Best Dog Boots Review [Ultra Paws Rugged]

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[Updated August 2019]

Are you tired of struggling with your dog to get dog boots on?  You probably spent an hour trying to get the boots on your dog only to find that they have fallen off within minutes.

This struggle is all too familiar with many dog owners.  I struggled as well until I found the solution.  Dog boots that are easy to put on and won’t fall off.

Stick around for the best dog boots review.  In this article, I review Ultra Paws Rugged dog boots.

Why Does Your Dog Need Boots? The Benefits:

It’s time to stop thinking of dog boots as just a fashion accessory!  Dog boots are very beneficial to your dog and keep your dog’s paws healthy and protected.

Winter Protection

Harsh Chemicals

Dog paws may be tough, but they are sensitive too.  When your dog’s paws are exposed to harsh chemicals such as salt and ice melts, your dog will lift his paws in pain.

The harsh winter chemicals found on streets, sidewalks, and driveways, cause chemical burns on your dog’s paws.  Not to mention your dog will try to lick his paws and ingest those harmful chemicals.

Sharp Ice

Walking on ice is painful to your dog and can cause cuts and scrapes on your dog’s paws.  Dog boots will offer a barrier of protection allowing your dog to walk and run around pain-free.


Brown dog lying in the snow.

If you have a long-haired dog, especially a sporting breed like the Golden Retriever that also has webbed paws, you will find that when your dog walks in deep snow he will get snowballs and ice balls forming between his paw pads.

The snow sticks to the hair and melts from the body heat and forms ice balls that grow larger, stretching your dog’s toes apart. This is painful for your dog and causes your dog to constantly stop and chew or lick at his paws trying to get the ice balls off.

Dog Boots protect your dog from the snow and ice balls and will allow your dog to walk comfortably.

Summer Protection

Hot Surfaces

Walking your dog in the hot summer months on a scorching hot sidewalk is not ideal. Your dog’s sensitive paws will get burned!

If you live in the city, trying to find a cooler place to walk is sometimes not easy.  This is where dog boots come in handy, they will protect your dog’s sensitive paws from the burning hot asphalt.

Rugged Terrain

Dogs that run or walk through rugged terrain will often get cracked paw pads, cuts, and or scrapes. When your dog wears dog boots, he will be able to run all through the rugged terrain pain-free.

Dog lying on floor, close-up image of dog paw.

How To Measure Your Dog For Boots

  1. Start by measuring your dog’s front paw, this will ensure a comfortable fitting boot.
  2. Have your dog stand on a blank piece of paper.
  3. Take a pencil and mark the width of the paw, (the left and right side).
  4. Measure the distance between the 2 marks.
  5. Compare the width of the paw to the boot sizing, the paw width should be smaller than the boot size.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots come in 4 Sizes:

Small – 2 1/4″ (5.7cm)

Medium – 2 3/4″ (7cm)

Large – 3 1/4″ (8.3cm)

XLarge – 4″ (10.2cm)

The Features Of Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

  • Designed for active hard charging dogs, who tend to run/walk on rugged terrain.
  • The sole is extra thick and made from recycled tires. It is flexible, skid-resistant, and durable.
  • This boot is suitable for tough conditions and is an ideal boot for hunting dogs, urban settings on asphalt or concrete, and for winter protection from the snow and harsh chemicals.
  • Easy to put on and hard to slip off.
  • Available in 4 sizes based on the width of paw.
  • Available in 3 colours Black, Red, and Orange.
  • The boots have side seams that open wide, making it easy to put them on.
  • 2 Velcro straps on each boot with slides to fasten them, and foam cushioning at the closure to protect the dog’s foot when tightened. The foam helps to create a secure grip, ensuring the boots stay on.
  • Made from tough, water-resistant 1000 denier nylon material, with the top of the toe wrapped.
  • All season dog boots, made for wet and dry conditions, and rugged terrain.
  • Machine washable on delicate cycle, or wash by hand in cold water.
  • To extend the life of the boots, it is recommended to apply Shoe Goo to patch any holes in the sole that may appear with wear. You can pre-apply Shoe Goo, as some hunters do when they are in extreme conditions.

Check out this short video to see how easy these boots are to put on, and to see them in action.

Best Dog Boots Review: Ultra Paws Rugged

I have a 4-year-old Golden Retriever (Ellie), and the wintertime is tough on her paws. I needed to find a solution to her lifting her paws due to the salt on the sidewalks, and the snowballs that would stick between her paws.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots are actually the second pair of dog boots that I have tried. The first pair I bought were Muttluks, which are expensive.

The Muttluks were hard to get on, and when they were on Ellie she kept chewing at them and managed to pull them off. She did not like them at all! I returned them to the store and did my research for dog boots that are easy to put on. That’s when I discovered Ultra Paws Rugged.

I was mainly looking for a dog boot that was easy to put on and hard to get off. Ultra Paws dog boots open up and go on your dog’s paws so easily, and the 2 Velcro straps on the top make them tight and keep them from falling off.

The first walk with Ultra Paws Rugged dog boots was amazing! To get her used to the boots we just walked around our neighbourhood.

Ellie walked like normal, by that I mean no funny dog boots walk. If you have ever seen a dog walking in boots for the first time you know what I mean. It was like she wasn’t wearing boots at all, she was able to run, and best of all her feet were warm, they were protected from the ice and salt, and no snowballs. I was impressed! They also stayed on.

After an impressive first walk with the boots, Ellie and I did our usual trail walk. Ellie likes to run around and sniff things, and chase squirrels, she got into some deep snow and I noticed that she was stopping and licking at one of her boots.

One of the boots managed to get some snow build up in it, and this was bugging her. I took the boot off, and emptied out the snow, and put it back on her and tightened it. She seemed fine after that.

I noticed some wear and tear on a couple of the boots after maybe 4 walks. There were some tiny holes on the front of the soles. I was not very impressed, as I thought these boots were supposed to be made for rugged terrain, after all, they are called Ultra Paws Rugged!

I contacted Ultra Paws and explained my situation, and how the boots were only used 4 times, and I sent them pictures. They responded to me and they sent me a new pair of boots. I was happy, and can honestly say that Ultra Paws is a great company that stands behind their products.

I will definitely be applying the Shoe Goo to patch the holes on the old boots, and then I will be pre-applying the Shoe Goo to the new ones as a precaution.

Pros And Cons


  • The boots open wide, making them easy to put on. (only one person needed to put them on, and no struggling with your dog to get them on).
  • They actually stay on! 2 Velcro straps at the top, keep them tight.
  • The foam cushion at the closure keeps your dog’s foot cushioned and ensures a secure grip.
  • My dog was able to walk and run in them comfortably.
  • Protection from the ice and salt. (no lifting of paws).
  • Prevented snow and ice balls from forming, kept dog’s feet warm and dry.
  • My dog had good traction on the ice and snow.
  • They can easily be washed.
  • Ultra Paws stands behind their products.


  • The boots are short and can get snow build-up when walking in deep snow.
  • There were signs of wear and tear after just 4 walks.
  • Have to buy a separate product (Shoe Goo), to extend the life of the boots.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I do have to say that Ultra Paws Rugged dog boots are still the best boots out there in my opinion. I like that they are so easy to put on and my dog feels like she is not wearing boots at all.

My experience with them has pointed out that there are some negatives about them, such as the wear and tear after just 4 walks. I believe that this could have been prevented if I had applied the Shoe Goo to them in the beginning.

If you are just walking your dog on the sidewalk in your neighbourhood, then you will not have an issue. My dog likes to go into deep snow, and that caused the snow build up inside the boots, however, I was able to take them off and get the snow out and re-tighten them on her, and she was fine.

In my opinion, the pros of these boots far outweigh the cons, and I will continue to walk my dog in these boots as long as she is happy with them.

My experience with these dog boots has only been in the wintertime, but they are also designed for all year round. They are specially made for hunting dogs who go through rugged terrain. My advice is to pre-apply the Shoe Goo to keep the boots in great condition.

What About You?

What are your thoughts about my best dog boots review?  Do you have any experience with Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots?  Have you tried dog boots for your dog?

If you liked this review, check out my personal review of Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots.  My dog and I think they are great too.

Share your thoughts and comments below.  I would love to hear from you.

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22 thoughts on “Best Dog Boots Review [Ultra Paws Rugged]”

  1. Good to see a review about this awesome boot. I do recommend this boot for everyone who wants the best for their dog.  Though it might be hard for some people to get their dog to wear it at first, at the end it will be worth it and really appreciable. I bought these boots for my lovely 50 lb labradoodle who loves to be outside in the freezing cold and snow but gets the snowballs and salt between his toes which burns his pads. Thanks to Ultra Paws Rugged my dog no longer has an issue.


    • Hi Jordan,

      It is nice to hear that you also had great success with these boots.  Dog boots are definitely worth it, your dog can run around without the worry of snowballs and burning paw pads.  Dogs appreciate wearing boots because it allows them to enjoy the outdoors, and the owners appreciate the fact that their dog’s paws are protected and kept healthy.

      Like I mentioned in this post, I have tried other dog boots and it was a struggle to get them on my dog.  With Ultra Paws Rugged dog boots, it was different.  They were so easy to put on and my dog walked like she wasn’t wearing boots at all.

      Thank you for sharing your great experience with these boots.


  2. This is the first time that I have heard of snow boots for dogs and I am amazed that they even stay on as most dogs I know would chew them off. They are a great idea though to protect your dogs feet from both hot and cold elements. 

    Thank you for the helpful advice you have included within this article on how to find the correct fit for your dogs feet.  I am going to take your advice and try this pair as you say you have had success with them and dogs can’t easily pull them off. 

    • Hi Michel,

      I think the key to not having your dog chew or try to pull the boots off, is buying the right size, and the right boot that is comfortable.  Ultra Paws makes it easy to find the correct size for your dog, and they are comfortable for your dog to wear.  They do fit securely so they can’t be pulled off easily, and your dog will feel like he’s not even wearing boots.

      I have had success with these boots and will continue to use them for my dog.  I hope that your dog will enjoy them as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  3. Thanks for this eye-opening article. I literally didn’t know how to measure my dog’s foot size until now and I know that these boots would stay on great, no socks needed. Although it’s going to take him a while to walk right and run in these boots they will definitely keep his feet safe from the hot ground, rocks and snow. I’m super excited I came across this post. 

    • Hi SeunJeremiah,

      I am glad this post was helpful to you.  I will mention this when you first put the boots on your dog, your dog will feel awkward.  This is especially true if you put these boots on inside the house.  Once your dog is outside he/she will walk like normal.  This was what I noticed with my dog.  As soon as my dog was outside she was walking and running around like she wasn’t even wearing any boots.  

      Most people get dog boots and put them on their dog inside the house.  They see their dog walking really awkwardly and trying to pull the boots off, and most of the time they don’t even give the boots another chance. You really need to let your dog walk with boots on outside, it makes a huge difference.

      I really believe that your dog will walk normally right away and feel like he’s not even wearing boots.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Thank you for this article.  I live in Canada and have definitely found snow and ice balls to be a problem on dogs that I have had in the past.  I’ve gone for a long time without a dog but just got a Bernese Mountain Dog.  His toenails are really sharp no matter how often I trim them so I’m not sure if ANY dog boot will stand up to his claws but I will try your recommendation if it ends up being a problem for him.  This will be his first winter so I will definitely be looking out for this.  Thank you for your article for reminding me of this!

    • Hi Feochadan,

      Snow and ice balls are a big problem for dogs with long fur.  When the temperature is milder during the winter the snow gets really sticky and causes buildup on their paws.  It was during the first winter with my dog that I really needed to get boots for her.  The snowballs were causing her to stop and chew at them every 5 minutes!  Not to mention when it got really cold out she would lift her paws in pain.

      Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed will definitely help to prevent any rips or tears.  I would suggest getting the Shoe Goo along with the Ultra Paws boots to prolong the durability of them and to prevent any wearing.  I really think you’ll appreciate your dog wearing boots, and your dog will as well.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  5. I used to own a dog in the past and I didn’t really know the importance of getting my dog a good boot. My dog started getting sores on his paws and I had to take him to the vet on occasion.  The sores developed from him running in the bush, and they took quite some time to heal. I think it is really important to consider dog boots in the summer and winter, but people fail to realize the importance of a good boot for pooches. With only a few cons, I think the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog boot is a good pick.

    • Hi Henderson,

      When dogs develop sores or cuts on their paw pads it takes a really long time to heal.  I know when my Ellie had a cut on her paw pad it took a good week to heal.  We always had to change her bandaid and she wore a boot to keep her paw protected. Dog boots really are a great thing!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. After my dog, Shelly, got various bruises and scrapes from walking about in the sun, I decided to get a dog boot for her since I heard they are very good to keep them safe. However, reading through this post now, I’ve been enlightened on the Ultra Paws Rugged boots and kind of like them mainly because of the flexibility and the fact that they don’t make dogs feel like they are wearing boots. But then, the cons are not making this encouraging and I think I need to buy the shoe goo alongside to prolong the durability of this boot.

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      You may or may not have an issue with wear marks on the Ultra Paws boots like I did, because my dog seems to drag her paws.  But, applying the Shoe Goo is a great precaution to prolong the life of the dog boots.  The Shoe Goo is fairly inexpensive, and will definitely help prevent any wears and tears on the boots.  The cons of these boots are minor in my opinion because these boots are so easy to put on and they stay on, and the wear marks can be prevented with Shoe Goo.

      I hope you have a great experience with these boots!  Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  7. WOW, dog boots love it.  We have just gotten a dog in January and we love him.  He’s our baby and we are always on the lookout for dog merchandise and we are really interested in this.  Do they ship to the UK?  I never knew that these existed.  Are they a new product?  

    • Hi Darren,

      Dog boots have been around for quite some time, and so have Ultra Paws.  I am sure that if you were to check out   Amazon in the UK they would have them also.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  8. Jenny,

    I am a dog mom to three dogs I live in a state in USA where we do get snow and ice.  I had never thought of this until I found your website, I used to put old socks on my dogs when it was super bad out LOL.  My dogs are inside spoiled brats so they do not like rain, snow, ice, or cold weather or even summer when it gets too hot out.

    I will be checking these out for my three for this winter for sure, and yes the funny boot walk they do is great one of my females walks on front paws only when you put anything on her back paws so you can imagine.

    Thank you so much and since my dogs are not rough terrain do you still think I should use the Shoo Goo?


    • Hi Susan, thank you for your comment.  The idea of putting old socks on your dog’s paws is good, better than nothing.  However, in the winter the socks could end up sticking to the snow and then form snow clumps on the bottoms, causing your dog to walk on snow balls.  Dog boots are the solution, and since you mention that you do not walk on rough terrain, you may not need the additional use of Shoe Goo.  Another option for you is to try the Pawz Dog Boots, I highly recommend them as well, they are like a rubber balloon that easily goes on your dog’s paws and stays put.  You can read my review of Pawz Boots here.

  9. Jenny,

    Being a dog father, this was super helpful. I have a little frenchie named Bruce Wayne. I never really thought about the dog boots until recently. I live in the midwest and with the weather changing – frost, snow then thawing…it gets a little messy. So when I let the Bruce out his paws get caked in mud. My wife or I spend like 20 minutes cleaning them off before we let him inside. 

    This is a great review on the dog boots. It is a brilliant idea for dog owners. Thank you for the great review!



    • Hi Nic, thank you for commenting.  First of all, I love the name of your dog Bruce Wayne, and I am glad you enjoyed my review.  I can totally relate to messy paws, and spending time cleaning your dog’s paws before letting him inside.  With dog boots, that problem is solved, you just put the boots on your dog, and take them off before coming inside.  Your dog’s paws are clean.  

  10. Very informative, I never realized the benefits of the boots. Just as you said, I thought they were just a dress up fad.

    I have a dog in south Florida the sand can get very hot and you can tell it hurts for him to be on it too long. Do you think the boots would be good in those conditions also?


    • Hi Jim, dog boots have so many benefits.  Absolutely, these boots can offer protection from the burning hot sand. The Ultra Paws Rugged Boots, are great, but perhaps you might find the Pawz Boots more suitable for your dog when walking in the hot sand.  I did a review on them also, and I highly recommend them.  You can read my review of Pawz Boots here.

  11. Wow,  this is excellent and  put together well. I have never thought of a dog boot.  With your review,  I’m confident that the dog boot is not only good for the winter,  it’s also good for summer.  It improves the overall walking condition of your dog and saves you a lot, from what I am seeing.  I think the Ultra paws rugged is the perfect match for the job in both winter and summer. 

    • Thank you for commenting.  So many people don’t realize that when the weather conditions are harsh, either too hot or too cold, their dog needs protection on their paws.  Dog boots are not just a fashion choice, they offer your dog protection from the elements.  


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