toy because that would definitely be the one for our dog! But I also love the ZippyPaws Bunny and the Lambchop Easter Bunny. Thanks for sharing these great doggie gifts for Easter and making me smile!


    • Hi Sue,

      Puzzle toys are a wonderful way to stimulate your dog’s mind, and keep them from getting bored.  There are many puzzle toys available on the market today, it’s hard to choose just one because they are all so cute.

      The Bionic Ball is a great toy because of its durability, and the fact that it can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite treats.  I am glad you enjoyed my post.

      Have a great Easter.


  12. Wow! Seriously cool looking toys for puppies! I shared this on Facebook and tagged my mother (btw, you don’t have a default image set up for social media sharing, you might want to check on that).

    I seriously loved the carrot rope and fleece rabbit! So nifty! I don’t have a pup but my mother pampers hers, so hopefully she’ll get a kick out of it or go on a shopping spree. I loved your Easter ideas. Please keep it coming!

    • Hi Selenity Jade,

      Thanks for sharing this post, it sounds like your Mom spoils her dog too.  Hopefully she will enjoy these toy suggestions.  

      Have a great Easter.


  13. Trying to incorporate my pup Chubbie into family activities such as Christmas holidays, Thanksgiving, Easter etc, has been a bit of a chore. 

    I like many of your toy suggestions for pups, but I think Chubbie will appreciate the ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Bunnies the best. Because he likes playing with things he can interact with. 

    • Hi Peace,

      Thanks for your comment.  The ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Bunnies are really cute and your dog will have tons of fun with them.  It is a great interactive puzzle toy that will keep your dog Chubbie entertained, and mentally stimulated.

      Have a great Easter.



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