12 Unique Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners [All Things Golden!]

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If you’re looking for unique gifts for Golden Retriever owners, you’ve come to the right place!

I have put together a list of some of my favourite Golden Retriever-related items that are perfect to give to any owner of this wonderful breed!

As a Golden Retriever owner myself, I know just how obsessed we can get with anything that’s related to our favourite breed.

I am always on the lookout for cute, practical and must-have items that have a Golden Retriever on them.

If this sounds like you, or you know someone who is just as obsessed with all things Golden Retriever then you’ll enjoy this list of items below.

Let’s get to it!

12 Unique Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners

I hope you enjoy this list, there’s something here for everyone!

Whether you’re shopping for a Golden Retriever owner, a lover of this breed, or yourself, I’m certain you’ll find something great.

Some of the items listed are from Etsy. Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind handmade items that are unique. Plus, you’ll be helping to support small businesses.

1. Golden Retriever Mom Coffee Mug

Gifts for Golden Retriever Owners - Golden Retriever Mom white ceramic coffee mug.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: HmMugs]

Every Golden Retriever Mom needs a coffee or tea mug that proudly displays their favourite fur child as well as themselves together.

This mug perfectly captures the bond between dog mom and golden. It is completely customizable.

Choose your hairstyle and hair colour as well as the colour of your golden. Add both of your names to the mug if you wish, or leave it blank.

The beautiful image is printed on both sides of the mug, and it will not peel, crack or fade. This mug is available in 2 sizes, 11 oz or 15 oz.

Choose between all-white ceramic or white ceramic with a black handle and rim.

This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and it is securely wrapped in bubble wrap and packing peanuts in a sturdy box to ensure it arrives safely.

It is handmade by HmMugs based out of Indiana, United States.

2. Golden Retriever Pint Glass

Gifts for Golden Retriever Owners - Golden Retriever pint glass.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: GrayFoxTradingCo.]

This Golden Retriever pint glass is perfect for the beer-loving dog dad or mom. Proudly display your favourite breed on your glass while enjoying a nice cold pint!

This 16 oz. glass is customizable. Choose your font style to proudly display your dog’s name on the front, you can also add a date if you wish.

The design is engraved into the glass, NOT laser-etched. This makes it even more stunning and better quality than most other similar glasses on the market.

The glass is sturdy and dishwasher safe. It measures 5 7/8″ tall and 3 1/2″ in top diameter and is able to hold 16 ounces.

This glass is handmade by GrayFoxTradingCo which is based out of North Carolina, United States.

3. Santa’s Golden Retriever Christmas Dog Sweatshirt

Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners - White sweatshirt with a Christmas Golden Retriever on the front.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: DaisyApparelArt]

This cute sweatshirt features a Golden Retriever wearing a Santa hat wrapped in Christmas lights on the front.

Not only is this super cute, but you’ll be warm and cozy wearing this.

It’s available in white, black, or sand, and you can choose between a classic crew neck sweatshirt as shown above or a hoodie.

It’s ideal for the Christmas season, but it’s so cute and comfortable you’ll want to wear this all the time.

Each sweatshirt is custom printed and made to order by DaisyApparelArt, based out of the U.S.

Made of super soft comfortable cotton. It is recommended to wash in cold water and inside out to prolong the life of the design.

4. Custom Golden Retriever Peekaboo Pet Portrait

Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners - Custom Golden Retriever pet portrait.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: PetPortraitGalaxy]

This custom pet portrait is super cute and makes an ideal gift for any owner who has recently suffered the loss of their dog or who simply wants a beautiful portrait of their best friend.

This stunning portrait beautifully captures your dog. You can choose from a peek-a-boo style as shown in the image above, or a full head portrait.

This item is handmade and completely one-of-a-kind. The portrait is hand-painted using watercolour paint on high-quality watercolour paper.

There are different sizes to choose from in the dropdown menu, or you can contact the seller to have a custom size made.

The frame and mat are not included. It is a high-quality portrait hand-painted on thick quality paper and signed by the artist.

Made by PetPortraitGalaxy, based out of Pennsylvania, United States.

5. Golden Retriever Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 2

Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners - Two stemless wine glasses with a Golden Retriever silhouette etched on the front and back.

This set of two Golden Retriever stemless wine glasses can be found on Amazon.

These beautiful glasses feature a Golden Retriever silhouette etched on each side, as well as the breed name Golden Retriever etched on the bottom.

A truly unique gift for any Golden Retriever owner. Each glass holds 15 ounces and features a weighted bottom to give it a quality feel.

Great for any type of wine, cocktails, juices, sodas, or any beverage of choice.

These stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe and made from premium lead-free crystal glass.

The silhouettes and breed names are sand-etched to ensure the design will never fade, even after numerous washings. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

6. Golden Retriever Car Sun Shade

Golden Retriever Car Sun Shade.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: Catmimishop]

Have you ever seen a more adorable sunshade for your car?

With this funny and cute sunshade, you may even fool a few people into thinking that you have two Goldens in your front seat.

All of the car sun shades are made to order and feature suction cups that stick to your windshield.

Each sunshade is handcrafted using high-quality double-insulated laminate material. This shade will not fade or suffer from any heat damage.

This is a great gift for any Golden Retriever owner or lover who wants to keep their car cool and protect it from UV rays and sun damage.

The dimensions are 55 x 30 inches (140 x 76 centimetres).

This item is dispatched from Catmimishop which is a small business in Canada.

7. Golden Retriever Novelty Socks

Golden Retriever novelty socks that feature the words "I Can't Get Up Right Now My Golden Needs Me" on the bottom.

These funny and cute Golden Retriever socks are relatable to most Golden Retriever owners! Many owners are faced with this exact dilemma, they can’t move or get up because their Golden is laying on their lap.

Made of premium combed cotton with a comfort heel, stay-up cuff and dual knit thickness, these socks are not only adorable but warm and comfortable.

Made by Cavertin, these socks make a great gift for both men and women. They even come in their own gift box ready to give.

These socks fit most women’s US shoe sizes 6-12, and men’s US shoe sizes 5-11.

Cavertin socks are of great quality. The heels and toes are reinforced to make them last even after numerous wear and washing.

These socks keep their shape and will not shrink, they are of decent thickness. Absolutely no vinyl is used, the design is all part of the knit, so it will never fade.

8. Golden Retriever Dogs Birthday Garland

Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners - Golden Retriever Birthday Party Garland.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: RawBoneStudio]

Celebrate your dog’s next birthday by having a party and displaying this garland. Super cute, and sure to be a hit.

You can even use this garland for yourself, after all, you are a Golden Retriever lover.

This garland features fun Golden Retriever dog faces printed on both sides.  It is made of heavy card stock and there are 5 different dog heads with hats.  Each head is approximately 8″ x 6″.

The black and white baker’s twine is 7 feet long. You can arrange the cute golden heads as you wish, and they stay in place once arranged.

Handmade by RawBoneStudio from California, United States.

9. Golden Retriever Wedding Cake Topper

Golden Retriever Wedding Cake Topper.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: Tanya8kDesignStudio]

Every Golden Retriever owner knows that their dog is not just a dog, but a part of their family. The bond that you have with a dog becomes so strong.

This cake topper is a great way to showcase to everyone that your golden is part of the family, and belongs with you as you celebrate your wedding day.

The wedding cake topper measures 4.5″ to 6″ wide, and 6.3″ high. If you need a different size, the seller can accommodate that for you.

You can choose from acrylic or wood (1/8″ food-safe acrylic or 1/8″ Baltic Birch). There are multiple colours to choose from, as well as different dog silhouettes and couple silhouettes.

If you have another colour in mind, the seller may be able to accommodate that for you as well.

This wedding cake topper is ideal for 6-8″ sized cakes. Two non-removable stakes are attached to the bottom of the design for easy cake placement.

For a limited time, until December 25th, you will receive a free natural wood Christmas ornament with your pet’s name and text engraved on the front.

Handmade by Tanya8kDesignStudio.

10. Golden Retriever Sterling Silver Necklace and Pendant

Golden Retriever Sterling Silver Necklace and Pendant.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: Silversmith925]

Keep your furry best friend close to your heart all day by wearing this sterling silver necklace.

It can be engraved with your dog’s name on the front or the back, or no engraving at all. This is a great way to remember a dog that is no longer with you.

This necklace features a sterling silver pendant with a bright satin finish and a sterling silver Italian box chain.  

You have the option to choose the pendant alone or include the chain. Chain lengths are 16″ to 22″.

A tiny heart cutout completes the silver pendant and symbolizes the love you have for your Golden Retriever.

Engraving is only on one side with a maximum of 15 characters. You have a choice of 2 fonts, Bodoni or Freehand, which can be seen in the sample pictures when you order.

If you do not want to have the heart cutout, you will need to mention this in your order.

Handmade by Silversmith925, from California, United States.

11. Golden Retriever Personalized Doormat

Golden Retriever Personalized Doormat.
[Image Courtesy of Etsy. Featured Shop: WoodByStu]

Every household needs a great welcome mat, and this one is perfect for any Golden Retriever owner.

This doormat features an adorable Golden Retriever design on the front, and you can personalize it with your last name and date. It is a coir mat with a slip-resistant rubber back.

The design is printed on the front using high-quality cured UV ink to prevent fading. No vinyl is used, so there is no worry about peeling or cracking.

It measures 30 inches long by 18 inches wide.

Both you and your visitors will enjoy this welcome mat. If you wish to add a greeting instead of your last name to this mat, that can be arranged.

The coir front easily keeps the dirt off your shoes and out of your home. Dirt can easily be shaken out, to keep this mat looking its best and lasting longer it is advised to keep it in a dry covered area.

Handmade by WoodByStu, based in Florida, United States.

12. Golden Retriever-opoly by Late for the Sky

Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners - Golden Retriever-opoly board game.

If you’re a fan of Monopoly as well as a lover of Golden Retrievers, this game is for you!

Golden Retriever-opoly is Monopoly with a Golden Retriever twist.

This game is fun for the whole family! It is ideal for ages 8 and up, and for 2 to 6 players.

You have a choice to do the traditional play, which can last a long time (if you’ve ever played Monopoly you know just how long this game can last), or choose to do the 1-hour version.

This take on the classic board game allows you to increase your rent by buying toys for your dogs and upgrading them to big bones. It all sounds pretty easy, but there’s a risk of you getting fleas, having an accident on the carpet, or getting sent to the kennel.

This board game measures 15.25″ x 10.5″ x 2″, and includes six movers that are made of metal/pewter.

Surprisingly none of the movers are of a Golden Retriever, there’s a fire hydrant, a dog bowl, a cat, and more. But, there are plenty of cute Golden Retrievers on the board itself.

Fans of Golden Retrievers will certainly love this game, as well as Monopoly collectors.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a Golden Retriever owner, you really can’t go wrong with anything that has a Golden Retriever on it.

We really are obsessed with our dogs and are proud to wear or display anything that has a Golden Retriever on it.

When it comes to personalized gifts, and finding unique one-of-a-kind items, you really can’t go wrong with Etsy. There are so many unique and handmade items to choose from, it really was hard to come up with this list of just 12 items.

Need more unique gift ideas for pets and pet lovers? Be sure to check out Etsy’s Editor’s Picks Page.

Dog-lover gifts are always welcome at any time of the year and are great for any occasion. I hope you are able to find something great for that Golden Retriever owner in your life. Happy shopping!

Do you need the perfect gift for your Golden Retriever? Check out my list of the best toys for Golden Retrievers.

Do you have a favourite gift for a Golden Retriever owner?  Please share your thoughts and comments below.  I would love to hear from you!

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16 thoughts on “12 Unique Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners [All Things Golden!]”

  1. This is so awesome and so cute.

    Thank you for sharing 12 unique gifts for golden retriever owners.

    During the pandemic, we were so close to getting our own Golden Retriever but the seller backed out last minute.

    This would have been a great resource for us but I think we can get it for our Pomeranian Shih Tzu.

    I love the Custom Golden Retriever Peekaboo Pet Portrait!

    I will take a deeper look into it!

    • Hi Lorenz,

      I am glad you enjoyed this post.  Sorry to hear about the seller backing out at the last minute for you to get your very own Golden Retriever.  That’s very unfortunate.  Perhaps in the near future, you will have a better experience.  Unfortunately, with the pandemic going on, many people have been scammed by people selling puppies.  You really need to be careful and do your homework!

      I think many of these items could also work for your Pomeranian Shih Tzu.  That’s the great part of Etsy, many of the items can be customized to a specific breed, etc.  Oftentimes, the Etsy seller can take personal requests.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I really hope everything works out for you, should you decide to pursue getting a Golden Retriever again.


  2. I’m getting a golden retriever/husky mix on November 10th. I’m so excited to take care of her, feeding her, cuddling, everything! I’ve taken care of my grandma’s puppy the first 3 weeks she was home and she loves me, she’s 6 months old and completely smart. 

    Now I’m reading blogs, listening to podcasts, watching videos, etc, asking for tips.

    Anyway, as a future golden retriever owner, that would be nice to have some golden retriever items. So, among what you listed, I do have a preference for the Custom Doormat.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Warren,

      How exciting that you are getting a Golden Retriever/Husky mix, congratulations!  I’m sure you are counting the days, November 10th is fast approaching.  You’re definitely doing the right thing by trying to gather as much information as you can.  I’m sure your new pup will keep you entertained and you’ll be best buds in no time.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and I think the custom doormat is a great choice for you.

      Thanks for stopping by, all the best to you on your new adventure.


  3. Awww!   I LOVE the tote bag!  I collect totes so that was neat!  That said, I’d have my cat on there, though.  The necklace was gorgeous too!  Plus the socks.  Those I could totally see getting my mother these items in her breed.  My aunt who has a Golden Retriever isn’t into cutesy stuff though, so I’ll have to give it some thought.  Maybe the necklace as that is definitely pretty.  

    Golden Retrievers are such an awesome breed.  My mother would have loved one if her landlord didn’t have a size restriction.  The shirt with the tricks was hilarious.  I didn’t realize Etsy would have so many neat gift ideas there.  Thanks for the ideas!

    • Hi Selenity Jade,

      I am glad you enjoyed my gift ideas.  The tote bag is great, I am sure you could find one on Etsy with a cat instead of a dog.  Etsy is really great for having unique items, everything is handmade.  

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. This is a really amazing post, the truth must be told. I don’t have a golden retriever and I have never owned one before, but I have heard a lot of stories from friends on how interesting they could be too watch. They always create amazing moments with humans and this is a really amazing thing I love about dogs. I also love all the nice dog gifts you posted… I would like to have the necklace and socks… Kudos for a great post.

    • Hi Willy,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I am completely biased and must say that you are totally missing out by not owning a Golden Retriever!  Lol.  They are the best, just ask anyone that owns one!  

      I am glad you enjoyed this post, the necklace and socks are great gifts!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  5. What a fabulous article.  Golden Retrievers are my absolute favourite dogs.  They always look so incredibly happy.  My sister has one called Honey, and I think that you have given me great Christmas present ideas.  I love the rolling pin (she is always baking cookies for her grandchildren),  and the Don’t stop Retrievin’ sweatshirt.  All of the ideas are completely unique.  I absolutely love it!

    • Hi, Love Yourself,

      I love the name Honey for a Golden Retriever, so cute.  I am sure your sister will love the rolling pin, it is really unique.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. Hi,

    Great article about gifts for Golden Retriever owners. My next-door neighbour has one Golden Retriever. She really loves her. My neighbour’s birthday is next month, so I was thinking about what to give her. But after reading your gift idea, I think it will be the best decision if I give her any one of those gifts from your recommended gift list. I know she will be very happy when she will see this. Thanks a lot for your wonderful article.

    • Hi Nazmun,

      I am sure your neighbour will appreciate any of the gifts listed here.  These items are definitely unique, and you will come across as a very thoughtful person.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Wow! The sneakers are what I found to be really out of this world. I never knew sneakers could be used as a gift for golden retriever owners. I am really looking forward to buying some of these to gift to my daughter. She owns a golden retriever and this would be the ideal gift for her. Thanks for your suggestions.

    • Hi Shelley,

      The sneakers are really cool, aren’t they?  I have never seen anything like them before.  They are simply great for Golden Retriever owners because of all the walking we do, and not to mention we love anything that displays our favourite breed!

      I hope your daughter will enjoy them.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  8. Wow! Thank you for writing such a specialized article for gifts for people with golden retrievers. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I really like the golden retriever shoes. I think the shirt is a really cool play on words and I like how the person’s hair actually matches the golden colouring on the shirt to some extent. 

    The stubborn tricks are really funny too! Especially when it says stay and then that’s the only one with an empty box LOL. I also like the necklace and socks. Those would be my first picks. 

    I will make sure everyone I know who knows someone with a golden retriever can get to your page for gifts this year! Some of these gifts are even good for people who might not have a golden retriever because they are just nice things.

    • Hi C,

      Thanks for checking out this list of gifts!  I enjoyed picking them out but had a hard time just picking 12 unique items, as there are so many great gifts found on Etsy.

      Alot of these items can be customized to fit any dog breed, not just Golden Retrievers.  The customized socks can be a photo of anything you want, it doesn’t have to be your dog, it can be your cat or yourself.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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