Surgical Suit For Dogs [6 Best Reviewed]

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Did you know that a surgical suit for dogs is an amazing alternative to the dreaded cone of shame?

It’s true! Surgical suits are designed to prevent your dog from licking and scratching at his wounds, as well as heal and recover from surgery in comfort!

We all know how dreadful it is to have our dog undergo surgery, whether it’s for a spay or neuter, or any other major surgery, it is worrisome.

But, the discomfort your dog is in after surgery is hard to witness. Plus, preventing your dog from licking and scratching at his post-op wounds can be a real challenge!

This is where a surgical suit can be a real lifesaver!

If you’re just hearing about a surgical suit for dogs, read on to discover its many benefits and uses.

Plus, find out which surgical suit is the best choice for your dog, as we review 6 of the best.

What Is A Surgical Suit For Dogs?

A surgical suit for dogs is a more comfortable and less embarrassing alternative to the cone. It is designed to keep your dog comfortable after surgery and to allow your dog’s wounds to heal faster because they are protected from your dog’s licking and biting. A surgical suit is often referred to as a dog onesie or a recovery suit.

Surgery is miserable enough for any dog to go through, and having to wear the “cone of shame” after, just makes dogs feel so much worse.

Surgical Suit For Dogs - A black Pug wearing a dog cone while sitting and looking up at you.

Walking around with a lampshade on their head makes your dog feel disoriented and restricts your dog’s movements. Plus, it makes eating and sleeping nearly impossible.

With a surgical suit, your dog will be able to go about his daily activities without being restricted by a plastic cone.

A surgical suit acts like a second skin, it is designed to fit the shape and anatomy of your dog. Surgical suits fit snug, but they are comfortable and breathable.

Here is a short video demonstrating how to put a surgical suit on your dog. This video shows the Surgi Snuggly, which is reviewed below.

When Should My Dog Wear A Surgical Suit?

The most obvious reason for your dog to wear a surgical suit is for after-surgery recovery and care, but the surgical suit can be used for much more.

After Surgery, Including Spay & Neuter

Both male and female dogs can wear a surgical suit after having undergone a spay or neuter surgery.

The suit is designed to fit the shape and anatomy of your male or female dog. It protects the affected area from any licking or scratching.

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To Protect Wounds & Bandages

After surgery, dogs try to lick their wounds and bite off their bandages, making their recovery time take even longer.

With a surgical suit bandages will stay put and wounds will be protected, allowing them to heal faster.

When Suffering From Hotspots or Skin Conditions

A surgical suit covers and protects hotspots and other skin conditions on your dog’s torso.

Your dog won’t be able to constantly lick or scratch the affected area, allowing the hotspots to heal faster.

To Give Your Nursing Dog A Break

A surgical suit covers your dog’s entire torso, and when worn by your nursing female, it can help to reduce weaning.

To regulate set feeding times for puppies, the suit can simply be unsnapped.

If Your Dog Suffers From Incontinence

A surgical suit is a great idea for dogs suffering from incontinence, as it helps to prevent any urine stains in your home.

Instead of dog diapers that your dog can possibly wriggle out of, try a surgical suit.

Most surgical suits are designed to hold diapers in place, to prevent them from bunching and shifting.

Can Be Used For Dogs In Heat

If you have an un-spayed female, things get a little messy during their heat cycle.

Most owners resort to using dog diapers, but they tend to bunch and are uncomfortable for your dog.

A surgical suit can be worn instead. Simply place a sanitary pad on the inside to prevent any blood stains from getting on your floors.

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Can Help Minimize Shedding

Certain dog breeds tend to shed more than others, and heavily throughout the seasons.

To help minimize the amount of hair falling in your home, a surgical suit can be worn.

Since the suit covers your dog’s entire torso, the hair will catch in the suit instead of all over your home. Regular grooming is still recommended.

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What Is The Best Surgical Suit For Dogs?

1. Suitical Recovery Suit Pink Camo

[Best Stretch & Style]

Yellow Labrador wearing a pink camo Suitical Surgical Suit for dogs.

Suitical is the most popular choice of surgical suits among dog owners and with good reason!

Their suits are stylish, comfortable, and well-made. Suitical is the leading manufacturer of covering and protective apparel for pets.

This company constantly strives to improve the quality and comfort of its protective apparel, by collaborating with vets worldwide!

All Suitical products are hand-made and 100% animal-friendly, free of toxins and lead.

The pink camo surgical suit is not only stylish, but it is comfortable for your dog to wear and to move around freely.

It is made from cotton and lycra, making it lightweight and breathable.

Your dog’s torso is completely covered in this suit, making it ideal for after spay or neuter surgery, as the affected area will be protected.

Your dog can wear it while out walking, and for bathroom breaks. Simply roll up the suit at the bottom, and secure it with the snap buttons for potty breaks.

The light blue interior makes it easy to check for any fluid loss. A sanitary napkin can be placed on the inside, or between the double layer for dogs in heat or suffering from incontinence.

An ice pack can be placed on the inside as well if a cold compress is needed.

Pink camo is ideal for females, but the Suitical Recovery Suit also comes in blue camo.

Quick Features:

  • Lightweight & breathable fabric, cotton and lycra.
  • 100% free of toxins & lead.
  • Snap button closure on the back.
  • Snug fit but allows free movement.
  • Blue fabric interior with pocket for holding sanitary napkin or ice pack, & for checking fluid loss.
  • Soft stretch bands around leg openings & tail to ensure a snug fit.
  • Elastic neck protective collar with loops on the inside to hold your dog’s collar.
  • Handmade.
  • Machine washable & hygienic.


  • Easy to put on & take off, it goes on like a pullover and snaps at the bottom.
  • Breathable fabric allows air to circulate & keeps wounds protected and dry.
  • Easily rolls up and snaps into place for potty breaks, or for checking wounds.
  • Your dog can eat, sleep and move around comfortably while wearing this.
  • Available in pink & blue camo for both male & female dogs.
  • Available in various sizes.


  • Numerous owners of this mention that the sizing is off, for some it runs too big.
  • The material is not very thick, causing some dogs to easily rip a hole in it.
  • A bit pricey.

2. Black Suitical Recovery Suit

[Best Coverage & Design]

Yellow Labrador wearing a Black Suitical Recovery Suit.

The Suitical Recovery Suit in black offers a sleek and stylish design that is more comfortable for your dog to wear after surgery than the cone.

This surgical suit is the same as the pink camo above but is more suited for male dogs, or female dogs depending on your colour preference.

This suit offers full protection after spay or neuter surgery, and the high neck design offers protection to any neck wounds.

Both male and female dogs can wear this suit and go to the bathroom. All you need to do is unsnap the buttons at the back, roll it up and snap it into the hold-up system.

The fabric of this suit features a four-way stretch and is made of cotton and lycra.

It is soft, comfortable and breathable.

There is a blue inner lining to offer more protection as well as allow you to check for fluid loss. A sanitary pad or ice pack can be placed between the double-layer if needed.

Quick Features:

  • Professional alternative to the cone or full body bandage.
  • Recommended by veterinarians.
  • Made of cotton & lycra, with four-way stretch.
  • Ideal for both male & female dogs.
  • Snug comfortable fit.
  • Snap buttons on the back.
  • High neck design.
  • Full protection after spay or neuter surgery.
  • Unsnap & roll-up design for bathroom breaks.
  • Double-lined protection.


  • Unisex colour, available in many sizes to suit all dogs.
  • Breathable design allows wounds to heal properly.
  • Washes well & doesn’t shrink.
  • Has a 4-way stretch, and it can stretch lengthwise and widthwise to ensure a snug fit.
  • Easy to roll up for potty breaks.
  • Your dog will not be able to wiggle out of this suit.


  • The high neck can be bothersome for some dogs.
  • Material is thin and can get wet if your dog licks at his wounds.
  • Many mention that the sizing chart is off.

3. Surgi Snuggly E-Collar Alternative

[Best Size Range To Fit All Dogs]

Australian Shepherd wearing a Surgi Snuggly Dog Recovery Suit.

The Surgi Snuggly was invented by a veterinarian, and designed for maximum comfort for your dog after any type of surgery including spay and neutering, as well as preventing any fluid leakage from heat cycles or incontinence.

This suit is available in numerous sizes and will fit any breed of dog or puppy ranging in weight from 1 pound to 140 pounds.

You will certainly find a size suitable for your dog.

The material is soft, breathable and stretchy.

Your dog will feel comfortable and the suit will not pinch or restrict your dog’s movement in any way.

It features flat velcro seams that secure into place on the top of the suit (your dog’s back).

When your dog needs to go potty, simply undo the velcro and roll up the straps and secure them in the back pocket.

This suit is so easy to put on and take off.

It goes on like a pullover, and there are NO zippers, buttons or snaps to fuss with, only secure Velcro tabs that make it super simple.

This suit is ideal for keeping diapers in place, and for wound protection.

Quick Features:

  • Made in the USA with high-quality materials & workmanship.
  • 100% safe for your dog.
  • Breathable stretchy fabric infused with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial.
  • Machine washable.
  • Numerous sizes fit all dogs, male & female.
  • Various colours are available.
  • Protects wounds & holds diapers in place.
  • Comfortable & rolls up for potty breaks.
  • Easy to use, no buttons, snaps or zippers, only velcro tabs.


  • An excellent choice for senior dogs with incontinence, or dogs in heat, as it holds diapers in place really well.
  • Huge variety of sizes to accommodate all dogs.
  • Soft and snug, and allows dogs to feel comfortable and less stressed after surgery.
  • Washes well, and it is antimicrobial.
  • So easy to put on, with no buttons or zippers to deal with.


  • Fabric is thin and stretchy, and some owners mention their dog was able to access their wound because the suit stretched out.
  • The suit doesn’t have any extra lining or padding and easily gets wet if your dog licks or there is any leakage from the wound.

4. Heywean Dog Surgical Recovery Suit

[Best Full Body Coverage]

Yellow Labrador wearing a grey Heywean Surgical Suit for dogs.

The Heywean Dog Surgical Recovery Suit is a full-body suit that offers complete protection from wound licking after surgery as well as protection from skin conditions.

Another benefit of this full-body suit is that it relieves anxiety and stress, and can be used to calm your dog during thunderstorms or fireworks.

This surgical suit features long sleeves and a high neck, offering complete protection from any wounds on your dog’s neck or legs, and prevents any scratching or licking if your dog suffers from skin conditions.

Made of nylon matt high-stretch fabric, it is soft, breathable and comfortable for your dog to wear.

It features a zipper that goes along your dog’s back, making this suit easy to put on and take off and another zipper along the abdomen for potty breaks.

Quick Features:

  • Full multi-use bodysuit; ideal for after-surgery protection, shed control, and anti-anxiety.
  • Soft breathable stretchy fabric.
  • Zipper on the back and abdomen.
  • Drawstring toggle at neck and waist to ensure a proper fit.
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Offers full protection, preventing licking & scratching at wounds, and allowing them to heal faster.
  • Machine washable.


  • Ideal for dogs suffering from skin conditions, as it offers full-body protection.
  • Soft and comfortable material, allows your dog to move around freely.
  • Easy to put on & take off, it simply unzips.
  • High neck design offers protection for any wounds along your dog’s neck.
  • A more comfortable alternative to the cone.


  • Material is really stretchy, some mention the suit stretches out too much making it too big and loose.
  • The thin material is not very durable.
  • Better suited for female dogs than males. The pee opening does not line up properly for male dogs.
  • The drawstring along the neck and waist could be a hazard if your dog is left unsupervised.
  • Not ideal for spay or neuter surgery, as it does not cover the affected area.

5. DogLemi Surgical Suit For Dogs

[Comfortable & Affordable]

Golden Retriever and Small dog shown wearing a DogLemi Surgical Suit For Dogs.

The DogLemi surgical suit is a great choice for both male and female dogs to recover after surgery.

After spay or neuter surgery your dog’s affected area will be protected from any scratching, licking or biting.

This suit will not affect your dog’s daily activities, your dog will feel comfortable.

When your dog needs to go to the bathroom, you simply undo the velcro straps and roll up the suit.

This suit is very versatile. It can be used for female dogs in heat to prevent pregnancy and to keep messes off the floor.

A diaper can be worn underneath as well for those dogs suffering from incontinence.

It is made of a cotton lycra fabric, making this suit soft, breathable and stretchy enough to fit snug but comfortable.

This blue suit features red elastic piping on the edges and an elastic collar hem. An extra layer of pure cotton is featured on the abdomen for added protection.

Quick Features:

  • Versatile surgical suit for male & female dogs.
  • Protects affected area after spay & neuter surgery.
  • Made of soft cotton & lycra.
  • Velcro straps for closure.
  • Can be rolled up for bathroom breaks.
  • Holds diapers in place.
  • Available in 6 sizes.
  • Machine washable.
  • Easy to put on & take off.


  • It is double-lined at the abdomen to offer more protection.
  • It completely covers the affected area after spay or neuter surgery.
  • Affordable price.
  • The velcro straps are very strong and secure.
  • Better than a cone, more comfortable & doesn’t hinder your dog’s daily activity.
  • The material is thick and durable.


  • Only available in blue, many wish it would also come in a girly colour.
  • If your dog licks his wounds, the suit will get wet easily. You could put a sanitary napkin inside for added protection.
  • Sizing is small and may not work for large breeds. The large was too snug for a 50lb Golden Retriever puppy.

6. After Surgery Wear by Vet Med Wear

[Easiest To Put On]

Black Schnauzer wearing a teal surgical suit by Vet Med Wear.

The After Surgery Wear surgical suit is a little different from the ones we’ve seen on this list.

This suit goes on super easy and covers any wounds along your dog’s abdomen, including incisions after spay or neuter surgery.

Both male and female dogs can comfortably wear this suit.

Females can wear this suit while going to the bathroom as the suit features an opening in the back.

Males will need the suit to be partially removed from the back legs and rolled up in order to go to the bathroom.

The cotton adjustable ties on the back allow for easy removal as well as ensuring a proper fit.

This suit is ideal for dogs who only need abdominal protection and who don’t like full-body coverage.

It is made of 100% pure cotton, which allows wounds to breathe and heal faster.

Included is an adhesive hygienic pad that can be placed on the inside of the suit to absorb any discharge from wounds.

Quick Features:

  • Offers full abdominal protection.
  • Ideal for both male & female dogs after spay or neuter surgery.
  • Adjustable tie strings ensure a proper custom fit.
  • Made of 100% pure cotton, breathable & hypoallergenic.
  • Adhesive hygienic pad included.
  • Stretchable cuffs for a secure & comfortable fit.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in many sizes & ideal for large breeds.
  • Available in a variety of colours.


  • One of the easiest suits to put on.
  • The tie strings allow for a custom fit for your dog.
  • Great for large breeds as well as small breeds.
  • Female dogs can go to the bathroom without having to remove their suit.
  • Cute design, looks like a hospital gown.
  • Breathable & light fabric is soft and comfortable.


  • The suit needs to be partially removed for male dogs when needing to use the bathroom.
  • There is no stretch to this suit.
  • The strings can be a bit annoying to tie up, & they can loosen easily.
  • The strings can be irritating to your dog’s back if tied too tightly.

Final Thoughts

A surgical suit for dogs can be used not only for recovery after surgery but for dogs in heat, incontinence and when suffering from skin conditions.

With so many great suits to choose from, you no longer need to settle for that uncomfortable and awkward cone of shame.

I wish I knew about surgical suits when my Ellie was spayed, it would have saved a lot of misery for her and myself included.

Have you tried a surgical suit for your dog? Which surgical suit do you think is the best for your dog?

Share your thoughts and comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Surgical Suit For Dogs [6 Best Reviewed]”

  1. This is the first time that I have heard of a surgical suit for dogs. I often see them walking around with cones over their heads though. In fact, my bird also had to wear one to stop her picking at her foot injury but I don’t think you get these types of things for birds.  What an innovative idea and not only to stop dogs licking their wounds but also to keep nappies on. How easy are the skin-tight ones to get on and off the dog?

    • Hi Michel,

      Wow, your poor bird having to wear a cone of shame.  It’s sad to see animals having to wear the dreaded cone.  I know when my Ellie was spayed, the cone made her depressed and disoriented.  As soon as we removed it she was so happy!

      Surgical suits are much more comfortable.  To answer your question, they are really easy to put on and take off. Some are with Velcro closures, and some are with snap buttons.  They do fit snug, but they have some stretch to them to make them comfortable for dogs to wear.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I have never thought of the surgical suit for my Shiro before. I always use the donut, aka the cone of shame, that I have so that he will stop licking his wound but I have to say that the suit is genius. I have to say that I love seeing him in the donut though, the face is priceless. Anyway, Heywean Dog Surgical Recovery Suit seems to be a perfect fit for my dog but my only concern is the material. But this is still great for overall coverage, I guess I can use it together with the donut. Thanks for your amazing review! 

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      The Heywean Surgical Suit is a great choice if you are needing full-body coverage and protection.  It is ideal for any wounds on your dog’s neck or legs, as it provides coverage in those areas too.  It is not a great choice for a spay or neuter surgery, just keep that in mind.  If you are doubling up and using this together with the donut, then it is great.  

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. I have had a good experience with this black Suitical recovery suit. The fit was perfect. Easy to unsnap for potty breaks and has an additional snap tab on the underbelly to secure excess fabric when unsnapped for potty breaks. Would highly recommend this one for surgery recovery and even for heat cycles. The high neck didn’t affect my dog.

    • Hi Abel,

      Thanks for sharing your great experience with the Suitical Recovery Suit.  It is a favourite among many dog owners.  Glad to hear that the high neck didn’t bother your dog.  It has a great unisex design.



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