10 Easter Outfits For Dogs That Will Make Your Pup Look Adorable!

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[UPDATED February 2023]

Yay, it’s almost Spring! You know what that means, shopping for a new Easter outfit! Of course, your pup will need an adorable Easter outfit too, which is why this list of 10 Easter outfits for dogs will help get you inspired.

I have included everything from Bunny ears to Easter bonnets to pretty dresses. These outfits will make your pup look even cuter than usual on Easter Sunday.

Let’s get to the list, shall we?

10 Easter Outfits For Dogs

Some of the outfits included in this list double as cold-weather gear to keep your pup warm.

Plus, I have included some very minimal items for those dogs who just won’t tolerate wearing an outfit. I’m sure they will be able to tolerate a festive dog collar or bandana for the occasion.

1. Happy Easter Dog Dress by Fitwarm

Easter Outfits For Dogs - Happy Easter Dog Dress by Fitwarm.

This adorable Easter-themed tutu dress comes complete with a pretty orange bow. It features an extra layer of tulle with brightly coloured polka dots all-over.

It is soft and comfortable for your dog to wear. The top is made of 100% cotton, and the bottom is 100% polyester. It features an elastic waist for a secure and perfect fit.

This dress is an overhead design, to put it on you simply slide it over your dog’s head and put the front legs through the armholes. There are no velcro straps or button closures to deal with.

This dress is perfect for Easter but is comfortable enough for everyday wear if your dog wants to wear it of course!

Handwashing is recommended.

Available in 5 sizes, XS, XXS, Small, Medium and Large.

It is important to measure your dog correctly, sizes are based on chest girth and back length. The large size is recommended for a Pug or Boston Terrier, just to give you an idea.

Many reviews mention that this dress is well-made and the fabric is durable. This dress is not restrictive in any way and will allow your dog to go to the bathroom without getting this dress dirty.

There are mixed reviews about the sizing, some say it is true to size and others say it is either too big or too small. Just be sure to measure your dog properly.

2. iChoue Easter Bunny Dog Costume

Easter Outfits For Dogs - A French Bulldog wearing a pink Easter Bunny Costume by iChoue.

This cute bunny hoodie is not only an adorable costume but it can double as a dog coat to keep your pup warm and comfortable during cool temperatures.

It is made of thick and durable 100% cotton, which is soft and breathable for your dog to wear. It features floppy bunny ears on the hood and 2 long sleeves on the front legs.

The hood not only completes the bunny costume but it protects your dog’s ears from the wind and cold. A pom-pom tail is adorned on the back as well.

Made by iChoue, this Easter Bunny costume is specially designed for wide-chested breeds. It is an ideal fit for a Pug, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Corgi, or American Bully Pitbull. etc.

Featuring a snag-free zipper to prevent any fur from getting stuck, this hoodie is easy to put on and take off. It does not restrict your dog in any way from going to the bathroom.

Available in pink, and sizes Small to XXL. The XXL is suitable for an English Bulldog, just to give you an idea.

There is no stretch to this hoodie at all, so it is recommended to measure your dog properly and add 1-2″ when measuring the chest to ensure a comfortable fit.

Owners of this hoodie love how well-made it is and that it is thick and comfortable for their dog to wear. The only drawback is that there is no leash/harness hole opening.

3. Chick And Egg Puppy Dog Dress by Petitebella

Easter Outfits For Dogs - Pink and blue tutu dress by Petitebella.

This cute dress is ideal for small dogs. Breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire Terriers would look adorable in this dress.

The top is made of soft cotton and features a pink bow and a tutu that is made of polyester.

It is light and breathable and the bright fun colours are perfect for Easter.

This dress is available in 7 sizes from XSmall, to 3XL. The 3XL size is recommended for dogs 32-40 pounds. It is best to measure your dog properly and refer to the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure a proper fit.

There are no zippers or buttons to fuss with, to put it on you simply slide it over your dog’s head. The material has a bit of stretch to it.

It can easily be washed, but it is recommended to turn it inside out before washing.

Some of the reviews mention that this dress runs small, so it is recommended to order a size up.

4. 2-Pack Easter Dog Bandanas by Releaf

Easter Outfits For Dogs - 2 Easter Dog Bandanas, one is blue with a bunny print, and one is yellow with a carrot print.

If your dog is not into getting dressed up for Easter, no problem! Your dog can still look stylish and cute for the holiday by wearing an Easter-themed bandana.

Made by Releaf, this 2-pack of Easter dog bandanas will have your pup looking super festive. The hardest part will be deciding which cute design your dog will wear.

These bandanas are made of premium quality material and feature a dual-layer design. They are durable, well-made with a double-stitched hem, and will last a long time.

The blue bandana features a cute bunny rabbit print, while the yellow one features an all-over carrot print.

Available in 3 sizes, Small, Large, and XL, these bandanas are suitable for almost all breeds of dogs. The XL is suitable for neck sizes up to 21 inches.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these bandanas.

Owners love the quality of these bandanas and the fact that you get 2 for a great price!

5. Fitwarm Rainbow Dog Dress

Fitwarm Rainbow Dog Dress.

This dress is perfect for those beautiful Spring or Summer walks in the park, and of course for getting dressed up on Easter.

With a bold rainbow-striped pattern and a bright yellow satin bow on the back, this dress is certainly eye-catching.

Made of 100% cotton, it is soft and breathable to keep your dog feeling comfortable.

This dress is well-made and the material is durable. It features an elastic waist and elastic front leg openings, to ensure a comfortable fit.

Available in 4 sizes, XS to Large. The Small would be suitable for a Pomeranian, and the Medium would be suitable for a Jack Russel.

This dress has a bit of stretch to it, some reviewers mention going down a size as it tends to run a bit big.

It is important to measure your dog properly, focusing on the back length and the chest girth measurements.

6. Zoo Snoods Bunny Dog Costume

Easter Outfits For Dogs - A Bulldog wearing a knitted bunny ears Zoo Snood.

Zoo Snoods are both fun and functional! Not only will your dog look adorable on Easter, but it can be used during those cold-weather walks too!

This snood is handmade using super soft acrylic yarn and features hand-crocheted bunny ears.

Thanks to the open knitting pattern, there is a ton of stretch to this snood. Three sizes are available, Small, Medium and Large.

It is suitable for many different breeds, from teacup dogs to Golden Retrievers, to Great Danes, and everything in between.

The key to finding the right size for your dog is to measure the circumference of your dog’s head at the widest part in front of the ears.

Besides being an adorable Easter costume, this snood will protect your dog’s ears and neck from the wind and cold, and keep the moisture out.

It also acts as a calming hat. It reduces noise and has a swaddling effect that calms and comforts your dog. The next time your dog feels anxious or scared because of thunder or fireworks, try this knitted snood.

Handwashing and air drying are recommended, but this snood can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and tumble-dried on low.

What are people saying? Well, this bunny snood gets great reviews.

People love it because it is super cute and it is easy to put on their dog. It is well-made and most dogs seem to tolerate wearing this.

7. Pawaboo Dog Baseball Cap

Pawaboo Dog Baseball Cap in pink floral print.

Complete your dog’s Easter outfit with this cute floral print baseball cap by Pawaboo.

Not only will your pup look sweet, but this baseball cap features a wide brim to protect your dog’s eyes from the sun.

The outer layer is made of high-quality oxford fabric, while the inner lining is made of 100% cotton canvas. This hat is durable, breathable, and lightweight.

The Pawaboo Baseball Cap is ideal for long-eared dogs, and the toggle drawstring at the chin helps to secure the hat in place. The string is non-elastic for a more comfortable fit.

Available in sizes Small to XL, this hat is a perfect accessory for small, medium and large-sized dogs.

This hat is super popular, and is a best seller in dog hats! It is also available in solid colours.

8. Blueberry Pet Easter Bunny Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Easter Bunny Dog Collar shown in mint green.

No Easter outfit would be complete without an adorable Easter collar, and this fun printed collar by Blueberry Pet is just the one to make your dog look festive.

It features colourful Easter eggs and cute bunnies. The large bunny decor is made of felt and is attached by a rubber band that you can slide off the collar if you wish to remove it.

The collar is made of high-density polyester webbing and features a silver D-ring and buckles made of eco-friendly plastic.

Blueberry Pet collars are very well-made using quality materials, and they are extremely popular among dog owners.

This collar is available in Small, Medium and Large.

9. Yellow Duck Cotton Dog Pajamas by Fitwarm

Yellow duck cotton dog pyjamas by Fitwarm.

Pyjamas for dogs?? Yes indeed! These adorable cotton pyjamas by Fitwarm feature a cute all-over print of yellow ducks.

Made of soft and comfy 100% cotton fabric, your dog will want to wear these all the time. They are breathable and friendly to sensitive skin.

Featuring a four-legged design with elastic under the belly to ensure a secure fit and ribbed elastic leg openings for added comfort. These pyjamas do not restrict your dog in any way from going to the bathroom.

To get these on your dog, simply slide them over your dog’s head and put your dog’s legs through the leg openings.

These pyjamas are easy to clean, they can be machine washed in cold water. I would recommend letting them air dry as they could shrink in the dryer.

Available in XS-XXL. The largest size, XXL is ideal for a Corgi, Bulldog, or Dachshund, just to give you an idea. Fitwarm designer dog clothes are not suitable for large breed dogs.

It is important to measure your dog properly, and for these pyjamas, it is suggested to measure a bit loosely so your dog has room to move and breathe.

Many reviews mention that these pyjamas are well-made and they are extremely soft and comfortable for their dog to wear.

Not only are these pyjamas great for cold weather, but they can help protect your dog from licking or itching any wounds or hot spots.

10. Bunny Ears Headband and Easter Bandana Set

A Border Collie wearing pink bunny ears and an Easter bandana.

This 2 piece set features pink bunny ears and an Easter bandana with an all-over Easter egg print. This will make your dog look adorable and very festive. It’s perfect for those dogs who don’t enjoy wearing outfits because this is very minimal but still cute.

The bunny ears headband stretches from 4″ to 8″ wide in diameter, and has a white ribbon that can be tied around your dog’s head to keep it in place.

The bandana measures 31″ and is soft and lightweight, but durable. This set is ideal for medium to large-sized dogs.

Also available in purple.

Easter Outfits For Dogs Buying Tips

Easter Outfits For Dogs- 3 Boxer dogs wearing pink bow ties and pink bunny ears.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dog willing to wear anything and happily parade around, as well as sit still for the perfect photo, then lucky you!!

However, most dogs are not that easygoing and will certainly put up a fight when you try to dress them or attempt to put anything new on their bodies.

So getting them to wear an adorable Easter outfit can be a bit of a challenge!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Make sure the outfit is comfortable and will not restrict your dog in any way. Your dog will certainly not want to wear anything that is uncomfortable.


Measure your dog properly, and use the manufacturer’s size chart as a guideline.

Every manufacturer has different measurements and size charts, don’t assume your dog’s regular size for each outfit.

For help in measuring your dog, check out this guide from wikiHow.

Purpose Of The Outfit

Some of the Easter outfits listed above can be worn on a daily basis. Some of them can help to keep your dog warm, while others are just for a cute photo opportunity.

How Well Your Dog Tolerates Clothing

Some dogs don’t mind wearing clothes, while others will do anything they can to get out of an outfit.

For those dogs who don’t tolerate wearing clothes, there are minimal outfit ideas included above, such as headbands, bandanas, and hats.

I’m sure you could manage to get your dog to wear a bunny ears headband long enough so you can snap a cute photo.

Never Force Your Dog To Wear An Outfit

No matter how cute and adorable you know your dog will look wearing an Easter outfit, you certainly don’t want to force your dog to wear it.

If your dog shows any signs of being uncomfortable, it’s time to take the outfit off. (Maybe keep it on long enough to get a picture).

Get Your Dog Used To The Outfit

If your dog has never worn any type of clothing or a hat, you will want to get them used to it slowly.

Have your dog wear the item for a few minutes, so he can get used to the feel, and offer your dog treats for wearing it.

Eventually, your dog will associate the clothing with a reward and will be happy wearing the item or at least tolerate it.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed this list of Easter outfits for dogs. Any of the above items will make your dog look absolutely adorable on Easter Sunday or any other day of the year.

Dogs really do a lot in order to please us, and that includes being dressed in outfits and hats which we find cute, but they probably find completely embarrassing!

So this Easter, be sure to give your dog some extra love and treats for putting up with your crazy shenanigans. If you really want to treat your dog special, be sure to check out my list of Easter Toys For Dogs.

Will you be dressing your dog up in an Easter outfit this year? Which outfit is your favourite?

Share your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “10 Easter Outfits For Dogs That Will Make Your Pup Look Adorable!”

  1. I love this article! I just wish you would have had at least one German Shepard on here. I am going to dress my dog up this year for Easter. You have inspired me to come up with something unique. I am not sure that my dog will like it. 

    I really enjoyed your entire website. It’s very well put together and so cute!

    • Hi Miguel,

      I am sure that whatever outfit you come up with for your German Shepherd, your dog will look adorable this Easter!  Ha ha, I’m pretty sure your dog will either hate it or tolerate it!  The same goes for my dog.  But, that’s why I also made sure to include very minimal items like bandanas and collars that are still festive.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

      Take care,


  2. This really had me smiling, who would ever have thought of dressing up your dog for Easter. I can imagine that a little poodle or fluffy dog can look very cute, but I certainly cannot imagine my big sheepdog being happy getting dressed up. I have seen winter coats for short-haired dogs like Dobermans, but not actual dresses.  I’m sure it will appeal to some dog owners. 

    • Hi Line,

      Believe it or not, many dog owners love to dress their dogs up for special holidays like Easter.  Many even dress their dogs up daily!  I guess it all depends on how well your dog tolerates having clothes put on.  There are some very minimal items that I have included as well, to get your dog looking festive.  I have seen a few bigger dogs in dresses, and it is quite cute but also kind of comical.  

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Hi Jenny – WOW!  Just when I think I have heard of everything!  I thought I had when a friend of mine told me that she puts pyjamas on her dog.  But an Easter outfit?  I have to admit the Poodle with the Plaid Easter Dress by Fitwarm is cute.  But pink is not the Rottweiler’s colour!


    • Hi Nathaniel,

      Haha!  The things that we as dog owners do to our dogs!!  They are our children, so why not dress them up in cute outfits.  I have seen many dogs especially Pitbulls wearing pyjamas, it is just too cute.  But, how do the dogs really feel??  I guess they just put up with it LOL.  But, that’s why it’s important to make sure the outfit is comfortable for the dog to wear.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.  Maybe the Rottweiler would prefer purple!  LOL!

      Happy Easter to you too!


  4. Hi Jenny,

    What a brilliantly laid out article.  Although I’m not sure about dressing my dog up for Easter,  I’m sure plenty of other people will.  I really like all of these Easter outfits!   I will have to think about getting some bunny ears for my dog, they are just too funny.  I hope he will wear them.  

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this article.  Getting your dog dressed up and looking adorable for Easter is not for the dog, but for the humans Lol!!  There are many dog owners who love getting their dog into cute outfits and snapping a photo of them.  Dogs simply tolerate it, but some actually don’t mind.  The bunny ears I’m sure would look great on your dog, and they are pretty minimal so your dog might not mind.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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